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  1. Monica JANTZEF

    Finally I was willing to surrender to God’s call… but too shy and inadequate to offer my life via the responsible brother. I trusted kind “big sis” Myrna to bridge the gap. Her cheerful allegiance to the Lord and warm welcome to me never wavered. Glad I was with Grace Law in HK when word of Myrna’s passing came. We shared inspiring memories of Myrna💞

  2. Annemarie Blonke

    I have very pleasant memories of Merna. She was very pleasant, and cheerful. So nice to be around. I felt very comfortable in her presence.

  3. Nettie Bueckert

    Grateful to have gotten to know Merna in the few years she was in Saskatoon and had heard about her through others friends when she labored overseas. Got to know Eldon a bit when I was in Wpg, MB. My sympathies for all of the Knudson family. Thankful to hear about Merna’s life thru her niece; Barb Robinson. Glad to have able to listen to the service.

  4. Marion (Galbraith)Lyon

    Merna is remembered with love for her faith,her calling ,giving her life for souls.Times together in Hong Kong are vivid reminders to die to self.
    Sympathy to Eldon,Arlene,Leila& Linnea,& all the family.
    Marion (Galbraith) Lyon

  5. Della Chrisp

    Merna was with Florence Moore at Rocanville area in 1979 and made special memories with the children. So grateful for her influence. Sincere sympathy to ALL the family at this time and going forward. With love and care, Della Chrisp

  6. Mabel Jacobs

    My sympathy and love to the Knudson family and thanks to God for a life well lived and for the inspiration that Merna’s life has left with us.

  7. Marlene Casey

    Merna was a very kind, compassionate older sister in my need.

  8. George Reddekopp

    So touching to see a life spend and be spent. We have much to be thankful for.

  9. Clifford Fedirchuk

    My condolences to the Knudson family again.

  10. Bonnie Poss

    Special to be able to share this time with you. Thankful for a faithful life that was true to the very end. With Love and Care Bonnie

  11. Orin & Shirley (Johnson) Grovum

    to all the dear Knudson family: we have sorrowed along with you as some of yours have been taken and the spouses of others. It was a privilege to know your family since the late 50s and feel the godly influence. Memories of Merna, Eldon, Leila being in the Johnson home, and for us to be in their parent’s home and in the homes of family members. The hospitality was unequaled. As a young person, holidaying with Lynn in that big house! A family we will never forget and be forever grateful for knowing them.

  12. Edna Arnold.

    I have many very special memories of Merna and her help and encouragement through the years. A beautiful spirit and Love radiated from her life. Special thoughts go to Eldon, Leila, Arlene and Lynn in the loss of their dear sister.
    Edna Arnold.

  13. Benita Rehman

    Thank you that I could listen to the service.
    I am much Thankful for Mernas life and all that she did in Scandinavia.
    I had the privilege to be companion with her in the ministry.
    She meant a lot to me.
    She really had her whole heart in the work/Gods ministry and had big love for peoples soul.

  14. Shirley (Olson) McClain

    Wonderful early memories of Merna through our mother Ida Olson from the Rainy River ON area who also loved the Knudsen family and their quiet loving encouragement over the years 💛

  15. Elton and Sylvia Overby

    We have special thoughts and memories of Eldon, Myrna, Alvin whom we have known for a number of years. We appreciated being able to view the service.

  16. Betty (Weiland) Droel

    I just happened to come across this notice about MERNA!!! I hadn’t realized she had died. I remember Merna so many years ago when
    I had the very great privilege of being in Canada for conventions when I was a
    Minnesota worker. She was special – always time to be a friend and kindly. I
    was thrilled to see Steve had a part in her service knowing her from Sweden
    Stanley Sharpe said we do not bury our influence..

  17. Ruth Clausen

    Merna’s siblings will understand what is in my heart today, without words…..
    I’m grateful for Merna’s friendship and godly influence on my life over the years since a teenager. It has been a special strength to me.

