1. Lysa Loew ErkenBrack

    My best memory of Jane is in her later life, but before she was unable to walk and dementia took over. I would visit her and Herb at their home in Tucson and they would play duets on their two pianos. There was always lots of teasing when one or the other got out of synch with the other. It was such a joyful time, full of easy laughter and love. It was such a gift to be there with them at these times. That is my favorite memory.

  2. Chet Weld

    Herb and Jane were both life givers. Just being around them lifted my spirits. Beyond being gifted, they were conduits of God’s love and a reminder of His love for all people. Seeing them in Heaven one day will be such a joy! <3

  3. Gary Shantz

    Herb and Jane were always so sweet. I remember always seeing them at reunions. They are such an important part of the history of Up With People. Everyone has memories of Herbie at stagings. Lives well lived! ❤️⭐️

  4. Bob Huff

    I’ve been blessed to have been close friends of Herb and Jane Allen for nearly 50 years. They are both remarkable people, musicians and friends. I will always treasure our conversations, meals and music we made together. Rest In heavenly peace Jane. You and Herb are now reunited in heaven and can continue to love one another and make beautiful music for eternity. You will be missed by your family, friends and thousands of students that you helped along the way. God bless you both for all you’ve given so selflessly.

  5. Adam

    We love you Nana!

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