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  1. Danne Greene

    I first met Joyce in 1974-75 while attending Oregon State University with her daughter Cheryl. My memories were that she always enjoyed Cheryl’s collegiate friends. I can still hear her laugh… ‘wildly’ fun times when she was in the room with us! But what really stood out to me was how she would ask us where we were from, what we were studying, interests, etc. Always asking questions about us. She would then sit back and listen. And smile. With a twinkle in her eye… always that twinkle. And then offer a few gentle suggestions. We loved having Joyce at our annual moms weekend those ensuing years because we knew we were in for some good conversations, entertainment and laughs with her.

    To the entire Heintz family, my condolences. Joyce Heintz was special. May she rest in peace.

  2. Penny Widdifield

    Dear Auntie Joyce:
    Over the past few years, Jeff and I looked forward with delight to each of the many times we met together for a satisfying visit with you at your home, steaming coffee at Starbucks, or an enjoyable lunch at any one of your favorite Carmichael eateries. By gosh, you did love your bread pudding on occasion! We always knew in advance though that any visit with you at your home meant having to share your gracious company with at least Princess…but occasionally including that artful loving dodger, Macky. Both dogs obviously knew they were welcome and safe in your company. We Thank You so much for including us in your life that led to so many special shared moments including the histories and stories of the Heintz and Widdifield families. We bid you Happy Trails now knowing that you are untethered and joyfully reunited with your family ancestors & friends in the realm of Heavenly Spirit. We will join you again someday.
    With Love, Penny Widdifield & Jeff Dodson

  3. Lloyd Widdifield

    I write in loving remembrance of my sister Joyce. Her passing is felt deeply and I will sorely miss her. All brothers should be so lucky to have a sister like Joyce.
    Joyce had an independent and adventurous spirit which led her to pursue many activities and adventures on the home front, in business and travel. Due to my health, I have not been able to travel for some time. I was happy and grateful when Joyce and cousin Billie were able to visit at my home in Burnaby. We had a great visit and I will forever cherish the time we spent together. I would Like to extend my condolences to all of my nieces and nephews and their families. Love from your old Uncle Lloyd.
    Renate also extends her deepest sympathy to Joyce’s family. She greatly enjoyed Joyce’s visit.