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  1. Rob Gillette

    I remember the very first time I experienced Jane’s kindness. As a new neighbor close in age to Adam, the Tesliks invited me over for dinner. We had Indian food, which as a boy of 13 or so had not yet come to enjoy and claimed not to like. Jane could not have been more gracious and kind. Over the next 10 years or so, Jane and the rest of the Tesliks found many ways to enrich our lives before the Gillettes left the neighborhood. I know my parents always had fond memories of time spent with Randy and Jane on many a Spring Training trip. We send much love to all the Tesliks.

  2. Larry Tanenbaum

    One of the highlights of Akin gatherings for me and Becky was getting to spend time with Jane. At the end of the event, , when we would discuss the evening, we would always mention how much we enjoyed speaking with Jane. She was a remarkable lady. Randy, Derek and Andy , may your memories of Jane always be a comfort.

  3. Emma Malabad Samson

    Emma Samson & Jocelyn Malabad

    When I came to America 30 years ago, I didn’t know many people. I met Jane and Randy through a friend and referred me to work for them keep their house. That’s how I came to know the family.

    Jane was a blessing to me. She was kind , generous, loving, caring, and compassionate person. We will very much miss Jane. Jocelyn and I want to express our heartfelt condolences to Randy, Derek, Adam and the Teslik family. May she Rest In Peace and Let the perpetual light shine upon her.

  4. Jane Wiseman

    Jane was my college roommate, and I loved her. She was one of the most vibrant and interesting people I’ve ever known. What a loss for her to be taken so soon! The world will miss you, Jane. I know I will.

  5. Sue & Paul Taylor

    Fond memories of times in Maine we shared

  6. Jim & Karen Hibey

    I’ve know Randy for over 40 years, but it was only after he joined me, Mike and Ted in our golf foursome that Karen and I had the added pleasure of spending time with Jane. She was a kind, caring, thoughtful and compassionate person with a keen sense of humor and an even keener sense of family. Jane also had sweet way of keeping Randy grounded!

    Karen and I want to express our condolences to Randy and their “boys” and their families. Jane will be sorely missed, but she will remain in Karen’s and my thoughts and prayers.

    Jim & Karen Hibey

  7. Niranda Hartle

    We knew zero people when we moved to DC from Hawaii in 2010. Being longtime family friends, the Tesliks stepped in and showered us with the aloha spirit we had been sorely missing. Randy and Jane naturally became our family away from home. Our memories of the East Coast would not be complete without Jane’s home-cooked meals and wonderful company. Much love to you all.

  8. Brett and Niranda Hartle

    We knew zero people when we moved from Hawaii to DC in 2010. Randy and Jane, being longtime friends of the family, welcomed us immediately. They embodied the aloha spirit we deeply missed and naturally became our ohana. Jane, we are so blessed to have spent so much wonderful time with you.

  9. Charlie and Ellen

    Charlie, Ellen,Ches and Lucas

    We miss Jane, but we have so many wonderful memories of her as a neighbor and a friend. From trips up and down Woodbine Street picking up or delivering our kids, to enjoying New Year’s Day gumbo or lobsters in Ocean Point and Long Cove, to watching her roll her eyes as another dusty bag full of catcher’s equipment or bases was deposited in the hallway and, most of all, to sharing so many stories of families, work, dogs and life, we are privileged to have experienced so much in Jane’s company. Randy, Adam and Derek, we hope your memories of your life and love with Jane will help ease the pain of your loss. You remain in our thoughts.

  10. Neil

    When we arrived in DC, we really needed some family, and Jane and Randy and the other DC Tesliks immediately welcomed us into their family and holidays. I have so many treasured memories of Thanksgivings with Jane, and I will miss her. Our condolences.

  11. Peggy Ellen

    Jim and I met Jane through Randy when Randy and I were working at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. I had the pleasure of serving as a supervisor with Randy in the Superior Court Grand Jury section and got to enjoy several holiday section parties that Jane and Randy hosted at their home. Over the years, we have enjoyed many dinners with Jane. She was warm and kind and endured many a boring discussion of cases. Her love of life and her family was clear. I will miss her. May her memory be a blessing.

  12. Cary Feldman

    Although my relationship primarily was with Randy, over the years Nancy and I spent a lot of quality time with Jane and him, and with other friends. Jane was fun. She was a wonderful life-mate to Randy, and with him raised two fine young men in Derrick and Adam. A life well lived, Jane leaves her family and friends with loving and fond memories. For sure, the memory of Jane Teslik will be for a blessing.

  13. Ted Henneberry

    Ted & Kathy Henneberry

    We will very much miss Jane, and our heartfelt condolences to Randy and all the Teslik family

  14. Sandra Wendler

    I met Jane and her family on Christmas 2017 and was happy to sit next to her during dinner, enjoying lively, fun conversation. She was so warm and gracious to me and my children. Little did I know in September 2019, we would be together at my daughter and her nephew’s wedding! The love she and Randy shared was infectious, a truly special couple and family. I’m grateful to have known her…she will be missed.

  15. Mark Teslik

    Condolences, thoughts and prayers to Randy and family from Heather Laird and Mark Teslik.

  16. Rita Cabello

    Jane was the supreme host and the most gracious 1st lady of Chevy Chase. My condolences to Randy, Derek, Adam, and the rest of the family

  17. Pam Stuart

    A Celebration of Life is like a cast party for the dramatis personae in a life well-lived. I look forward to hearing from those who knew Jane well as they speak about her remarkable life.

  18. Gill and John Iltis

    John and I were thrilled when Randy and Jane decided to continue spending time each August on coastal Maine because our paths might not otherwise have crossed. Their mutual interest in reading and fine dining mirrored our own, and it was just this last summer when I learned that Jane and I shared a mutual love of piña coladas! It is, therefore, with great sadness that we send our condolences to Randy and the family, as well as their many friends, at this time. Gill and John Iltis.

  19. Sarah Teslik

    Ken and I are so glad Jane made you, Randy, happy, for so many years. It was truly uplifting to watch how good you were to her and how close you were, all of which is apparent in your having raised a wonderful family together as well.

  20. Tom and Sue Saldin

    Randy and Jane visited us many years ago in Idaho, staying with us at our home in Boise and at our cabin in McCall. As a thank you, we received a beautiful teapot and six matching mugs, all decorated with colorful butterflies and bees – a charming set undoubtedly selected by Jane. We use these mugs every day and fondly think of Jane and Randy, long distance friendship and shared time together as we take that first sip of morning coffee. With sympathy, Tom and Sue Saldin

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