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Frequently Asked Questions

Does an online memorial service replace the services provided by a traditional funeral home or mortuary?

An online memorial service is separate and distinct from the services provided by a traditional funeral home or mortuary. Virtual Memorial Gatherings is focused on helping you conduct an online memorial service, while funeral homes can help with in-person services and burials.

Do funeral homes offer their own live streaming service?

Some funeral homes do offer basic live streaming services. One of the advantages of using our live streaming service is that we send a professional videographer to the funeral home or other event venue. This allows us to create a high quality video recording that you will have as a keepsake as well as provide different camera angles to allow the online guests the feeling of being present. We also offer options such as closed captioning for hearing impaired viewers and dial in phone numbers for those who do not have Internet access.

If we have a funeral home or mortuary handling the burial or cremation, can Virtual Memorial Gatherings work with them to create an online memorial gathering?

Certainly. We are happy to collaborate with your provider.

What do people usually include in an online memorial gathering?

Your online memorial service can be customized to your personal and spiritual preferences. Some elements that could be included are:

    • Welcome message
    • Photo slideshow
    • Prayers
    • Songs or hymns
    • Scripture or other readings
    • Eulogy
    • Tributes
    • Other messages
    • Remembrances
    • Concluding remarks

Do I need to be technologically savvy to use your virtual memorial services?

No, we will operate all of the technical aspects, leaving you free to participate with peace of mind.

Will it be difficult for our family and friends to attend the online memorial gathering?

No, it will not be difficult to participate. Your attendees will simply click on a link and they will be able to connect from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device. If you have elderly attendees who may have trouble logging in for a private service we recommend our optional service to livestream to Facebook.

If our event is online can it be private?

Yes, your event can be set up as an invitation-only event.

If we’d like the event to be public, can it be live-streamed to Facebook?

Yes, your online memorial service can be live-streamed via Facebook.

Can we hold the memorial gathering at a traditional place of worship, at a funeral home or in our home?

Yes, the memorial can be held anywhere. In some cases a family will hold a service in a traditional setting with just a few attending. The service can be made available to a wider group with everyone connecting individually using their own computer or mobile device.

Can we request a professional videographer to provide on-site video capture?

Yes, we have a network of professional videographers who can provide on-site services at a funeral home, church, chapel or cemetery. This will ensure a high quality video feed for live streaming.

We don’t have an officiant/celebrant or know of someone who can be a celebrant for the online memorial gathering. Can you provide someone?

Yes, we can introduce you to a celebrant.

A photo I want to use for the memorial gathering is old and has some damage. Is there anything you can do to help touch it up?

Yes, this partly depends on the extent of the damage but we are happy to give a photo a little extra TLC if needed. We know how important this is for you and we will put in the same effort for you as we would for any of our family.

We’re here to help you plan a virtual memorial or facilitate a livestreaming option.

We’ll guide you through the options.

We’ll answer your questions.

We’ll make suggestions based on your expectations.

We’ll never pressure you. Be comfortable in the decisions you make.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you create a Virtual Memorial Gathering, Memorial Tribute Video or Live Stream a Funeral Service.

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