1. David Buresh

    Robb was my sales manager from 1998-1999, and grew to be one of my closest friends after we worked together. His sincerity, kindness and sense of humor were extraordinary. He is one of those rare people whose presence I still feel even though he has left the earth as we know it. We had activities planned for after COVID, and were even going to try and get together before COVID ended. I was looking forward to some time on his new boat! Robb was a rare treasure, to say the least!!!

  2. Katie Ross

    What I will remember most is his kind heart. Robb had a magical way of making people feel valued. I will forever be grateful for his dedication to supporting the military community. His vision and efforts made it possible for thousands and thousands of military and veteran families to find hope and healing. Robb’s impact is immeasurable and will continue to inspire. Wishing you a red sky at night sailor.

  3. Raj M

    I was a colleague of Robb at IBM and I cherished his friendship during and after his time at IBM. I am truly shocked at his sudden passing. Never did I think I will not see him again when our planned luncheon meeting last year got postponed due to the pandemic. Will miss his wit and his good nature. RIP my friend.

  4. Leah Heyman, PhD, ND

    He was such a great man. He gave so much to Angel Flight and he will be missed greatly. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  5. Kelly Murphy

    When I first met Robb more than 5 years ago, I was immediately impressed with his dedication to the organization as well as his passion for leading his team to excellence. Robb had a gift for cultivating relationships and building contacts to educate the public and countless communities about the tireless work of Angel Flight and Mercy Medical Angels. Robb’s dedication to his faith, family, and friends was always apparent. He truly led and maintained the organization’s mission with a servant’s heart. We will all miss him dearly, and wish him well on his forever flight with blue skies and tailwinds.

  6. Kamil Cak

    Unfortunately, I only had the privilege of knowing Robb for a brief period of time. During those few months, I found him to be thoughtful, deliberate, competent, professional and caring. I never expected that our collaboration would be cut short so quickly. My deepest condolences to his family, loved ones and close collaborators.

  7. Deb Wood

    I worked with Robb for the past few years through BattleDawgs.org and on the Board of Angel Flights! Robb was passionate about helping people heal. He had finally found the love of his life, Rainey, and between flying, sailing, his best job ever (Angel Flights) and best lady ever (Rainey) he has been very happy! I miss him. He was a great man . I never met his sons but he was very proud of them!

  8. James Modisette

    I met Robb working as an intern at Mercy Medical Angels. He was such a supportive role model and leader. Whenever I needed help applying for a job or needed a recommendation he was always willing to help. He’s going to be missed.

  9. Theresa Hoover

    Such a shock to hear of his passing. I am blessed that we were reacquainted the past 2 years, and the passion he had for everything he did was amazing. He will be greatly missed. R.I.P. Robb

  10. Robert Williams

    I met Rob through Lorraine; I was working on my boat when they stopped by to talk about sailing and boat stuff. I didn’t get to know him well but can attest to his love of sailing. Fair winds and peaceful seas shipmate.

  11. Jim and Marianne Orent

    Robb had an extraordinary gift for bringing people together though his life of service to the diverse communities he considered his extended family. He repaid the small favor that sparked our friendship a thousandfold, and we’ll cherish fond memories of our happy reunions through flying and music that resulted. Mercy Medical Angels could not have found a more capable, passionate advocate.

    We send our love to Robb, Jr. and Rainey–deepest thanks for sharing yourselves and Robb with all of us. Robb: we wish you blue skies and tailwinds always, dear friend. Yours was a life well-lived, indeed.

    With love and affection,
    Jim and Marianne

  12. Jim Buchinski

    Robb was a dear friend of mine for more than 30 years. He will mostly be remembered for his kindness and his witty humor. It is hard to express how much I truly miss him. Robb was like a brother to me. I think of him often, he was a larger than life kind of guy, a true friend and someone who I admired and loved. May God Bless his eternal soul, may perpetual light shine upon him and may he rest in peace.

