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  1. Richard W Ludwig Jr

    Have lots of wonderful memories with the Hill family, always thought of them as part of my family!! I was always happy to be part of theirs!! My regards.

  2. Connie Lawson Knapp

    Both Mr. and Mrs. Hill were such nice people. I sometimes babysat for a foster son they had and they paid me $1.00 an hour, the most I ever got paid for babysitting! My parents were good friends with them and always enjoyed their company. I remember going on some weekend boat trips with the group and having such a great time. It’s sad to watch this whole generation of wonderful local people pass away, but I know that Lawton is a better place because of all of their hard work and dedication to the town that they lived in and loved.

  3. Martha Labadie

    Mrs. Hill will always hold a special place in my heart. I thought of her as my second Mother as it seemed I spent as much time at the Hill’s home as my own home from elementary through high school. She was always very kind and always welcoming to me. Each visit she took a few minutes away from her book to carry on a conversation with me. These visit were some of the best times of my childhood. Thank you Mrs. Hill and Deb for always being there for me. Sending much love to all of her family. My deepest sympathy. Martha Labadie

  4. Sharon Lee Stephayn

    Mrs. Hill was the perfect representation of a gracious lady. Growing up I remember her as always smiling and perfectly dressed. I have many memories of her from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Van Buren Youth Camp, Van Buren Folk Dancers and school activities. I was a classmate of Mark’s and she was a Mom we could all count on.

  5. Martha Wright

    Growing up in our small community, our families had much interaction, Jeanne always proved to be an impeccable hostess! NO bad times were ever had! Sincere sympathies for your loss♥️

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