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  1. Joe DeMartino

    When Jay retired almost 20 years ago he gave out gifts to several of us at his party. He gave me a small hand carved wooden box with a small piece of granite in it. I think others received something similar as well. He then told a story about how the granite came from a very large outcropping of stone on a piece of land his father owned. He said that whenever he and his brother had something to think about, they would go and sit on this large granite outcropping and just think things through. I believe he called it "ponder rock". I still have that box and the rock inside. I don’t know if Jay carved the box or if the rock really came from the larger Ponder Rock but I do know that only Jay could get someone to keep a rock in a box for 20 years and treasure it. He was a one-of-a-kind force of nature that always brought a smile to my face. I am a better man for having known him. He will be missed.

  2. Candy Ramsey

    My dearest Christin
    Love & hugs to all

  3. Maureen Loftus

    Such a beautiful celebration of a remarkable man that touched so many people.

  4. Brian N Clayton

    Dear Virginia and family,
    Please know that you have our thoughts and prayers on this sad occasion. Jay and I met at Blair in 1962 when we were roommates at Bunnell House. We remained friends throughout all these years, having renewed same at various Blair events and in Florida. Like you, I always enjoyed Jay as he was witty, smart and fun to be around. Like all of our brothers in the class of 1963 he was always loyal to Blair and did a lot of good for our school. I will miss him.
    Kindest personal regards,
    Brian N. Clayton

  5. Rachel A. Adler

    זיכרונו לברכה | May his memory be for a blessing. I am so saddened to hear about the loss of your father, Virginia. My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family, and I want to offer my sincere condolences. I hope the good memories you have of him will comfort you in the days ahead.

  6. Jennifer and Al Icabalceta

    Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  7. John Alden

    Jay and I were classmates at Blair Academy sixty years ago and have remained friends ever since.
    I have always admired Jay’s determination and enjoyed his company.
    We have had many many stimulating discussions, not always agreeing but always respecting each other’s thinking.
    I will miss not having our conversations.
    John Alden
    Jay was a true friend.

  8. Pete Sluka

    Jay has been a father figure and mentor to me since we first met in 1990. I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to have known this special man. He will be missed.

  9. Jerry Czarzasty

    I first met Jay when I was hired to work for Market Guide in summer of 1995. At first he seemed unapproachable, but I soon learned it was just a perception. He was tough when he needed to be. And he needed to be tough a lot. Most of us were in their 20’s and hard work was not necessarily our first priority… Jay was very fair and supportive, but also fun. I remember our poker evenings after work playing in the Market Guide conference room at this beautiful wooden table hand made by Jay. After one of such evenings, the next morning we were called into his office and reprimanded for leaving a mess behind… One evening before going home Jay stopped by and asked us why we didn’t have any beers… He also joined us to play a couple of times… As much as I have not kept in touch with Jay over the years, I have very fond memories of Jay and I am very grateful for helping me grow professionally and in the environment that was inviting and supportive.

    Love, prayers and all the best wishes to Jay’s family and friends. He was a great guy and he will be missed. RIP.

  10. Mary Baird

    Sending love and support to Christin and sympathy to Christin and Jay’s families.

  11. Charles Rawls

    I will miss the Judge. An incredible mentor and friend.

  12. SHaron and Raj Goel

    Jay Case was a Wonderful, albeit Gruff man when my husband Raj Goel worked for Market Guide, Inc from late 1995 to 1998. But underneath that gruff exterior was a Kind soul who nurtured the young staff he and Homie hired to bring their IT stack into the late 20th century !! He was so well regarded by myself and my husband-to-be ( in Dec. 1996) that we asked him to officiate at our Civil ceremony, unfortunately he couldn’t make it at the last minute, but Did remember to call us with utmost regrets! To this Day, especially around this time every year, as our Civil ceremony occurred on Dec. 31st 1996, Raj and I think of him fondly, and will continue to – and will be sure to Raise a glass in his honor again this New Year’s Eve !! Thanks for everything Judge !!

  13. Pia DiMiceli

    Jay was a man of many talents, I recently
    got to spend time with him as he reminisced of he’s younger years and the fun he had, and his love of bird watching.
    He was a kind and generous man.

  14. Thom VanHorn

    My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

  15. T

    My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

  16. Carol J.

    Gin and Chris: Sending lots of love and virtual hugs to you. xo

  17. John Alden

    Jay has been a good friend for nearly 60 years. I have enjoyed his company and had many stimulating discussion with him on many different topics. I have always admired his determination and his talents. I will miss him greatly but will not forget him.

  18. Amanda Rodriguez

    Jay was a wonderful man. His smile was contagious. He always welcomed us in to his home with open arms. His woodworking was astounding, creative and inspiring. His legacy will live on in all our hearts.

  19. Greg and Lisa Tozer

    Sending love and comfort to you and your family. ?????

  20. Patricia Wilson

    I’ve only meet Mr. Case once and that was during Gin and Chris’s wedding vows renewal in 2019. He was so happy, I just remember him smiling every time he looked at Gin. That was a moment that every daughter would have loved ❤.

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