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  1. Lawrence Martino

    It was an honor to have John in my life..he was a blessing in my life.He shared and gave so much of himself to me..He will be missed..Love ya Coach !

  2. David Morgan

    I am a very minor player in Coach Narcy’s life, one of his unenthusiastic nerd students at Hinsdale High School 60 years ago. I learned later the wisdom and value of physical education when I ran distance and climbed mountains for my own pleasure in adulthood. Seeds sprout, thank you for planting them Coach.

  3. Kathy Conboy-Matten

    Brandy and Pat: So many memories, so many people whose lives were changed by Narc. I was a skinny kid who had some success in age group diving when I first met Narc at a meet at MSU. He gave me a compliment on a dive, and I was forever changed. I wanted to dive for this coach, I wanted to dive for MSU. Narc had his hesitations, but after placing in Junior College Nationals, he said he would take me as a walkon. I had 3 fabulous years and a lifetime of memories. As part of the MSU Diving Family, the pool was always home. I dove in my last Alumni meet 26 years after I graduated, and those meets hold some of my best memories. How many kids Narc turned into confident adults by their experiences in that pool and on those boards! How many lives were changed by Narc’s coaching and ‘life lessons’ ! I know he changed mine, and I am forever grateful for the experiences he gave me. Rest in peace coach, teacher, mentor and friend.

  4. Barry Van Amberg

    Hi Brandy,
    Thanks for reaching out. The last time I saw you was on Lilac St, I would guess. The thought makes me smile. John is one of two people in my life (other than my parents) who selflessly helped me do what I wanted to do with my life. My gratitude seems insufficient. My heart cries for you and Pat and all he blessed.

  5. Irit Tamir

    Dear Brandy,
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how close you are to your parents and this has no doubt been a difficult time for you. I am thinking of you and sending you love in this time of grief.

    You must be so proud to know that your father accomplished so much in his lifetime and and touched so many lives. He clearly lived life to its fullest and I hope you and your family are able to find comfort in that.
    My sincerest condolences,

  6. Steve Voellmecke

    Coach. Teacher. Friend. Mentor. Father Figure
    Prankster. Comedian. Story-Teller.
    Narc — you will forever be in my heart and memory..
    Cheers to you on a life so well lived.

  7. Jane Manchester Meyers

    John was a great diving coach who knew how to bring out the best in his divers. He took in a scared little girl from Florida and turned me into a very successful competitor, for which I will be forever grateful. Rest in Peace Narc!

  8. Micah Clack

    I graduated from East Lansing High School, and Narcy recruited me to dive at MSU. There were no clubs in the area in the 90s, and the only way to practice in the off-season was to bike to the IM West on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons for open swim.

    I’d watch the team from the open windows on the second floor, memorizing their movements, and applying them to my own diving. Narcy would be up in his office, his eagle eyes watching every move I made, motivating me to perform at my best.

    Sometimes he’d stop by for a quick pointer or two, even though he wasn’t allowed to coach because of NCAA rules. “Keep your head up in the throw,” he’d say, then walk away nonchalantly.

    Years later, after I made the team, I talked to Narcy about those days at IM West. He told me how the university had pressured him to put strict rules against diving during open swim, but he had pushed back. Narcy had learned to dive during open swim in his youth, and he knew how important it was for new athletes to learn the sport and for developing athletes to practice.

    It impressed me greatly that my mentor and hero had watched me grow and learn for years in the sport in much the same way as he had. He had great trust and faith in me, watching me from the upstairs window, knowing that I was doing all the right things to become a great diver.

  9. Stephanie Anisko

    I am so grateful to have chosen MSU (1999-2003) and the Diving program when I was searching for schools. Narc and Pat were the reason I did. They made me feel like I was at home and that I was family. Over my diving career, I’m so happy that I had John as my coach to make me a better diver and a better person. He will be missed! He changed so many lives that his legacy will continue to grow! Sending love to Pat and Brandy and family. xo

  10. Angela Levack Michael

    Narc and Pat became family. I am who I am today because of his influence and am forever changed by their love and friendship. There are no words to bring comfort to Pat during this time of loss. Just know we are grieving with you and Narc will never be forgotten by us or our children. His influence extends through generations. What an inspiration. What a legacy. What an honor for me to be have been included in his life. He will be missed. 💔