  18. Roanne Kooy

    I shared in the live stream today. I have known Merna in years past with our neighboring with MB and SK from MN and ND. Good to think she can be at rest. Good to see those we have known, David, Mike, Steve and Louise.

  19. Joe Kondics

    Merna was one of the first workers I met after I came to Canada. I’m thankful for special memories of her and her family through the years. She will be missed by many, but we are so encouraged by her faithful life. Louise and I send our sincere sympathy to all her family.

  20. Margaret Hanson

    Merna was an advocate and a safe example.

  21. Leslie Wray

    Thoughts to the Knudson family at this time.

  22. Larry & Gladys Lee

    Very thankful for Merna’s life. I made my choice in her gospel meetings. Have enjoyed correspondence with her over the years.
    The Knudsen family were very faithful .
    Sympathy to the all the family .
    Larry & Gladys Lee

  23. Jerry and Myrna Stinson

    Special memories of a very special, kind lady.

  24. Barry and Willa LeVasseur

    We have many wonderful memories of Merna and the Knudson family.She was always so warm and encouraging.
    Thinking of her family, co-workers and friends.

  25. Allan and Lynda James

    We have very good memories of Merna

  26. M Roper

    A very dear, helpful woman that I respected greatly. Sympathy to the family and especial Leila…you will miss a friend and sister.

  27. Elaine Bashforth

    Dear Merna has finished her course so honourably.
    She will be missed by so many. I’m glad for the few hours I was able to help care for her… was a privilege.

  28. Sheri

    Thinking of you and joining you via the live stream today. Jim and I knew Merna, Eldon, Arlene (& John) and Arlene’s two son’s – Kerry & Dale.
    As others have expressed she was a gentle loving individual. I’m sure that was a result of the seed of the gospel working in her life. And now she is safely home.
    Love to you all,
    Jim & Sheri Morton

  29. Sara Aarestad

    I loved this lady. She was spiritual, a joy in our homes, loved our souls, a great friend of my family and a mother in Israel. I can’t say enough how she has shaped my life with her kindness and common sense.

  30. Jim Atcheson

    We have our own special memories of Merna and her faithful service through the years. Today we think of you Eldon, Arlene, Leila and Lynne…..and we remember Leona, Orla, Ort and Alvin with appreciation. We are grateful that our Father is so able to give sweet comfort to all who feel they’ve lost a sister.

  31. Emma Lou Evanson

    Very much loved by the Bell family. Wonderful memories.

  32. Erv & Sonia GRIFFIN

    We’ve known the Knudson family for years. and now are related because of Nevin and Jennica .
    .Merna’s gentle spirit is an example we really appreciate.

  33. Diana & George Jubenvill

    A dear sister and fellow Manitobian

  34. Roanne Kooy

    I remember Merna and others of her family. She was a faithful steward of the Gospel.

  35. Gordon & Joyce Chrisp

    Merna was so encouraging to me in 1960, after I made my choice in 1959. She has meant so much over the years. Gordon Chrisp

  36. Maryellen Skinner

    Dear Merna, you have fought the good fight and finished with honour. You will be so missed.

  37. Betty Gregg

    Dear Eldon, Leila, Arlene,Lynne and all others who were close to Merna. My time with Merna as a colleague in the work of the Gospel was VERY pleasant. She was always willing, so anxious to help and do whatever was needed.! Merna was extremely GENEROUS, giving whatever she had if you needed it, and eager in the work of the Gospel. She was very gentle, and very capable too. I have multitudes of memories of her and cherish them all. My thoughts go to you all who will miss her as a sister…….and all. Am sure God is a very real comfort.
    So, my love to you all in this great loss! Betty G.

  38. Rob and Elva Stapleton

    Our dear Merna has gone on to her reward! “Graduation day” as SJ Sharpe use to say.
    Memories of great fellowship with Merna thru the years, and a laugh or two. I felt Merna had great love and care for others and of my own soul also.
    Our heartfelt condolences to her siblings as the earthly ties are severed.
    Love in Christ,
    Rob and Elva Stapleton