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Virtual Funeral Services New York

Virtual Funeral Services New York

You may find different virtual funeral services in New York, but choosing us means you will participate in an in-person memorial online at affordable rates.

Our service includes videos, live streaming, image slideshows, religious texts, or eulogies. Since the present pandemic situation necessitates a virtual funeral, we decided to conduct our service in New York. Alternately, we provide a live broadcast via Zoom or live streaming. Our goal is to help you, so you create a memorial that is as unique as the person who’s cremated remains you are scattering.

Facilitation of virtual services:

Virtual funeral services in New York offers a customised experience to attend the final meeting of your loved ones. Additionally, families have the option to record live performances or slideshows.

According to your desire, Virtual Memorial Gatherings can provide you with a unique and distinctive virtual funeral service.

We’re here to help you plan a funeral, virtual memorial or facilitate a livestreaming option.

We’ll guide you through the options.

We’ll answer your questions.

We’ll make suggestions based on your expectations.

We’ll never pressure you. Be comfortable in the decisions you make.

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Virtual Funeral Services New York

We help you create a Virtual Memorial Gathering, Memorial Tribute Video or Live Stream a Funeral Service.

The first time you met them. The times they had your back. The trust and secrets that were shared. The things only they understood about you. The adventures you went on together. The stories they told and the advice they gave. The last embrace.