  11. Jennifer Parks (jp)

    Dear Pat and Brandy:
    Sent you a note last week, but had wrong e-mail. So glad I get to say, again, working 14 years with John, as the Women’s Head Coach @ MSU, ’73-’88, was a good partnership. We got along , particularly as he began to travel more, with the Women’s Team. Am still longtime friends with Jane Manchester Meyers, hear from Julie F-Ov., and other divers occasionally. John was lovely to me when my Mom died. As my sister says, “remember the good times”! Much sympathy and love to you, both! Jennifer Parks, “jp”

  12. Annie Attar MacAskill

    I had Narcy as my coach for four years at MSU. I was not one of his champions, but I really loved the sport. During my sophomore year he graciously gave me the opportunity to dive just one meter, because I was so fearful of the 3 meter.
    Most coaches would have just said goodbye, but Narcy cared about his divers as people first. He allowed me to have a wonderful college career, and I’ll never forget that kind gift.
    I will miss him always, and hope to continue coaching my divers as he did… putting their happiness before the sport.
    Hugs and love to Pat and Brandy 💔

  13. Marco Stiner

    Narcy….Oh My God….what a guy!

    My life would be so different had he not taken me in as a project to the MSU diving team in 1973.

    He always looked out for and developed the underdog, the less-known, the raw one.

    As a male role model to me as a young guy I saw a confident, strong, funny competent protector. Mostly smiling and never someone to underestimate.

    We laughed and joked and swore throughout our training….his wisdom in keeping it light in a dangerous and frightening sport.

    John Narcy taught me most of the life lessons I have needed to get by in this world.

    What an impact he made on me and I am sure…..countless others he touched in his life.

    See you later my friend.


  14. Ellen (Jernstadt) Shaffer

    Narc was such a light for MSU and the entire diving/swimming community. He made EVERYONE feel at home and loved, no matter what. He was devoted to his sport and formed amazing athletes, but did so in the most enjoyable and inspiring ways. Everyone gravitated to the diving end of the pool for his wit and humor! He created a family with our team and I’m forever grateful to have been part of it. Hugs to Pat, Brandy and the rest of his family.

  15. Tom Cramer

    John Narcy is a legend in the sport of diving And the most beloved among all the great coaches in the history of the sport.. We remained close friends for over 50 years after my graduation. From MSU.. He was a great man.. Only yesterday he won a contest for joke telling Among the rookies of all of God’s kingdom!

    We will all miss him and my prayers go out to his wife Pat, his daughter Brandy and his son in law Joe..

  16. Jim Lloyd

    John was such a pillar of the Spartan community, and leaves behind a remarkable legacy. His family will be in my thoughts at this difficult time, especially his wife Pat and daughter Brandy, who I came to know personally while at MSU. God speed.

  17. Gail Dummer

    In addition to his primary role as diving coach in the Department of Athletics at MSU, John also held a joint appointment as an instructor in the Department of Kinesiology. For many years, I saw John during the transition between a swimming class that he taught and a disability sports program that I directed at the same location. I always looked forward to our conversations. John always had something to share, he was positive, and he loved all aspects of his work with MSU students and student athletes. He was a valued member of the faculty because of the impact he had as an instructor to countless MSU students. I miss him! My condolences to his family. RIP John.

  18. Amy (Schlicklin) Reeves

    Pat and Brandy,
    I am so very grateful to have had Narc in my life. He taught me, not only to be a better diver, but to have fun and embrace life. I remember that before I got married he said, “You will know you have a good one, if they always give you the better steak.” This was Narc. Wise and loving! So many more lessons were learned and so many more conversations filled with Narc-isms that still guide me today. Time spent with Narc changed a person (for the better and for a lifetime). Lots of love and peace to you both! 💚🕊🤍

  19. Frank Wright

    Coach John Narcy came into my life as a high school student. Now at age 77 he is still part of my thought processes inspiring detail, perfection, self discipline, all wrapped in joy and laughter

  20. Matt Gianiodis

    Pat/Brandy, I want to pass along my condolences to you both. I loved Narc and he was such a help for me when I started at MSU. There are so many stories to tell and I am hoping you get to hear all of them next Saturday. Most of my stories about working with Narc involve swear words, so I will refrain from putting them here. Suffice to say, Narc was a legend and he was a true teacher and coach. I am so proud to have considered him a friend and I would never call him a peer because I wasn’t as good as he was.

    My Best,

    Matt G