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  1. Sharon McCartney

    The celebration of Larry’s life was a beautiful tribute to not only the world renowned researcher but the soft soul and fun loving man. Larry hired me as his technician in 1982 and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him all these years at the Spinal Cord Research Centre. I miss him already. My Sincere Condolences to Bree, Caleb and Family.

  2. J.A.Paterson

    When I first arrived in Winnipeg in 1978 as a newly hatched assistant professor of neuro -anatomy, I was made welcome to the Neuroscience group by Dr Jordan. His kindness, understanding and informative advice was very helpful as I had so much to learn about grant-writing, article reviewing, journal clubs, hiring personnel, and generally surviving. In an academic setting, Dr Jordan was a bright light not only for his intellectual leadership but also for his patience and good humour towards junior colleagues.

  3. Brent Fedirchuk

    Larry made so many contributions that shaped the Winnipeg, national and international Neuroscience landscape. His mentorship shaped many careers, including my own. Throughout the decades that I knew Larry, he spoke of his family often (particularly his children, and later grandchildren), so it was clear how important his family was to him. Condolences to Larry’s family and his many friends around the world saddened by his passing.

  4. Shawn Hochman

    Larry was a passionate neuroscientist who served as an inspirational and charismatic role model, mentor, and colleague. Many who trained with him continued with independent research careers. That many stayed or returned to Winnipeg is a testament to the environment of motor control research excellence and community he created and fostered. As one of his disciples, I was energized by his creativity, his encouragement, his generosity and the flexibility he allowed me to explore my own ideas. His influence has been embedded in me and many others and will live on in us. Put simply, I am a greater person by having known him.

  5. Johnston Smith

    May he Rest In Peace.

  6. Henry Friesen

    My sincere condolences to Larry’s family and friends. Reflecting on the sad news I was reminded of his passion and single minded focus on advancing knowledge of the complexity of the neural control of locomotion.
    Under his outstanding leadership he recruited and mentored a remarkable group of graduates many of whom have proceeded to establish their own distinguished careers.
    The spinal cord research centre he pioneered will endure as a proud legacy of his career.and contributions.
    The University and the global neuroscience community have lost a valued colleague.

  7. Myriam Lafreniere-Roula

    Sincere condolences to Larry’s family. I met Larry in 2000 when he took me on as a graduate student. I am very grateful to have benefited from his guidance and remember his humor fondly. His dedication and resilience will continue to inspire all of us. May he rest in peace.

  8. Christina Barry

    I had the opportunity to work for Dr. Jordan in his lab. He was a huge role model and a brilliant researcher and it was an Honor to work with him and learn from him. Rest in Peace Dr. Jordan, you will always be an inspiration to all of us researchers.

  9. Yue Dai

    As his PhD student and research associate I had ever worked with Larry from 1995-2013. It was Larry who had ever guided me to start my scientific career in spinal cord research 25 years ago. He was a great scientist, educator, mentor as well as friend.

    Please rest in peace, Larry. You lives in our hearts forever.

  10. John Steeves

    I was one of Larry’s initial graduate students and over the years I have continued to appreciate his wise and caring guidance as I started my research career. I graduated in 1978 and last saw Larry in 2017 at my retirement symposium in Vancouver at ICORD (UBC). His life was truly meaningful and he leaves behind numerous trainees that were inspired by his leadership. I will continue to remember and celebrate his success, as well as be forever grateful for his support and friendship.

  11. Tooru Mizuno

    I enjoyed scientific interaction with Larry but also personally enjoyed talking about boxing with him. I will miss you, Larry.

  12. Pawan Singal

    I received the news of the passing away of our dear colleague Larry with real sadness. Larry was not only a great teacher, but an outstanding scholar and above all a great friend. He will be missed, but remembered forever for his good deeds as well as friendship.

    May God give rest of the family the strength to bear this loss and go on with their lives. And may his soul rest in peace.

  13. Mike Czubryt

    My sincere condolences to Larry’s family and many friends. His positive impact on the Department, and on the University, was tremendous. His legacy, in the SCRC and in the many people he trained and helped over his tremendous career, will continue to benefit the scientific community and the greater public.

