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Willis Turner, CAE, Founder, Planner & Event Director

Willis TurnerDuring a time of loss, we really need our family, friends and colleagues to help us memorialize our loved one. When physical distances do not permit the closeness we may long for, it is fortunate that we can turn to virtual gatherings and funeral live streaming to help fill that void.

Our family uinderstands the urgency and complexity of what is required to create a meaninful and respectful event to honour the life of a loved one, having lost many close family members.

I have background experience as a funeral planner and our family owned business has been trusted to create and manage virtual events for nonprofit organizations for the past 18 years. It became apparent that what we’ve learned through our personal and business experiences could be transformed into a service to help others in their time of need.

Our entire family rallied around this concept which resulted in the creation of Virtual Memorial Gatherings and Live Streaming. It is my commitment to provide you with a reasonably priced service with no surprises. We’ve now helped thousands of family members come together with their family and close friends through our virtual memorial gatherings and live streaming services. We’ll continue to work hard to earn your trust.

Holly Duckworth, LSP, Celebrant

Holly DuckworthHolly Duckworth, LSP is a licensed spiritual practitioner honoring all faith paths. Holly will work with you and your family to honor your beloved who has passed in a way that memories are shared, hearts are honored and healing begins.  Holly has a wide library of resources for readings, music and other special ceremonies to help you choose a service that honors life. Holly will speak the words for you that may be difficult for you and family members to share at this time.

Holly’s hope as an officiant is to create a safe and sacred space, even online where families can connect to one another, inspire each other, and celebrate a life well lived.

We’re here to help you plan a funeral, virtual memorial or facilitate a livestreaming option.

We’ll guide you through the options.

We’ll answer your questions.

We’ll make suggestions based on your expectations.

We’ll never pressure you. Be comfortable in the decisions you make.

Working to earn your trust

We help you create a Virtual Memorial Gathering, Memorial Tribute Video or Live Stream a Funeral Service.

The first time you met them. The times they had your back. The trust and secrets that were shared. The things only they understood about you. The adventures you went on together. The stories they told and the advice they gave. The last embrace.