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  1. Patti Howell

    Dear Annie & Family:
    Grant was greatly known for his kindnesses to all. He radiated the Spirit of God. Grant was genuinely interested in every individual.
    Annie, Grant & you made your home a welcome haven to all, filled with love. Grant will be greatly missed & always remembered with love.
    Our love & sympathy to you dear Annie, Jo-Lea, Tammy & Nathan & families.
    Rob & Patti Howell

  2. Brent and Valori Manary

    To Anne and family.
    You and Grant have…two of the biggest hearts ever.
    Our heats are aching for you all. Sending you the biggest hugs. for the tough days. ❤️.
    Brent and Valori Manary

  3. Joy

    We had many a wonderful meal in your house in red deer. Will never forget the many times you drove us to meeting and the great potlucks. You came to our rescue more than once Grant. You will never be forgotten. Many hugs to Anna and family

  4. Linda Fetterly

    Dear Anne and Family….. ” Love is the kingdom’s banner,” and Grant shared it with all….”Just cling to the hand of God’s dear Son, no matter where it leads”… Red Deer and Didsbury Convention years…..Hugs from Linda Fetterly


    Dear Anne and family, this is from JoAnne Campbell(nee Petersen)/JoAnne and Ross in NSW Australia. Margaret sent us the link to watch Grant’s memorial service. it has been such a privilege. It is over 50 years since you and Karen and Margaret and I used to be such great friends at convention/precious memories. It was such a beautiful service. We feel that we got to know Grant by viewing it. I’m sooo happy that you have shared such a happy life together. Your son and grandchildren did a wonderful job. I’ve heard it said that we live our own funeral service and truly it could be said of Grant that he loved God, he loved his family and he loved everyone/what an inspiration. You will have lonely days and may you find comfort in knowing that Grant is gone on to something far greater and just a little ahead of you. Much love and kindest thoughts from Ross&JoAnne

  6. Walter Burkinshaw

    I well remember visits in your home in Red Deer – very little time with you on the Island.
    A wonderful legacy of faith and friendship for us all. We will be with you often in prayer Ann. Do keep your eyes still on the horizon – and beyond. The world has become a better place by the influence of you both.

  7. Ken and Andrea Walter

    We are so thankful for your example Grant and Annie. Special memories of your care and kindness are not forgotten. Sending our care and sympathy. Ken and Andrea Walter

  8. Richard Knight

    I just feal A BEST FRIEND WENT HOME.
    Ioved all times in your home Ann withh you and Grant.

    Richard Knight

  9. Albert Wiebe

    Dear Annie & Family
    Your lives witnessed that of walking with God .Your visits too Vancouver & being in my Sunday morning always bringing a Heart that was filled with The Spirit of Love…The Best of memories .The Memorial Service was So Beautiful. Thank you

  10. Sharon Dorey

    My love and sympathy to you Ann and your family. Grant has hung his shield of faith in victory! Memories linger of your Vermilion and Red Deer homes where I enjoyed sweet fellowship with you! Sharon Dorey

  11. Bill and Sandra Good

    Dear Anne and Family. Many precious memories as we think of past days in Red Deer and more recently at Glen Valley convention. We feel your pain in losing Grant but we take comfort that he has gone on to what he lived his life for. We appreciate your example as a couple that put the Truth of God first in your lives. We trust that you will experience God’s comfort in the days ahead.

  12. Brian and Rebekah Ott

    Dear Ann, Our thoughts have been with you so much these last few weeks and we were very thankful to be able to watch Grant’s service online- it was a beautiful service. Growing up, Brian always appreciated both of you and Grant was such a wonderful example and encouragement to him. We also appreciated that time we met up with you both on the Island at Red Robin’s….. his love and care was so evident that day, as always! Much love to you and your family.

  13. Calvin and Dana Wainwright

    Sending along our condolences to all of you. He will be greatly missed as a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and dear friend. He left behind a beautiful testimony!!
    We loved every time we had fellowship with him and every visit.