  14. Molly Pind

    My condolences to Dr. Jordon’s family. Dr. Jordon was always happy to chat about science, the weather or life in general whenever we met in the elevator or in the halls. I will miss his kind and friendly manner.

  15. Sandy & Bob Brunham

    We had the good fortune to buy a house across the lane from the Jordans when we moved to Winnipeg in 1982. It was the start of a long friendship of raising our kids together and going on many holidays together. Although we knew Larry professionally as well, it was his family life that we remember so fondly. He was such a kind-hearted, generous, loving Dad to Caleb, Bree and Lydia. And he had such a great laugh! Many an evening was spent eating, drinking and storytelling. And what a story teller he was! We are left with many memories of a remarkable man. Rest in peace dear friend. You are missed.

  16. Sherry

    Larry led by example and his lab was a fantastic place to learn. He was supportive, generous, and kind, and his enthusiasm was endless.
    My sympathy to the family.

  17. Jynene Stevenson

    I first met the Jordan family in the fall of my grade 7 year. An invitation from Bree to join for family dinner quickly forayed into an invasion of teenage girls. We soon found ourselves spending most of our weekends at their home on Queenston.

    Before leaving the house Larry regularly called down to the basement asking “ladies, is there anything you want from the outer world?”

    His generosity and hospitality never tapered. For the years to follow the grill master always ensured that anyone leaving his house did so with a full belly and a safe ride home.

    French writer Jules Renard said ” it is more honourable to be a good man for a week, than a hero for 15 minutes”.

    Larry managed to do both. A champion in the field of spinal cord research, skilled equestrian rider, loving father, grandfather, and host extraordinaire.

    Larry, thank you for all of the fond memories! You are a true Texas gent.

  18. Ian Dixon

    Larry was a great source of advice during my first few years as an Assistant Professor in the Department. He had a wonderful soft spoken manner that was complemented by his sharp wit. Over the years we had great interactions and I will miss him – one of the best.

    Condolences to the family.

  19. Joanne Keselman

    Larry and I became colleagues during my tenure as the UM’s vice-president (research). He was a wonderful scientist and the driving force behind the establishment of the Spinal Cord Research Centre. I have many fond memories of our discussions about how best to promote and support university research. He was warm and engaging with an infectious smile, and he will be sorely missed by colleagues and friends. May his memory be a blessing.

  20. Maria Setterbom

    Larry was my first employer in Physiology when I came to Canada in 1986. I feel very lucky to have worked with him all these years. He did always bring a contageous energy, and not infrequently a tight deadline, and it was always very impressive to see great results unfold. We also shared a great love for horses, and I always enjoyed our conversations. Larry, you are greatly missed.

  21. Paul Fernyhough

    We have lost one of the top neuroscientists in Canada. I worked with Larry on several committees and he always impressed with his level of knowledge, attention to detail and his desire to always help our graduate students. My sincere condolences to his family.

  22. Grant N. Pierce

    A great loss to the University, the city of Winnipeg, the Province, and to Canada. The world has lost a great neuroscientist and a friend. He may have moved on but his personal friendly demeanor and exceptional scientific legacy will be remembered.

  23. Victoria Nwachukwu

    I might not have had the opportunity to meet you in person, Larry, but from your works, I do know that you were a great scientist. My deepest condolences go to your family and friends.

  24. Ken & Lesley Enns

    Our most sincere sympathy, Cynthia and family. We have many warm memories of getting together with you and Larry over the years. He will be missed.

  25. Kalan Gardiner

    It was very sad to hear of Larry’s passing. I feel lucky and honoured to have known him and work with him at the SCRC. I will miss his visits to our home where we cooked and shared favourite Mexican recipes. He was a good friend and will be sorely missed.

  26. Arnold Naimark

    Larry joined the Department of Physiology when I was head of the department and I had the good fortune to see his outstanding career unfold over the ensuing decades and to be a beneficiary of his personal warmth and amiability. The world became darker this morning when I read of his passing.

    My deepest condolences and sympathy to the Jordan family.

