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  1. sarah hurley

    Thank you for allowing me to view this most wonderful memorial/thanksgiving service.

  2. Sue Jones

    Jane and I first met at Sherborne School for Girls in 1941, but as we were in different boarding houses social life was limited. I remember once we were asked to play piano together to accompany our gym class – we had a lovely time playing and chatting to each other and not really paying much attention to the class at all! The piece we played was ‘Flowers of the Forest’ – a Scottish Air I think.

    Later I lived with Jane and her family at Berryscroft while we were both students at the Royal Academy of Music, travelling up to London by train 3 times a week for lessons and classes. Jane told me that sometimes during her flute lessons, her teacher, Gareth Morris, would suddenly rush to the window to catch sight of a passing fire engine (he had a passion for them) having been alerted by the sound of its siren…

    Once we had finished with the RAM, I extended my stay at Berryscroft for a while after Geo, Jane’s father, was killed in an air crash.

    Much later, when Jane married Herbie and was living in The States, I made my very first flight to stay with them in Tucson (you would have been about 12 years old at the time). We made a trip to Mount Lemon (or Mount Leemon as Herbie pronounced it), and ever afterwards Herbie had an ongoing joke about me coming to visit again just to revisit Mount Leemon.

    Jane visited me in England too, twice with Herbie (once when I still lived in Worcestershire, and again after I moved here to Wells in Somerset). Of course, there were lots of gaps when Jane was busy touring with Up with People and so on, but whenever I called her – mostly when she was back in Tucson – I remember that whatever problem or situation I mentioned, she would recommend a book that she said would provide just the solution I was seeking!

    Another visit I made was with our mutual school-friend Biddy (Woods née Mosse) which was again a very happy time. We were en route to Vancouver so it made a lovely start to our trip.

    I remember when we were living next door to my son Andy, and my youngest granddaughter Annie was about 3 or 4, Jane sent me tapes she had recorded of her singing songs she had composed for Josh. Annie loved them and we would have to play them in my car every time I took her to Nursery School!

    So you can see from these somewhat sketchy recollections how involved and intertwined our lives have always been – even though for much of that time we were thousands of miles apart! And now she has left us to be with Herbie, playing and singing together forever…

    Much love and lots of good wishes xx

  3. Betty and Blanton Belk

    We are so glad you and Herb are together again. What a powerful team you were . You were the spreader of joy and enthusiasm for us all. We thank God for your life .We love you.

  4. Jean Ann Morris

    What a lovely tribute to your mom, Mardi. Having this video will allow you to go back and review all of those that loved your mom and had the privilege of knowing her. I know she was a lovely woman, because she raised an amazing daughter. Hugs to you. With Love, Jean Ann

  5. Teri & Larry Gray

    Remarkable woman… So many inspired memories & a beautiful celebration of Jane Allen’s life as spoken & in song by her family, extended family & friends…

  6. Ron Galbo

    Loved it. Thanks for sharing

  7. Layne Polakoff

    Thank you for all you have done for our world. You have inspired thousands of going people to care for each other.

  8. Rose Miles-UWP '69-'70

    A memorable life that remains a gift to all she touched.

  9. Ramon and Terrie Martinez

    Beautiful service ????many blessings

  10. Clayton Colwell

    I have the most loving and warm memories of singing with Jane and Herbie and the whole family at the caroling parties at their house each December.
    Missing you Jane, and joyful that you are with Herb in heaven.

  11. Bob Huff

    I feel so blessed to have had Herb and Jane in my life for so many years. They were truly family to me. What a beautiful ceremony of a full and wonderful life. They both will live on in my heart until the day I die. God bless their family and friends. Herb and Jane, I will see you on the other side my friends and we will once again make beautiful music together. I love you both, and will forever. Rest in eternal peace.. You’ve earned it.

  12. sarah hurley

    Jane was a warm and loving sister and very much missed.

  13. Gloria Stevenson Condon

    What a beautiful love story! I’m so thankful for the lives of Herb & Jane Allen; for their gift of love and music they shared with the world. Such a lovely tribute and celebration of Jane’s life.

  14. Jill Johnson

    So many memories….I am truly grateful to have had Herb and Jane in my life and they will be forever family. Thank you Mardi for all you’ve done to put this together…and thanks to Clayton Colwell for playing and singing this very special song with me. I believe you Herb and Jane are indeed the wind beneath OUR wings. Much love…..until we meet again. Jill

  15. Michael Schaul

    I feel so extremely fortunate to have been a part of Jane’s “family” through Up With People. What Jane did with her life and in combination with Herb enriched my life in innumerable ways and touched the lives of so many thousands around the world. Thank you dear Lord for bringing Jane into all our lives.

  16. Christian Walton

    I will forever miss her and Herbie. Thank you for being in my life.

  17. SaRena Rickerl

    Oh sweet Jane. I will forever and always remember “all things bright and beautiful” and always think of you as I sing to my babies.

  18. Gloria J Coombs

    RIP dear Jane Allen! It was a privilege to meet and talk with you! Herbie was a lucky man! Thank you for your contributions to Up With People. You’re a glorious woman and are missed

  19. Jim Gallagher

    I still love and miss all those Christmases when we would all go caroling. Jane was an amazing woman and friend to me and my family. I had not seen Jane or Herb in many years and one day while I was working at local restaurant they were sat at one of my tables. I was not paying much attention but as soon as I heard her speak I was floored and I new exactly who they were. I will miss her even more now but I still have her daughter Mardi in my life and we can still share great stories about her mom.

  20. Ralph Kelly

    I did not know Jane personally but I know her wonderful daughter Mardi and she demonstrates volumns in her everyday life how she was raised. Jane taught Mardi how to be “SUNSHINE”, what a wonderful legacy for us all.

  21. Tina Phelps-Guanciale

    A mother’s love still travels on after she’s gone. A treasure hidden in the hearts of her child. ❤️

  22. Lysa Loew ErkenBrack

    My best memory of Jane is in her later life, but before she was unable to walk and dementia took over. I would visit her and Herb at their home in Tucson and they would play duets on their two pianos. There was always lots of teasing when one or the other got out of synch with the other. It was such a joyful time, full of easy laughter and love. It was such a gift to be there with them at these times. That is my favorite memory.

  23. Chet Weld

    Herb and Jane were both life givers. Just being around them lifted my spirits. Beyond being gifted, they were conduits of God’s love and a reminder of His love for all people. Seeing them in Heaven one day will be such a joy! <3

  24. Gary Shantz

    Herb and Jane were always so sweet. I remember always seeing them at reunions. They are such an important part of the history of Up With People. Everyone has memories of Herbie at stagings. Lives well lived! ❤️⭐️

  25. Bob Huff

    I’ve been blessed to have been close friends of Herb and Jane Allen for nearly 50 years. They are both remarkable people, musicians and friends. I will always treasure our conversations, meals and music we made together. Rest In heavenly peace Jane. You and Herb are now reunited in heaven and can continue to love one another and make beautiful music for eternity. You will be missed by your family, friends and thousands of students that you helped along the way. God bless you both for all you’ve given so selflessly.

  26. Adam

    We love you Nana!

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