Speaker Information for BC Mini Convention

Here are some helpful tips for participating as a speaker for the BC Mini Convention using Zoom.

This may be the first time you have ever spoken at a virtual meeting like this. We want to make sure that you know what to expect. Our goal is to have the technology be as useful as possible without it becoming the focus of the meetings. We appreciate your help in making it possible by working on a few “preps” in advance.

Email Confirmation Wednesday, February 17, 2021

You will receive an email on Februaray 17 with your unique link to join as a “Panelist”. This is how Zoom identifies you and gives you access to speak during the meeting. All non-speakers will be “attendees” and will be in watch and listen mode and will not be seen or heard.

The email will contain a link to join the meeting. Please save this email and access it for the rehearsal the day you will be speaking and for the meeting you will be participating in.

If you do not see the email by end of day on February 17, please contact Willis at willis@virtualmemorialgatherings.com as soon as possible.

Important: Do not forward or share your email with anyone. It contains a unique code that identifies you and gives you access as a speaker.

The first time you join

When you join for the rehearsal, you will see a check box notification asking if you give permission to allow the host to unmute you. Please check the box to give permission if possible. This will allow our audio technician to take care of your microphone muting and unmuting. We do ask that your mic is muted unless you are speaking or during prayer.


Each day, there will be a general technical rehearsal at 9:00 AM PST for just the speakers participating in the meetings that day. You will use the same link to join the rehearsal as you will for the meeting you are speaking in. Please arrange to use the same setting for the rehearsal as you will for the meeting you are speaking in. 

The purpose of the rehearsal is to verify technical aspects including audio, video, lighting, etc. 

We also request that you log in and be ready at your device a minimum of 15 minutes before the meeting that you are participating in.

You will be able to access the meetings that you are not speaking in by using the general link to join. We recommend this so that just the speakers participating will be on the screen for the meeting. 

What you will see on your screen

As a speaker, you will be able to see other speakers who have their video turned on. 

What the audience will see on their screen

The audience will only see the active speaker. They will not be able to see any speakers who are not speaking or praying. This is controlled by having your mic muted when you are not speaking or praying.

Announcements & Technical Support

The meeting announcer (Willis Turner) will announce the hymns and speakers and the technical producer (Sergei Turner) will manage the microphones and on-screen text announcements which will include the speaking list and hymn numbers. There will be a brief technical announcement for listeners before each meeting commences.


Live piano music will be played for each hymn. The hymn number will be announced and displayed on the screen. Your mic will be muted. All singing will be done off mic. The pianist will play a few bars of music, pause and then begin playing the hymn so that you can sing along.

Closed Captioning

There will be a closed captioning option for the hearing impaired. Attendees will be able to activate if needed by using the “CC” button on their screen. We recommend that you do NOT activate this for yourself when you are speaking as the subtitles on the screen could be distracting.


Please arrange to be in a location with good Internet access. If you are using a mobile device, cellular data access is also possible providing you have a good signal.

Tips for when you are speaking via Zoom

  1. Have adequate lighting coming from behind your device or camera. Avoid having a strong light or window light behind you
  2. Arrange for a quiet space, preferably in a room where you can control the environment
  3. If others in the same home are watching/listening on another device, make sure that you have a sound barrier such as a closed door between you to prevent audio feedback
  4. Hold a practice Zoom meeting or two with a friend or co-worker to get comfortable with the technology
  5. Position yourself 12 – 18 inches from the mic on the device. 
  6. If there are dogs in the home, we suggest that the homeowner places a “Do Not Ring” sign on the doorbell.
  7. If there may be some in the home who will not be attending the meetings, it is suggested that they do not engage in Internet activity that will compromise bandwith. This would include online games or video streaming.

On a Mobile Device such as phone or tablet

  1. Make sure your device is fully charge or plugged into a power source while using it.
  2. Have the Zoom app installed (see further down the page)
  3. Become familiar with the mic and camera buttons. Touch your Zoom screen to locate them. When they are not turned on there will be a diagnol red line through them. 
  4. Position the device in the horizontal orientation. 
  5. Have the device resting in a solid position at eye level so that you are looking straight at the screen. Do not try to hold the device while you are speaking. 
  6. Turn off notifications to your device.

On a Desktop Computer or Laptop

  1. While you don’t need the Zoom app installed, it is recommended that you use a computer that has the Zoom app on it. (See further down the page)
  2. Position your chair so that you are comfortably looking straight at the top 1/3 of the screen at eye level and you are centered horizontally when facing the screen. If you are using a laptop, arrange a solid base such as a stack of books or other object to give you the correct height.
  3. Become familiar with the mic and camera buttons. They will be in the bottom left of your Zoom screen. When they are not turned on there will be a diagnol red line through them.
  4. Turn off notifications on the computer.

Have questions?

If you have questions or would like to have a one-on-one coaching session as a first-time Zoomer, please send an email request to willis@virtualmemorialgatherings.com and we’ll be happy to help you.

The Zoom App and a Test Link

If you will be using a mobile device you must have the Zoom app. If you do not have it on your device,  please download the app in advance:

For Apple Devices

For Android Devices

For Computers

After you download the app, or if you are using a computer you can test your device. Be sure to select Internet Audio or Computer Audio when prompted.

If you are testing from a computer, follow these prompts when you click the link above. Here is a screenshot of what you will see on your computer. This does not apply to mobile devices.