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  1. Jacqueline Walker

    Norma was my director as a young speech pathologist. I remember her smile and no nonsense manner on the job. She loved Monte Sano and her “Norm”. Bless her soul always.

  2. Elizabeth Self

    I consider myself fortunate to have gotten to know Norma as a next-door neighbor for over twenty years as we enjoyed bird watching and learning about wildflowers as well as participating in community activities. So glad to have many fond memories of shared meals, at our homes, at local restaurants, RV camping, or searching out a new tearoom. Her wit, sense of humor and wisdom made any conversation special.. Knowing Norma certainly enriched my life in many ways!

  3. Wendy and Robert Gramadzki

    What really sticks out in our memories is Norma Jean’s million dollar smile and her wonderful laugh. She was full of life and light. Seeing the love Norma and Norm had for one another was inspirational. Norma left a legacy of lives changed for the better. We will miss her, but do take comfort knowing she is at peace in the arms of our Lord.

  4. Sharon Dailey

    Love and sympathies from Doug and Sharon Dailey.

  5. Richard Winzeler

    Norm and Norma Jean were always very kind to me and my parents, as a child growing up, and especially during my dad’s later health challenges. I remain forever grateful. My sympathies to their family.

  6. Liz Traveis

    I missed my dear friend Norma since the virus closed our
    Joy club meetings and church attendance. We shared many memories and laughs over our living times in Huntsville Ala.,although not at the same time. Too, we are the same age but she always seemed younger than me. Love her dearly.

  7. Terry Marks

    Norma always instilled a sense of joy and fascination with life in everything she said and did. It amazed me that she would invite a crazy group of old women (The JOY Club from her church) to her house for their Christmas party every year, even though it was a monumental undertaking for her! She always acted like she enjoyed every moment! Norma never passed up an opportunity to help people in need, even when she herself was struggling physically. She was the ultimate example of Christian love, acceptance and giving. She and Norm were also lifelong learners and always took the time to share their knowledge of birds, medicine and many other topics. I’m reminded of a saying I heard long ago: “Wherever I go, people come into my life and go out of it, touching me where I can feel it, and …. I wasn’t through knowing them yet.” Rest in peace, Norma.

  8. Ruth Bentley

    Soon after moving to Monte Sano, Norma stole my heart with her “tea parties” and fun, fancy dishes for every occasion! Her heart of gold, love for everyone and vivacious spirit will live on in all who knew her.

  9. Nancy Smith (Jodie’s mom)

    I am so thankful that i got to be with Norm and Norma on several occasions. As retired teachers, we had much in common. We had a mutual friend in Huntsville. She was a. Delightful conversationalist! I loved how she and Nor took each grandchild on a ver special trip in their camper!

  10. Anonymous

    Dear Norma,
    I will miss you. In fact, we will all miss you.. You were a most interesting, kind and happy lady. I sat behind you in church. You always had a smile for me and you always reached back and squeezed my hand. When I gave my little talk on Wales, my leaving home at a young age to Canada. And now, joining the Joy club, you were all ears!
    Norm, be safe and be well. Feeling sad for you and the family.

  11. Anonymous

    I will cherish the fond memories of aunt Norma. She was a pleasure to be around especially learning of our family history! Our prayers are with you and your family now and always.

    Love – The Smith Family – Don, Suzie, Donny & Hannah

    Norma Jean was a wonderful person and and we’re so lucky to have had her as our big sister! We will treasure the fun times we have all had together and she will always be in our heart.

    With much love – Mary Lou Fitzgerald & Charles Hawkins

  12. Suzie Smith

    I’m so sorry to have lost a wonderful aunt. All the fond memories will be cherished. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family!

    The Smith Family – Don, Suzie, Donny & Hannah

    Prayers are with you all on the loss of Norma Jean. She was a special sister and I can treasure all of the wonderful times we had together.

    All my love – Lou Fitzgerald & Charles Hawkins

  13. Debbie Woolsey

    I will always remember Norma’s smile, her kindness to all ,and her compassion. She was always so friendly and easy going. I feel blessed to have gotten to know her better during our Joy Club activities and Bible Study meetings. She helped calm my fears when I was feeling worried about a medical diagnosis by listening and offering helpful advice. We often shared cute and memorable teacher stories. She was a very special person and she will be missed by everyone.

  14. Ken and Julie Winzeler

    Norma was one terrific lady with a creative and positive attitude in every situation. Her smile and wit was second to none, and she was always there to help others in times of need. She will be missed greatly.

  15. Anonymous

    Thinking of Norma, and a line from a song.
    “And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make”
    I know she was carried on a wave of love, surrounded by angels.

  16. Kitty Lai

    When Norma first came to our church with her daughter Barbara, I was the Greeter and I had invited them to the Fellowship Hall after the sermon.
    Since then , Norma had been closed friends with us, she was the President of the Joy Club and we had Bible Studies together!
    When Norma quitted driving, I picked her up to church n brought her home. We talked a lot and very happy together!
    I really miss the Sunday I can share the ride with her.
    Norma- Love ???? you much !! ????????????????????????‍♂️????‍♂️????????

  17. Babbs Dahms

    Norma , Norma & I were friends from 1st Methodist Church. Every week we would visit one of their drs & we would go out for lunch. We did this for at least 4 or 5 yrs only to be stopped by the virus. She has left a hole in my life & heart. I will miss her dreadfully.

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