  14. Keith and Evelyn Walmsley

    Dear Ann and Family, Hoping the service went well . We posted earlier but it disappeared. We remember you as a girl at Whitewood and have enjoyed the times our paths have crossed since. Grant was such a positive, caring man. Time will be a wonderful healer and your faith will see you through this difficult time. All the best as you face the future. Keith and Evelyn Walmsley

  15. Lee Keddie

    Dear Ann and Family – so special to read of the impact Grant and your family has had. I was just a young boy (7) when I first really remember you. Yours was one of the warm homes that too Shane and I “under your wings” when we lived there with mom in our early years. I can’t remember Grant any other way than a big grin and infectious laugh. I also have found memories of Tammy, Jo-Lea and Nathan, when we had a summer together at Uncle Merl and Jean’s….it’s been so long since I saw you but it’s so very encouraging to read that Grant’s life remained steady and true. Condolences from Seattle.

  16. Gail Howden

    Ann; we are so sorry you have lost your dear husband. We enjoyed our visit with you both when we were visiting on the Island.

  17. Elsie Boyd

    When I heard of Grant’s passing there were many memories of Red Deer days and seeing you once at Duncan. Such a great couple and nice to know Grant has gone on to his reward. My sympathy to you Anne but you’ll have God’s comfort.
    Dale & Elsie Boyd

  18. Earl loyek

    Earl, Lois Loyek
    Great memories starting in S. B.days 🚌.! The branches went over the wall. May the Comforter be near. To Ann and your family.

  19. Wendell and Elaine Massey

    Thinking of you Ann and your family. You and Grant and your family have meant a lot to us over the years even though we haven’t seen a lot of each other. We have precious memories of our days together in Red Deer and more recently the precious time we had together over coffee in Nanaimo. We can be thankful for the comfort of knowing that Grant has gone on to the things that he lived here on earth for and he was a great inspiration to us all

  20. Earl Dodds

    We have been thinking of you today Ann and your family
    . Sooo sorry to hear the passing of Grant.
    Ann we all have so many memories of been in your home and elsewhere, it’s hard to put them all on paper.
    Our sincere condolences.

  21. Andi Buechi

    I can only say ‘amen’ to all the lovely comments made about Grant and Anne! I was blessed to have my ‘growing up’ years so close to your family! Grant is a prince of princes and your family is golden. I can only smile thinking of Grant. His deep love, zeal, singing voice and funny jokes will be missed! Many fine memories and a blessing for me to be surrounded by role models like Grant and Anne. Much love dear Anne, Tammy, Jo-Lea and Nathan. Love Andi and Jill

  22. Harold & Gladys Good

    Dear Ann & Family — Our thoughts were with you today as you said goodbye to a dear husband, father and grandfather. The memorial service was a lovely tribute to Grant. We have good memories of our visits over the years, especially the last few years at Duncan Convention.

    Harold and Gladys Good

  23. Shirley Kabatoff

    Ken & Jo-Lea
    My heart goes out to you and your family for the loss of you Dad and Grandfather. Sending lots of love.

  24. NLDrummond

    Dear Ann & Family, It was lovely to read through all the notes posted here, a wonderful testimony to the wonderful, kingdom-minded people you are. We too have some very good memories of visits to your Red Deer home. Thinking of you all with love and prayers. Neil & Lisa Drummond

  25. Helen Galbraith

    Memories that go back to Red Deer days. Special sympathy greetings from Rob.
    Grant was a special man.
    In sympathy, Helen.

