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  1. Marge Landry

    As Bob’s Irish sister-in-law, I send him off with the Irish Blessing May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the rain fall softly on your face and until we meet again May God hold you in the palm of His hand, from Marge ☘️

  2. carol Shirley

    Carol Shirley

    I was so sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. What a wonderful family man & a good friend. Best wishes to Franny and their boys & grandsons. He is in the arms of God. His life was taken so soon, but he is needed in Heaven for his fun time and good works.

  3. Noelia Ragland

    We are sending our deepest condolences to Aunt Franny, Rob, Matt, Shaila, Conor & Kiki. I am among the many who were so lucky to be loved by Uncle Bob. I miss him dearly and will cherish all the love and memories.

  4. Patricia Toliver

    Please accept my warmest condolences. I’m truly sorry for your loss. Just remember that someone who shared so much of life with you will forever be a part of you. May God turn your time of darkness into light again. May He stay by your side during this difficult time.

    Pat Toliver

  5. Lucinda Bennett

    OOPS !!! Correction in my message. It was Conor”s 18th Birthday!!!!!!


  6. Paula and Ray Fortner

    Each of us in this Zoom memorial celebration for Bob knows a myriad of things about our dear departed friend, and have memories that overlap, and some are personal. But all of us have a shared thought of who Bob was and remains in our collective thoughts. For the Fortners, our memories begin with Franny. We first met Bob when Franny was our younger daughter’s pre-school teacher (she is now 45!) and launched our daughter’s love of reading and education. Bob came into that early picture as the master of the barbeque (and bar) for many dinners in their home, always followed by card games (pardon us, but Hearts and Oh Hell be damned – if you’ve ever played cards with them, you know their skill!) Then there was travel to New Orleans (in our heyday) and Rosarito Beach (and then there was the beach chair), as well as Spain (there will never be another New Year’s Eve like we shared in Granada), Portugal and Morocco. All provided great friendship and memories and stories that require the thought “You have to have been there” to understand them. To Roberto, or Monsieur Peacock, (Ray’s names for him)…..a man of devotion, loyalty and love of family to Franny, the church, and the Bruins, in that order. Laissez les bons temps rouler, dear friend.

  7. Lucinda Bennett

    When I meet someone that holds Family First I’m IN !!! Several times, Bob, Fran and I celebrated our grandsons` theatrical accomplishments with amazement, hilarity and Pride . Who Knew Kiki and Ben would/could thrill audiences as they did???! Our family get togethers after performances were truly magical… filled with Love, Family, and Fantastic Food. (and of course a little libation!). I think it was at one of those gatherings that Conor announced he had chosen Poly High School… uh oh! We are a 4th generation Poly school so I did my best to make points! Mollie. Ben, Olivia, Don and I were incredibly welcomed by the ever gregarious Bob at KIKI’s 18th birthday.. We all felt lucky and loved to be included. Some say Life never hands you anything you can’t handle… sometimes,. . . too broad and too hard a concept to immediately accept. My heart and thoughts have been with all the family. Take comfort in the Love that Surrounds. Fondly, Lucinda

  8. Pat Joyce

    I worked with Bob’s son, Rob, for many years. We began a tradition for years to attend the UCLA v USC basketball games. I am a SC fan, much to Bob’s disdain. His opinion was often clearly expressed in a charmingly gruff manner. I did not attend SC and Bob could not understand how anyone could voluntarily choose them as their team.
    The time I spent with Bob at games and related dinners was a joy.

    All the best to Fran and his family form Leela and I.

  9. Mollie Bennett

    Rest In Peace, Grandpa Bob. Your gift for celebration and your curious, appreciative nature will always stay with me. My kids and I so love being a part of your family’s life. Fran you are in my thoughts.. I will join you tomorrow with a strong G&T… lady’s pour! Love to you all! ❤️?

  10. Gerald Landry

    At the time Bob and my sister, Francine began dating, I was spending my last year of active service in the USAF. I would hear of Bob in letters my mom would send to me. It wasn’t until January 1965 that we were able to meet. My goodness he was one big guy, but very pleasant. We, as a family, meet his parents and his sisters and brothers. Super nice family. Bob fit right in with his February birthday in our family. We had five of the LoBue/Landry guys with birthdays in that month. Bob fit right in.

    We came together many times for various family celebrations. Bob was always up for some fun, and I recall the times at family picnics we’d gather the men and boys a formed a couple of undersized football teams. We had a great time.

    Bob was one heck of a cook. Over the years he nailed the bbq and smoker. He make amazing meals for all of us. Bob was very into his sons, Rob and Matt. He spent hours with them just interacting together and playing sports. He was a dad to be envied.

