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  1. Jeannie Stuhr

    Jeff was my brother-in-law, but was more like a brother to me. I was married to his oldest brother, Phil. The boys were both born on the same date, 7 years apart. Phil passed away 6 weeks after Jeff; I’m so sorry that Phil wasn’t here to see this wonderful celebration of Jeff’s life. I met Jeff when he was 16 years old and he was a part of all our family from then on. He walked my mom down the aisle at our wedding 48 years ago and Jeff is our son, Tom’s. godfather. Jeff, Lynn & Brice are a big part of our family, spending many holidays with us. He was unbelievably brave and upbeat during all the hardships he endured — an inspiration to us all, as everyone has said. Our hearts are broken that he was taken from us too soon. He always kept in touch because he was so concerned about each and every one of us. I’ll miss his phone calls, as will everyone else. Our hearts go out to Lynn & Brice. Jeff will be missed immeasurably.

  2. Julie Zak

    What a beautiful and heartwarming tribute and celebration of life… Lynn and Brice (et al) please find peace in knowing Jeff’s legacy is timeless as are the memories… Sending all blessings for comfort during the harder times… xoxo

  3. Greg Zall

    Thank you so much for inviting me. My first online memorial and It went really well maybe in some ways more intimate to see pictures up close and to hear the stories. I loved hearing about Jeff as a young man and Lynn, you and him were a “hot” couple. All our Love,
    Greg and David your neighbors

  4. Eliseo Farias

    What an amazing man. Got to spend a lot of time during my teenage years at the teen center with Jeff. Thanks so much for all your help and support you gave us. Thanks for all the great memories we created. Camping, dances, 4th of July parade, community service., and many more events. Every single teenager has great memories from those occasions. Thanks for fighting for us along with Lynn.

  5. DorothyMcCorvey

    Jeff and I recently reconnected on FB after many years. The last time I saw Jeff we were working at Safeway in SF. I was a cashier and he was a bagger, the two fastest in the store. We won contest together.
    I remember him as a tall full of life redhead.
    I talked to him in the last year and he sounded like that same playful redhead I remember years ago. I’m going to miss my newly found old friend.
    See you later Jeff. Love you.

  6. Joyce

    Jeff, we have missed seeing you. You have been such an inspiration and a joy in life. Thank you for all you have done in the World to lift spirits and encourage others to keep going forward. You may never know the impact you have made oo so many, Jack & included! Thinking of you Lynn, missing you. With love, Joyce

  7. cynthia massa

    RIL & Peace Jeff. To Lynn, Brice and All of Jeffs Ohana I send Aloha <3 <3 <3

  8. Anonymous

    Jeff was a great guy. Always upbeat and a beacon of light.

  9. Bill Hoban

    Always enjoyed running into Jeff … he was never at a loss for words … I’m glad that in this vast universe, our paths crossed

  10. Paula Marshall (Adams)

    I will and have always fondly remembered our daily walks to the Bank of America in Sonoma
    Jeff was truly a one~of~a~kind gem

  11. Michael R

    My favorite memory of Jeff is also my most recent. His son Brice invited me to share in a meal Jeff had prepared, and the chicken he cooked was delicious. I didn’t know chicken could be so flavorful! It was engrossing. Thank you, Jeff.

  12. Chris Ann Hamzaeff

    Thank you for the opportunity to share in the memorial for Jeff. Our community has appreciated all he has done to give our town a more disability friendly atmosphere. His smile & success with anything he inspired or enhanced, will not be forgotten.

  13. Mary sherard

    Jeff was a great guy and I will miss talking to him about many topics. May he rest in peace now. Much love, Mary

  14. Alice

    Jeff was a great brother-in -law. He was loving and kind and always happy when I called or visited. Jeff had a heart of gold to help others. So many stories to remind me of family members when they were gone. I appreciated Jeff so much. A loving individual who I greatly respected and loved. Miss you Jeff!!

  15. Anonymous

    Living in what used to be a small community, we were all so interconnected, Debbie Stewart, Gordy herrick, Pam , Chris forgive me for not knowing all the last names. Being in healthcare and being neighbors with my brother Gordy so many memories!

  16. Jolene

    Jeff was an amazing person with a positive attitude at all times. Always taught of others. Blessings to Jeff and family! In Jesus name!🙏

  17. Bob & Patti Ranum

    God bless Jeff and his family. May he have eternal peace. Jeff was my best friend as a child. Jeff was best man at our wedding. We wish everyone healthy and happiness.
    Love, Bob & Patti Ranum

  18. Al & Linda Russell Ridgway

    I’ve known Jeff since grammar school. We are the godparents to Tony Jones son of Doug & Patricia Jones. My husband Al knew him since junior high school. Jeff was a sensitive and loving human being who handled his injuries with grace. He lived a full life in spite of limitations, married and had a son. It was our good fortune to have known him. God Bless

  19. Phyliss Kirk

    Jeff was pure courage. I can never forget he and Lynne with my daughter, April at age 8, sitting between them and running the north fork of the American River. Jeff was the ambassador for the disabled and never let them be not given the freedom to live their lives to the fullest.

    Will miss our conversations in Sonoma Market.

  20. Jean Hopeman

    Jeff was such an enthusiastic and outgoing personality in Sonoma. I worked with him and Lynn on the El Nido Teen Center board for many years. His commitment and involvement with the teen center was important in making the teen center a safe place where teens could have fun and learn work skills and community service. He was a great role model for the teens and board members, who admired his fundraising skills and passion for the El NIdo Teen Center mission,

  21. Amber Mazza

    Some of my fondest childhood memories were of the time spent with Jeff and Lynn. He was such a fun, kind person and always made me feel loved. He will be greatly missed.

  22. Kathy Witkowicki

    I remember Jeff as a kind and thoughtful guy who put others first, and never let his wheel chair get in the way of giving back to his community…

  23. Noe Pasion

    Great early memories early ‘70’s skiing Northstar with Jeff and the Sullivan ski shop boys from the City..

  24. Ursula Perotti

    I had the great fortune to meet Jeff at Holy Name Grammar school in San Francisco. I transferred in 6th grade Fall 1965 to Holy Name and we graduated in Summer of 1968. We saw each other high school years though we attended different schools. Life, work and marriage happened for both of us.. Jeff and I reconnected on Facebook and talked on the phone. It was like no time had passed, we shared our life stories and his health limitations. We kept in touch on Facebook and phone and with the passing of our classmate Pat D’Arcy we met up at his memorial Mass. Due to the fires in Sonoma in 2018 and Jeff’s health he was unable to attend our 50th year grammar school reunion. We kept in touch but I regret I never met up with him again in person. I am so sorry he has passed away and I thank you for letting me know about his memorial and giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts and memories of Jeff.

  25. Regina

    Always a smile- ❤️

  26. Marc Epstein

    Met Jeff through wheelchair tennis, it was always a pleasure to see Jeff a few times a year in truckee, Roseville & San Jose.

  27. Shana

    I loved Jeff’s optimistic and friendly nature! He was one of a kind! So generous and kind, he is already missed.

  28. Ken

    Jeff was an eloquent advocate for folks with challenges. It was a pleasure to work with Jeff during my time on the Sonoma City Council and to run into him on the Plaza. A very Fine Human Being.

  29. Joe Cunningham

    Miss hangin with Jeff at Marioni’s

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