  26. Doreen James

    O feel your heavy hearts
    I have such special memories of days in your home while I was in Red Deer with my daughter
    Your home was a haven your love care and support meant tons to me

  27. Rod & Jean McLean

    Dear Annie and family….can t imagine the deep loss and grief you are feeling at this time losing such a beautiful soul from your life….cherished and vivid memories and sentiments will keep Grant close in your hearts…his sweet and godly influence will remain amongst you forever. Its only been a few times that we chatted with you both but could always feel Grants gentle kindly spirit…and that you and Grant had a very special bond between you..The service for Grant today was outstanding…so very inspirational…we were so grateful for the priviledge of being part of it virtually .Sending much love and care to you all Rod &Jean McLean <3 <3

  28. Neil & Cheryl Galloway

    I actually met Grant & Annie for the first time after they had moved to Vancouver Island, but I had heard of them and their generosity many times prior to meeting them. When I met Grant, he introduced himself, and began visiting as if we were lifelong friends. I had grown up a few miles from where Grant had been raised and with that Vermilion connection, he began asking me about old neighbours from that part of the district and sharing stories from when he was a child. Over the past few years we got to be in meeting together numerous time and we always appreciated his uplifting part.

    From Cheryl and myself, our thoughts are with you. Your kindness has meant so much to our family. Grant will be so missed.
    Hugs, Neil & Cheryl

  29. Garth and Heather Campbell

    Dear Anne and family,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time of loss. We trust you will know much comfort in the days ahead. With sincere sympathy, Garth & Heather Campbell

  30. Wilf and Bernice Stroud

    Dear Annie and family: I am reminded of the days that Fred Keller and I went to your place for the weekend back in the 1960s. Many wonderful memories from our days in Vermilion seeing Grant and Jean and Heather at home. I well remember the sorrow of the policeman and I taking the message to Grant and his mother that his father was in a serious accident. Grant’s parents are buried beside their old friends, Jim and Ella Stroud. So many, many memories. We sorrow with you today and rejoice with you in Grant’s victory.

  31. Cindy W.

    So thankful for the opportunity to listen in to Grant’s funeral service from Alberta. My thoughts are with the Stewart family. Grant left such a beautiful and encouraging testimony. He truly finished with honor.

  32. Anonymous

    Dear Aunty Annie and family,
    All our love and care from our family to yours. Wish we could have been there in person, we were with you in heart.
    All our Love,
    Darwin, Kerri Dolgopol and family

  33. eleanor (Barsi) Travis

    I was raised in Saskatchewan and knew Ann and her parents/siblings when we were children. Often heard about you all over the years. So glad to hear of a faithful ending of a life well lived. Very encouraging.

  34. Paul Chiu

    Indeed, Grant will be missed but we can continue to be inspired by his testimony. Grant and Ann, thank you for your spirit of serving. Fond memories of you both and family linger.

  35. Sandra Epp

    Dear Annie and all the family.
    Very precious memories of sweet fellowship in your home remain with me even though not there often enough.
    I’m thankful for every life that has had an impact on my life for good. That’s how I feel about your home and lives.
    You’ll feel deep loss in the midst of thankfulness that all suffering is over.
    It was a privilege to be able to join in the service. Thanks for allowing us to share.
    With care

  36. Ellwood & Lillian Bentley

    Ken, Jo-Lea & family, Thinking of you and sending our sympathy. Love Ellwood & Lillian.

  37. Bob.and.Rosalie

    We did not really get to know Grant but we always appreciated the spirit surrounding him when greeting him in the gospel meetings. We are deeply sorry for his family’s loss but so thankful for the testimony he leaves and the fact that he showed what to strive for in this life!

    Bob and Rosalie Harpet

  38. Thelma Galbraith

    Grant shared richly from an open heart, open home and open heaven. I am thankful to have shared in his journey & have been enriched by his life in so many ways.

  39. Edward Good

    Hello Ann……….We are thinking of you these days, and of special memories of you time across the street!! Our love and greetings to yourself and all the family.