    I’m left with many fond memories of Bob, and wished I could have spent even more time with him enjoying conversations.

    Bob is with his maker and those in his family that went before him. He remains here in my heart and will be there until my last breath. You are deeply missed And loved Bob.

  11. I'll

    Will miss Bobs humor and game night. Tripoli will never be the same. Rest in peace?

  12. John and Linda Ebright

    Bob and I first met in 1958 as freshman at Loyola High School. Bob and I played together on the football team. We both graduated in 1961. I went on to UCLA and Bob joined me later at UCLA a couple of years later. After college and military
    service, Bob and I both ended up living in Long Beach and Seal Beach. These times were the “good old days.” We had some
    great summers playing volleyball on the beach with our little ones and then headed over to Hungry Jose mexican restaurant on Friday afternoons.. That is where Matt and Stacy learned about happy hour.

    During our times in Seal Beach, I can recall the days we spent remodeling the Raglands house and then
    moving them to another home in the same neighborhood.

    We next moved to Chicago, however we stayed in touch over the years. We travelled back to Long Beach most years.where we were able to hit the beach and play goff with high school friends
    We also traveled together to Texas one year to attend the UT/UCLA game where the Bruins had their biggest victory ever.
    On a couple of other trips we went to the Michigan/UCLA game where the results were much different.
    Another time was a trip to Chicago to see the Cubbies. Does anyone remember where you were when the Cubbies
    won the world series. We were at the Raglands house trying to fiqure out how to turn on the new smart TV..Franny was in Spain on her trek across Spain, but Bob cooked a great dinner.
    When we heard about Bob’s illness, we new we had to make a trip back to LA to visit Bob and Franny. We had moved to Breckenride, CO. We drove out late last year. Bob’s condition had worsed when we arrived. We talked about visiting Bob in the rehab facility, but due to Covid, the could only have one visitor plus Franny. i was able to see Bob one last time. When we went in, I am sure he recognized me. We chatted a bit and I felt good that we were able to connect. Having a chance to say goodby was well worth our trip from Colorado and one that I will always remember.

    Several old friends f(Byron, Paul, Bob and Carla) went out to dinner a couple of nights later to say goodby and let Franny know we were thinking of her.

  13. Barb and Lou Fryer

    We had the opportunity to see Bob up close and personal due to the fact he was our next door neighbor. We were early risers. Our morning encounters with Bob were met with little more than a grunt. He wasn’t ready for chit-chats, but the conversations came later in the day and into the evening when he shared his family, the zucchini he grew, his steaks and booze.
    And we shared some Christmas Eve with him and his family. On one rare occasion when we partied too hardy Bob sent us off to bed and stayed around to wash our dishes and clean our kitchen, which was one of the best Christmas gifts we received that year.
    As part of the Fifth Street volleyball crew we witnessed another side of Bob, the competitive side. How many time did he threw his hat into the sand grumbling about a particular play! Bob didn’t like to lose.
    And we understand how hard losing is, having to say good-bye to him too soon. Bob, thanks for the memories.
    Barb and Lou Fryer

  14. Brian Desmond

    I met Bob in grammar school and we went to Loyola HS together.
    In addition to sharing a love of football in all its forms, Bob and I had a couple of
    jobs together.
    The first one was on Saturdays for a year and a half. We would take the bus out to Green Street and Colorado, walk down Green a block to the local black 6:00AM bar, make a right to a little railroad adjacent shop, where two of his Dad’s friends were making prototype blanket insulation. It was dry and fun and the other three guys on the crew would arrive at and depart from the job to the bar well as lunching there.

    The other was parking cars at Dodger games in the Colosseum. We parked the cars and watched them until the owners returned after the game. There were three small lots around Figueroa and Santa Barbara. The cool things about this job was that packing the cars into the lots was the rule and neither one of us knew how to drive when we got the job. There was a lot of down time during the game during which we would experiment with different cars. The other cool thing about this job is that we took the red car down Vermont from LACC to Santa Barbara (MLK Dr today) and back and them walked home mostly after night games.

    I was fortunate to speak with Bob just before his operation and had a wonderful conversation with one of my original life long friends

  15. Yvonne P. Sanders

    Bob was quite the gentleman when I met him for the first time. Being wife #3 to Fran’s younger brother, Don, I was nervous about meeting the whole family at the first holiday dinner, and was afraid that nobody would like me or even care, since I was so new to this huge clan, but when I learned that he was a Bruin, and played football, then I felt at ease! My grandmother earned her Master’s Degree at UCLA, so it was a family requirement, really, to be a Bruins fan, and CERTAINLY not a fan of USC, so it was great to bond with Bob over that! I wish I could’ve gotten to know him better, especially after reading that well-written obituary, but knowing him for the short time I did of less than a dozen years, I knew that even though he was a big guy and former football player, he was really a big teddy bear of a man who was kind, gentle, and pretty funny, to boot!

