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  1. Leslie Hayes

    My great Aunt Ruth ,I love you so much.Thankyou for all the love and comfort over the years and laughter, loved how you and Uncle Bill told the history of our past family members and the things you did ,the best parts were when you corrected each other in the story on what actually happened it was quite comical, I will miss your Christmas and birthday cards ,you never forgot !I have your voice-mail i will listen to them for they always ended in I love you I miss you and its time for me to say I love you too and will always miss you my Great Aunt Ruth ❤

  2. Monica, Tony, and Sophie

    Connie, we are blessed to have had the opportunity to spend some cherished holidays with your momma, thank you for sharing her with our family. Praise God for His promise that one day we will be reunited in Heaven with our loved ones. We’re love you so very much! ?????????????

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