    Much love, Renata and Edward

  40. Anonymous

    Wishing you all God’s Comfort. Grant will be greatly missed by all.
    Stacy and Charlene Upham

  41. Marlene Bovy

    Anne and family, So glad to be able to share in the service for Grant. You are all in my heart these days – so thankful for the priviledge of knowing a God who knows, cares, understands and keeps.
    Marlene Bovy

  42. Minerva

    Dear Anne and Family. Our thoughts are with you this days. You touched and encouraged many lives just like me. Thank you for all your love and care to God and his servants.

  43. Brent & Sarah Stewart of Calgary

    I appreciated my talks with Grant between meetings at Duncan Convention over the years. I appreciated him sharing his stories of when he was a kid a Greenshields Convention and many others. You could openly see his his sincere interest, care and concern for the people around him.

    A great man and life well lived.

  44. Donna derrick

    A sad time for Anne but victory for Grant.
    50 yrs. Together.

  45. Kayla (Harlton) Kalinsky

    Such fond memories going to visit at Grant & Anne’s home in Red Deer. Watching them host and seeing the love they had for each other was so wonderful. Uncle Grant was a great man who will be very missed.

  46. Leonard & Sharon Loyek

    Dear Ann & Family,
    Many times you may have thought this day was near. We are glad you had Grant in your life as long as you did. We have admired you as a couple and know you put God first. Many people have been recipients of your love and care. Our thoughts have been with you many times and will be today, especially, as you say your final good-byes. Holding you close, Leonard & Sharon

  47. Anonymous

    Our thoughts are with you all at this time
    Love from Bruce and Bev Nelson

  48. Vaughn and Twila Collyer

    One cannot think of Grant without thinking of Annie. What a wonderful example you both have been. I think back to my college days in Red Deer and the warm and fun open home you had for all the young people. Vaughn so enjoyed his visit at your Island home last summer. Your hospitality is a wonderful example. Thinking of you Ann, Tammy, Jo-Lea and Nathan today. Hugs from afar. Vaughn and Twila

  49. Helena Parewyck

    Thoughts and prayers are with you all, thinking about you on this day and the days to come. Love, Josh and Helena Lomax

  50. Patricia

    Loving thoughts are going your way Ann, and to your precious family. Much water has gone under the bridge since I met you folks when we lived in West Park in Red Deer. Every memory I have of all of you since then is inspiring and heartfelt. Your family was very special to me and my heart goes out to you all in your loss of a dear husband and father and grandpa. We will be thinking of you so much these days. Love from Patricia.

  51. Jim and Carol West

    Dear Ann, Our thoughts have been with you and your family these days. I have wonderful memories of Grant at young people’s gatherings at our home in Edmonton when I was just a kid. He was always smiling and had such a positive outlook on life. His faithful life will be a great comfort as you move on, knowing he is now with The Lord. Love and care, Jim and Carol

  52. Blaine and Doncella Ellingson

    Dearest Auntie and Cousins❤️ We are so sorry for your Deep loss but so Thankful for the Deep Love you have shared that will remain!The miles have separated us but never the special place you have had in our hearts and always will! Auntie…You and Uncle have been such an inspiration to us and will remain!❤️❤️
    Much Love and admiration, Blaine and Cella Ellingson

  53. Marilyn & Hugh

    Our sincere sympathy to the Stewart family on the passing of Grant

  54. Elayne and Glen

    Dear Anne and family. We are sending hugs your way with special memories of a loving man who also loved hugs. Grant will be so missed by so many, including us. Glen and Elayne

  55. Blaine and Doncella Ellingson

    Dear Uncle Grant,
    Gone but not forgotten, where time and seasons are no more – “no more death, crying nor pain…..”
    Will remember you always in our mind and heart and hope to join you in Gods time.

    With Loving Respect for you and your family.

    Blaine and Doncella Ellingson

  56. Ellwood & Lillian

    Ken, Jo-Lea & family, Thinking of you and sending our sympathy. Love Ellwood & Lillian.

  57. Cameron and Katrina Barry

    Ann and Family, are hearts are with you guys. We had some special times these past few months together on the island. Thinking you guys, Cam and Katrina

  58. Beth and Peter Yim

    Ann and family,

    We are saddened to hear of Grant’s passing and sending our heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.