    My heart truly goes out to Fran, their sons Matt and Rob, his daughter-in-law Shaila and his grandsons, his siblings, as well as his extended family, friends, and fellow worshipers. Bob was a good man, and I know he shall be sorely missed by all. R.I.P., Bob.

    Yvonne Sanders

  16. Laura Coe

    What a wonderful obituary. He was a wonderful person and I will miss him very much, his was my uncle and godfather. He was always there for me, whether it was going to a football game, redesigning homes or family matters. Aunt Franny, Rob, Matt, Shalia, Conor and Kiki my heart is with you all!
    Love you

  17. Carol Wall

    I did not really know Bob. He had a very impressive life and a wonderful family. May Fran and the family find comfort in God at this difficult time. Carol Wall

  18. Tom Ratigan

    I met Bob in September of 1957 when we both entered Loyola High School as freshmen. It was standard practice to seat students alphabetically, so Bob sat right in front of me. After the freshman year, you were assigned to your new class based on your previous years scholastic achievement. I have often said that either he copied me or I copied him, but in any event, he sat right in front of me through all four years of high school. Over the next sixty plus years, we remained friends and shared so many experiences it boggles the mind. I consider Bob to have been my best friend and I miss him every day.

    My deepest condolences to Franny and the entire Ragland family.

  19. JoAnn and Mario Rossi

    Mario and I have been friends of Bob and Fran for many years; holiday parties, dinner parties, social events. Bob and I were Lectors at St. Anne’s Church in Seal Beach for many years. But little did I know of Bob’s love of history and his amazing source of knowledge. Fran invited Bob to our Women’s Book Club to speak about early European history as it related to the book we were reading. We were blown away! How did he remember all those facts with no notes? It was a side of Bob that I did not know and left a lasting impression on all of us. Finally Fran had to suggest that perhaps he needed to conclude as our brains were bursting!

    JoAnn Rossi

  20. Polly Elam

    My sincere condolences to Franny, the family, and the many people who enjoyed his friendship. I had the pleasure of knowing Bob through my long time friendship with Fran. I came to admire him for his devotion to his family, but also for the many ways he embraced life and shared his joy with others.

  21. Ann and Mike McGlone

    As we read Bob’s obituary, which was so well written, it reminded us what a complicated and interesting human being Bob was. Although we have known Bob for almost 50 years we are looking forward to getting to know him much more completely as Big Brother to his siblings, Husband, Father, Grandfather, friend through the sharing of others at his memorial. Mike and Ann McGlone

  22. Bea

    I’ll remember Bob as a powerful presence whose heart was as big as his physique. I’m grateful for the opportunity to honor him and to offer comfort to Fran. I know that God holds Bob in His loving arms and pray that He brings peace and comfort to Fran and their family.
    Thank you for inviting me to Bob’s memorial service.

  23. Sharon Doyle

    I have only had the pleasure of meeting Bob a handful of times but there was one
    time when my husband and I went to dinner with Fran and Bob. After dinner we
    came to look at our under construction house in Oceanside. Being in construction
    Bob checked all the nooks and crannies and finally gave us the thumbs up. I was
    so grateful for that. Prayers to Fran and the entire family.

  24. Katie Prigatano

    Life is a precious gift!! We don’t realize this fact sometimes until we loose someone we love and have go through that process ourselves. My sweet Uncle Bob will always be the most kind hearted and loving Uncle a niece could ever have. He always kept in touch with me throughout the years!! I’ll miss our conversations we had at the many Ragland family gatherings we had from birthdays and Christmas and the ones in between. I love you Uncle Bob!! You will always be in my heart!!!
    Your loving niece,
    Katie Prigatano

  25. Carole Kennoy

    Franny, I never met Bob but your life together was a blessing to you both. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious husband.
    Carole Kennoy

  26. Cynthia Fogg

    Condolences to Fran, Matt and Rob and the entire family. I am so sorry for your loss❤️

  27. John and Alicia Deleray

    We first met Bob on the FNL fields watching his grandson play and his son coach. We still remember the pride and love in his eyes as he watched his boys. He was a very happy man sitting on those sidelines and it was a joy to watch him. Rest In Peace Bob.

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