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  1. Diana A Gesner

    sorry to hear of Linda’s passing, I was at Lakeside School also with her. R.I.P. Linda.
    Diana Baisley Gesner

  2. Stephanie Gillis

    What a beautiful person we have lost. She was always a candid tell it like it is person. We shared so many times together with kids in the early days of mother’s group through her move to Miller Ranch and Christmas eves catching up on all the kids. I’m so sorry for the family and such a great loss. She will be missed.

  3. Dee Dee Johnson

    There are no words to express how wonderful Linda was and how her smile could stretch from her mouth to the moon and back and then some.
    We were to get together this summer for a Champions reunion but good ole 2020 blew that out of the window. I loved Linda so very much?
    I hope you might remember me just a little bit, working with Linda at Champions. She loved each of you so very very much. She blessed me by being a part of her life if even for a short 10-12 years but we kept in contact as best as we could.
    God Bless you all and my heart goes out to each of you.

    Dee Dee Johnson

  4. Annie Beletic

    Thank you for the beautiful memorial. I thought I knew Linda so well, and it was lovely to see the faces to match the stories. And the one line "How many different deals did she have?" rang so true. Her live was so rich, but interestingly she presented herself in much the same way to all of us: presents , sparkly shoes "She always had a lot to talk about"…ha ha! I will miss her so much: her arriving at my house, her blowing up my facebook with unbridled political commentary, wine with ice. Much Love to all,–your Mom was truly an inspiration x

  5. Nicole Stone Morgan

    I love you all so much and could not be more grateful to have grown up with Linda’s kindness and generosity ?
    Virtual hugs and kisses xoxo

  6. L Erickson

    I am so grateful to have known and loved Linda and her family and extended family. I met her in Vail in 1978 and her friendship was invaluable. We raised our babies together, laughed like no other and just shared life. Linda became my mentor and I cherished our friendship. She was a true earth angel and she is already missed. Her wonderful family is a testament of her love. Wishing you all my sincere blessings, prayers and love to each and everyone of you at this difficult place in time. I hope to hug you all soon.

  7. Roger Behler

    I worked with Linda at Bank of Vail in Vail Village in 1977 when branch banking was not allowed in Colorado. Linda was in charge of keeping the officers out of trouble and making sure we did not run out of donuts on Saturday morning. Linda was an excellent employee and a big part of our bank family. Please accept my most sincere sympathies and condolences for the loss of your mother and grandmother. Love Roger Behler

  8. Vivian Harving

    I am saddened and
    grief-stricken over the all too sudden passing of my dear sister, Linda. She was my big sister, my older sister, my lovely sister. She was wise, and smart, and funny; very funny! She knew how to keep her family together and her devotion to each of her children knew no bounds. She always told me when we were younger that she planned to have at least 6 children. Well, she exceeded even her expectations. And as the years passed, she saw to it that each of her beautiful children would grow up to become the best that they could, always giving love, guidance and encouragement along the way. A loving home was the most important thing to her and in this regard, she was the most successful person I know. Because we lived so far away, I didn’t get to know many of the people she knew in her lifetime, so it is a blessing to me to read the many comments made by the friends who got to know her. May she Rest In Peace knowing that she was loved and respected and will be remembered by all.

  9. Penny Bortz

    I loved Miss Linda as we referred to your mom at the Steadman Clinic. I worked along side of your mom for many years and what a joy she was. Patients adored her. Fellows all came to know her and befriended her from the start. She housed many. She feed me, my kids Thanksgiving diner and so many countless surgeons, friends and of course her family.
    Wow Linda- I never got to say goodbye and for that I am greatly saddened.
    From this we learn to appreciate more to say I love you more and to soak in the moments that we are in their presence.
    May our great God give you all peace that passes all understanding.

  10. Alan and Trisha Lewis

    Linda was an amazing woman and we will miss her very much. Such a strong person able to juggle so much and still find the time to care about and love so many. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time.

  11. Matthys Levy

    Linda was my first cousin born when I was 18. I remember babysitting for her in her first home in New York before she moved to New Jersey. When her mother died, I became her financial guardian and had her and Vivian over to our house often and visited her at Lakeside. When she moved to Colorado to go to the University I was very proud of he achievements although it saddened me when she decided to settle there since we were then two thousand miles apart. After her marriage and her children she was such a strong figure as she guided them to productive lives of their own. We saw each other rarely but would often talk on the phone. When we talked at the time of her recent birthday I did not realize it would be for the last time. We had talked of getting together after this pandemic and I will miss that and will miss her.

    Matthys Levy

  12. Yolanda Kakabadse

    Linda, we met only a few months ago, and it seems like ages …… there was so much to share so much excitement in discovering our family ties and so many beautiful stories about our children and grandchildren! It feels as if you were here, in Ecuador. I can feel it!

  13. Jessica (Cuny) Van Dusen

    Linda always gave the best advice and seemed to have endless confidence. Something that has stayed with me my whole life was one day I was at the Chase house talking with Ryanne about something we wore at school and what other’s may have thought. Linda had over heard and walked in saying, “you do realize, you don’t get dressed up for others, you get dressed up for yourself?” I think about that statement almost everyday. When I’m doubting myself or lacking confidence, Linda is in my ear telling me to love myself first and that I’m the only person I need to impress. She was full of love and light and always gave me the biggest hug when I saw her. I loved her dearly and she will be missed.

  14. Sara Dimlich

    Linda, you will be missed by so many people! You were such an amazing person and you had the biggest heart and compassion that you shared with everyone around you!

  15. Cathy Vecchio

    Oh I am so saddened by this news. Although I haven’t heard or seen Linda in a few years she was someone I valued and respected in the Vail Valley. Linda was a rock and served and was a friend to so many in this Vail community. May she Rest In Peace. Prayers to the family.

  16. Lydia Dyer

    My husband and I found Linda (my 2nd cousin from the Russian side of our respective families) by chance a little over 6 months ago and, during that time, I quickly learnt what a truly beautiful person she was inside and out. So likeable and friendly, she and I had so much fun during our skype sessions and in our email exchanges. Linda was immensely proud of her children and grandchildren and was so happy to tell me about their achievements and activities. She will be sorely missed by so many.

  17. Leslie Davis

    Linda was an amazing woman! I was always in awe that she had so much time, energy and love for everyone especially while raising 9 children.
    May she rest in peace.
    Greatest sympathy to her family.

  18. Jovita Harings

    Linda, you were my buddy who was always up for doing something. A park walk, rosé patio sip or just time together. My up for anything friend. Thank you for your generosity and what you taught me about being a good human. You will be missed. Love you!

  19. Erin Allen

    Linda was so much fun to be around. She had a genuine interest in the lives of those she considered friends, and made you feel special by remembering something personal from a prior conversation, even if months had passed. She loved her children and grandchildren fiercely and was so proud to talk about or share pictures of them. I will miss her very much.

  20. Ailish Leeper

    I remember being at the Chase house, full of Chase kids and other friends, always laughing and having a good time. When “The Goose” called and was headed home, everyone dropped what they were doing and cleaned, picking up before she walked in the door. It was a fun, tight ship at the Chase home. Linda was always welcoming to me, and I always cherished being in her home. Linda continued in life to be welcoming with kind words, a beautiful smile and open arms.

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