    Beth and Peter Yim

  59. Eli walter

    Dearest Annie & family
    Special thoughts & prayers are with you all. We have many special memories of your time in RD, And will treasure those times around your kitchen table the sweet fellowship was always so encouraging & uplifting, just wonderful pillars & great examples in the kingdom, Grant will be missed SO much , So thankful he finish faithfully, sending love & big hugs to you & all your dear families 😘😘 Eli & Ruth walter

  60. Philip and Tara Moorhouse

    Dear Annie and family, We are so sad to hear about Grant’s passing. We know that there will be difficult days ahead for you all.

    Please remember that “Grief is just love…..with nowhere to go.” May you share the love you had for Grant with others in your family, so it will grow even stronger.

    Sending love and hugs from Philip and Tara.

  61. Anonymous

    Dearest Annie & family
    Special thoughts & prayers are with you all. We have many special memories of your time in RD, And will treasure those times around your kitchen table the sweet fellowship was always so encouraging & uplifting, just wonderful pillars & great examples in the kingdom, Grant will be missed SO much , So thankful he finish faithfully, sending love & big hugs to you & all your dear families 😘😘 Eli & Ruth walter

  62. Norman and Maureen Hoogers

    Our deepest sympathy goes out to you Annie and all your family. We know that at this time there is joy and sorrow interwoven and Grant’s love for God and Gods kingdom has been and encouragement to many. May it help all of you find comfort in God’s love at this time. Norman and Maureen Hoogers

  63. Fred and Karen Hudema

    To my dear Sister Ann, and all your family.
    We have wonderful memories of you and Grant.He will be very missed. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

  64. Coleen Farrell

    Dear Ann & Family,
    The same “Father” who made Grant the Kingdom-caring man he was is the one who is now welcoming him “home”. He is also the same Father who will “wrap His arms around you” and give you the needed strength and comfort at this very difficult time. With caring sympathy, Coleen Farrell

  65. Della Chrisp

    My heart goes out to you Ann in this experience and to your family! I’m so thankful you have the best support in our Father who knows and sees and can comfort like none other. Thinking of you now and in days ahead. Della Chrisp

  66. Darin Dolgopol and Shelley Smith

    Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  67. Terry and Donna Walker

    I’m so pleased to be able to say that through the many years that we have known Grant, there is not a single memory of him that is not edifying and uplifting. That is hard-earned quality of character much appreciated. Thoughts are with the family at this sorrowful time.

  68. Darrel Turner

    I can’t enumerate the special memories I have of my dear friend Grant. His love and zeal for truth will be a continuing inspiration. Grant and Annie’s hospitality will also live on in my memory.

  69. Beth Burkinshaw

    “Joy and sorrow interwoven, love in all I see.” Hymn 276. Special thoughts going your way. Love Beth

  70. Anonymous

    So sorry to hear of Grants passing. We know time will be the great healer along with our/your faith. Our memory of you starts at Whitewood and then the too few times our paths crossed after your marriage to Grant. Our thoughts will be with you on the morrow.

  71. Margaret

    One thing worse than losing your Grant would be to have never known him. I can’t imagine that even one person enjoying his company could go away without feeling loved and uplifted. That’s how I always felt. Every single one of us–small and great–felt that we were the most special—and every one of us was! We’ve seen the result of his and Annie’s earnest prayers and love the inspiration of that too. We always think of “GrantandAnnie” as one word. It will be so different in so many ways for you but you will already be feeling the Grace and Comfort pouring out for you when the need is greatest.
    With love and gratitude,

  72. Mark Thrower

    I have had the pleasure of having known Grant for 10 years now. His ability to work through the challenges put in front of him always left an impression on me. His appreciation for his family and the blessings he received made it a pleasure to chat with him whenever the opportunity arose. You will be missed my friend

  73. Gail NcMurray

    Dear Annie and family of Grant … a few years ago Judy S and I stayed with Grant and Annie , Annie shared with us about when Grant had a heart attack and was in hospital , he said to Annie … Help me pray for those in our meeting. I only got half way round the room … so you were so fortunate to have a praying husband, dad , abd grandpa .

