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  1. Mary Donovan

    Jimbo i will think of you often.We did nothing but laugh at each other sharing things i said that made you laugh so Hard!!! Clever Aquarians.Thats what we were! Queen Mary and King James???

  2. Barbara

    Beautiful service. I have to say first off Jim I miss you so much…I keep looking at the door expecting you to come through it. YOU WERE A BEAUTIFUL,COLORFUL,TALENTED MAN.Never was there a dull moment in our life together. Andrew,boy did Jim love you. He talked about you alot and about the times you two had together,he cherished those memories. Jim and I had 10 colorful years together. He was a big part of my life , without him I am lost . Jim, I sit nightly and listen to the 38 voicemails you left for me, And I just needed to tell you that I live you too. We will be together again one day. So just be patient ,as you always were, I’ll arrive soon enough, and I’m expecting you to be there waiting for me like you promised. Thank you all I know jim loved see and listening to what everyone had to say,he loves all of you. Jim I’ll see you soon. I love you, Barbara

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