  13. Michael McElroy

    I remember Robb as a very lively man filled with plans and adventures. He was a very good dancer and enjoyed dancing very much.

  14. Buddy & Janice Crumpton

    Robb blessed our life with his friendship and fellowship for over 20 years . We’ll always remember his kindness, thoughtfulness, and his love for Robb, Jr. – this is a huge loss to bear, but Robb would easily tell us how to deal with the grief. RIP – to a very special man !

  15. Clay H

    Robb’s dedication to service probably saved my life and for that I am eternally grateful.
    He is truly missed.
    Clay H

  16. Murrell and Kaki McLeod

    For more than thirty years, a friendship, more like brothers.

    Kaki and I miss you and will work to understand the void your absence creates.

    Even with shared faith the apartness challenges acceptance.

    Our lives have been enriched by your presence in them.

    Love to your Family. We are here if we may help in any way,
    Murrell and Kaki McLeod

  17. Norman Johnson

    Robb was a good friend and fellow Mooney pilot. He pulled MMA out of a very dangerous hole. I thank God for him and his compassion, and miss him very much.

    Well done, good and faithful servant. I wish you clear skies and tailwinds aloft on your last flight.

  18. Estela Resendiz

    It was a pleasure to meet and work with Robb during the partnership with American Airlines. He was a kind and passionate leader and will be greatly missed.

    My deepest condolences to Robb’s family and friends.

  19. Brian Miller

    I have known Robb for several years and I assisted him with the sale of his beloved Mooney Aircraft. During that time I learned how passionate he was for his charity work. Robb gave back to his community and is a great example for us all. My condolences to his loved ones, family and friends. I am honored to have known Robb while he was here and know he is flying high today.

  20. Dick

    Robb was a longtime friend who always kept in touch. Being a friend of Bill W, he was the person that I was attracted to and asked to be my first sponsor. He was fun, witty and the perfect person to share his experience, strength, hope and guidance during my initial sobriety 30 years ago.

    Prayers and blue skies to you in heaven my good friend ~ Miss and love you ~

  21. Chicca D'Agostino

    Robb was an exceptional human being – kind, generous, sensitive, witty and caring. His loved helping others and it was so fitting that his life’s work would enable him to do just that. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have known him.

    With deep sympathy,
    Chicca D’Agostino

  22. Stephan Fopeano

    Robb was so committed to charitable aviation, a real inspiration. It was a such a pleasure working with him, given his good sense and good humor. His contribution to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic is immeasurable. The pilot community will miss him greatly.

  23. Jennifer McCord

    Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic helped me receive the medical care that I desperately needed. I am so exceptionally grateful for Mr. Alpaugh and all that he gave to help patients like me. I’m sure he will be missed by his family and friends every day!

  24. Teresia Sokoto

    Please accept my deepest sympathies during this very difficult time. I am alive today due to your leadership in your organization. I am so sorry for your loss. May your soul rest in Eternal peace.

  25. Jack Catton

    Rob was truly a Prince of a man with a heart for serving others bigger than Dallas. He took over the reigns of Mercy Medical Angels during a very difficult time organizationally and financially. His humble, prayerful, and inspired leadership saved the organization and we’re now in the best position to serve Veterans and families in need of transportation to medical care, than ever before in our almost 50 year history. I thank God for sending Robb Alpaugh to lead Mercy Medical Angels, and for receiving Robb with open arms in Heaven.

  26. Mary Jenkins

    On behalf of myself and the Governing Board of The COC (previously Christians Overcoming Cancer) please accept our sincerest condolences in the passing of Mr. Robert E. Alpaugh. It has been our honor to have supported the mission of Mercy Medical Angels and serve cancer patients in active treatment. His leadership will surely be missed.

    Mary Jenkins, President/CEO The COC
    1347 A Worthington Woods Blvd.
    Columbus, Ohio 43085

  27. Jerry Singer

    Robb was a true gentleman, who truly cared about and cared for others. He left a great legacy, and will be very much missed.

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