Live Streaming – The New Expectation for Funerals & Memorials

Funerals are a difficult time for all who attend, and it can be even harder to organize everything when loved ones are scattered around the world. But with many of us living in places far away from home or unable to travel due to health restrictions, live streaming funerals has now become an expectation.

Live Streaming Technology is a Real Benefit For Funerals

Live streaming technology makes it possible for mourners to pay their respects without needing to be physically present; this has become especially important over the past two years as worldwide lockdowns have distracted social events and gatherings. Although live streaming will never replace a traditional funeral, it does offer those unable to attend the opportunity to still participate in the service and honor their lost loved one through video.

Thanks to high-quality technology and reputable companies that provide live streaming services, families are now able to opt for virtual attendance at funerals that does not lack in any custom touches usually associated with regular services.

Depending on the situation, some families may choose both a traditional funeral as well as arrange for a simultaneous live stream option so no one is left out of memorializing their beloved family member.

Live streaming platforms also allow families to post videos and share memories of their loved one – making it easier for other friends and family members to join in even if they cannot physically be there. 

Whether you are planning a traditional funeral service or looking into something more unique such as an online memorial ceremony, live streaming offers families the options they need at such a difficult time.

For those looking into arranging a live streamed funeral service, make sure you research your options thoroughly and find what best suits your needs in order to create an occasion that remembers your loved one with dignity while allowing all attendees – near or far – the chance to give them the goodbye they deserve.

5 Tips for Live Streaming a Funeral or Memorial

  1. Make sure to use a reliable company that specializes in funerals and memorials for live streaming services. You’ll be well taken care of and the company will understand your needs and respond to them with care.
  2. Provide all details of the service, such as the time, date and address, to ensure any remote attendees can access the broadcast easily.
  3. Give ample notice to those attending so they have time to make arrangements and know what is expected from them when participating from afar.
  4. Have a dedicated company that specialized in live streaming funerals running the live stream to make sure everything runs smoothly during an emotional time.

Think of Your Online Audience When Planning to Live Stream a Funeral

Typically there are more attendees watching the live stream than attending in person, so keep in mind that your online audience needs to be thought of during your planning and setup.

5 Ways to Enhance the Experience for Online Guests During a Funeral Live Stream

  1. Reserve your venue to be available at least 2 hours in advance so your videographer can get setup any technical difficulties can be resolved before broadcast.
  2. Make the live stream available to view after the service is complete, so online attendees can watch it whenever they need to.
  3. Offer an online guestbook option for remote viewers to share kind words and memories during the service.
  4. If you are showing a pictorial tribute or slideshow, provide the file in advance to your live streaming company so that they can prepare it to share online.
  5. Allow for multiple camera perspectives during the service, giving viewers a more immersive experience as if they were physically present.

Live Streaming Funerals and Memorials is a Growing Trend

Live streaming funerals or memorial services has become a growing trend as more families and friends are turning to online platforms instead of physical gathering amid the pandemic. This shift has made live streaming a new expectation for those unable to attend in person, which can create an immensely positive experience by allowing more flexibility, comfort and connectivity for mourners. 

Live streaming can provide an in-depth look into the ceremony and provide digital attendees the same level of service that one would expect if they were physically present. For this reason, it is important to ensure that reliable companies are chosen so that everything runs smoothly and you’ll have a beautifully created, permanent digital keepsake to cherish.

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