  27. Phil Gardiner

    A major motivating factor of my move to Manitoba from Montreal in 2002 was the opportunity to work in the SCRC and with Larry. Since that time we have been friends and colleagues, and I have enjoyed our frequent (almost daily) discussions on topics ranging from the effects of serotonin on the nervous system to the health benefits of bourbon, and politics (more time spent on the latter 2 than the first, actually). I respected him a great deal, and he has had a major impact on my thinking as a scientist, and a human being. I miss him already – rest in peace my friend.

  28. Rick/Elaine Stevenson

    Larry was an incredible father and person. His legacy as well as his love for family and friends will live on.
    All our love,
    Rick and Elaine

  29. Soheila Karimi

    Larry will be missed dearly by many. In the past decade of knowing Larry as a colleague, he truly inspired me at many levels. His genuine passion for science, his excitement for learning and dedication to his field were phenomenal; someone you aspire to be. His legacy will continue to live through his seminal contributions, and the bright minds he has mentored over decades. I cannot believe that I am not able to see Larry around. Rest in peace my dear friend.

  30. Ruth Abraha

    I got a chance to meet Larry and his family for short time , and I still remember his welcoming face .
    My deepest condolences to you and your family .your father was truly an incredible person, and his lost felt deeply.

  31. Barbara Coldicutt

    My husband Ben Coldicutt and Larry were friends for a long time. Larry was in our wedding in 1963. He was indeed a brilliant man and one who loved his family very much. We loved his visits and always enjoyed his tall tales, all true I am sure. Ben passed from this life three years ago and I like to think of the two of them sharing stories again.

  32. James Nagy

    Larry was largely responsible for my obtaining a faculty position at the university of Manitoba and he has helped at times of hardship during my research career. The Neuroscience Division in our Department will not be the same in his absence.

  33. Urszula Sławińska

    Larry was not only a great scientist, mentor, and educator. Above all, He was a very special person as a scientist and a friend. We could always count on His friendly assistance and advice. Now we are bereaved, but He left us His wisdom and strength.

  34. Errol Friedman

    So many conversations begun that I wish we could finish. Larry was my ride to school 60+ years ago when we lived three blocks apart and he was the first among us to have his own wheels. His family home was the best smelling house in the neighborhood when his father came in from the Butternut Bakery. (Strange the things you remember.) Thanks to a mutual friend and classmate, I was able to renew a friendship with Larry in recent years after about 40 years apart. He will be sorely missed.

  35. Katinka

    Words cannot say how much I will miss Larry. His work in the research centre over three decades has had an impact that only a few leaves behind. I am so thankful for having worked with him and his family over so many years. His kindness and leadership will be missed but never forgotten. May Larry rest in peace and shining light and the resilience we learned from him stay behind in our work and life.

  36. Garth M. Bray

    Larry was a dedicated scientist. His death is a loss for Canadian science. His contributions to the Rick Hansen Foundation were enormous.Condolences to his family..

  37. Russ Rothney

    As the other “grandpa” to Oscar and Celia, it was always a real pleasure to connect with Larry at family events, sharing experiences and insights. We’ll miss him a lot.

  38. Marc Binder

    I was very fortunate to have had a deep friendship with Larry that extended over five decades as we grew up together scientifically. We met at conferences, site visits, grant review sessions and doctoral exams. At each gathering, we found time to break away, just the two of us, to talk about science, to gossip about other scientists, to discuss the births, deaths and problems each of us was experiencing at home, and how to adapt to the institutional and societal changes that were affecting our lives. We also did a bit of drinking. But, above all, we made each other laugh. I will miss his warm smile, wry sense of humor, great hugs and his unwavering menschkeit.

  39. Casandra Phomin

    I had the pleasure of meeting Larry and his family. Although I didn’t know him long I will forever hold his kind and fun loving memories forever. Larry always brighten my day and I will never forget his crazy love for Dr.pepper. My deepest respect and sympathy goes to him and his wonderful family.

  40. Fiona

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Larry’s passing. I remember him as a very kind and generous person to his family as well as friends. May he Rest In Peace.

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