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  1. Joe m Kelley

    He will be missed

  2. Michele Stephens

    Richard Craft was the best friend anyone could have. He was loyal— he was determined, and he was always happy— that’s the thing about Richard! Every time I heard him laugh, it just cracked me up! If it weren’t for Richard, I would never had met my current wife. He came over almost every Christmas for many years, and he loved his grandchildren so much! He was always sending us videos of the grandchildren! Roger was the apple of his eye, and he loved him so much, and he always spoke very highly of him. He was so very proud of him, and loved Kristin! My daughter, Rochelle Labat, loved Richard and thought of him as a second dad. We will miss him terribly!

    Tom & Michele Stephens

  3. Janna Nunez and Japhet Rivera

    My greatest condolences to the family. We were his neighbors for 3 years and he would always ask about our studies. I wanted to get to nursing school and he would always ask me about how my process was going. He even tried connecting me with the company that would provide him home-care. You could tell he loved his family because he would always talk about his grandchildren and how he remembered having to learn Blink 182 songs from his son’s college days. He was very happy about his surgery anniversary and I think that is what is truly important: to value life along with every memory including the good times and the rough times.

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