  74. Anonymous

    we have good memories of times spent at your home and the memory of the night
    we were invited to a special road kill supper. Robert & Blanche Dangerfield

  75. Betty Gregg

    My dear Grant’s Family…..
    Thinking so much about you all having to farewell such a special ‘Dad’, ‘Grandpa’, friend, and all. What a pleasure to have had occasions in the home of your loving parents. They had such a love for each other and their serving one another and loving one another was just beautiful. Hospitality so great!! Feeling for you all SO much but SO glad our Father will not forget you and His arms will hold you tight. Look forward to viewing the service….and will continue to think of you all. With much love, Betty Gregg

  76. Norma Stewart

    Ann The best of the best for you.
    Norma Stewart

  77. Paige Stevensen

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Grant Stewart. I am the daughter of Helen Madill and niece to Betty Hoecherl. I am out here in beautiful Vancouver, BC., close to where Grant passed. I send my deep condolences to all of the family as they move through their grief of having a member of the family pass. Hang on to the beautiful memories that will linger for a long time. And so it is.

  78. Leola

    My condolences to the family.
    Love from cousin, Leola

  79. Ken & Marion Hoover

    Our condolences to the family

  80. Stan Carol Jordan

    Thanks for touching our lives with your love. With sympathy & love to each in your loss

  81. Trish Mast

    Dearest Ann and family,

    Deepest sympathy to you and your family in the loss of Grant. He will be very much missed. May God’s peace and comfort draw very near.

    I have many precious memories of Grant and your love, kindness and sweet, wonderful fellowship enjoyed in your home when we lived in Red Deer.


    Trish Mast, Kimberly and Calvin

  82. Richard and Maxine Little

    Dear Annie and family. We had good memories of Red Deer days and both of your kindnesses. We are thinking and praying for you

  83. Bernard & Ruth Hall

    Ann, we think of you & your family as you bid farewell to a dear friend & life long partner. His passing will make eternity more welcome than ever. May His peace & comfort be your portion in this parting. Your friends, Bernard & Ruth Hall.

  84. Wendy Webber

    Dear Ann and Family…We think of you lots with the loss of dear Grant…….I too have many, many precious memories as Verna mentioned when we moved to Red Deer together ….You and Grant were full of kindness, love and care for us which was so inspiring and which we will never forget…With Love & Sympathy to you all.. … Emil & Wendy

  85. Wes n Judy

    So sorry Ann our hearts go out to you

  86. Verna (Shamblaw) McGregor

    Dear Anne, Tammy, Jo Lee and Nathen
    We were sad to hear of Grant’s passing. It is never easy to loose a loved one.
    My mind filled with memories of the fall of 1978 when you folks took in Wendy and I for a bit until we could find a place to live. Your kind welcome and cheerful home was often a place of refuge. Your Godly influence left a wonderful impression on my heart.
    Sending hugs to you all today.
    Ken & Verna (Shamblaw) McGregor

  87. Doris Allen

    With Deepest Sympathy, Ann, and your family. With love and very fond memories, Doris Allen

  88. Nelson Lorraine Barsi

    We will miss him…

  89. Gordon Olson

    Our condolences to
    you Ann, and your family. We remember Grant very fondly.

  90. Gary Cameron

    I very much enjoyed meeting with Grant and Ann when they lived in Red Deer and hanging out with Grant when he did hot shot.

  91. Karen and John Hughes

    Ann and family,
    I still remember the first time I sat in the rocking chair in your little living room in Red Deer. I had come to babysit wee baby Tammy.

    Your family has meant so much to ours over the years – your friendship and fellowship.

    We send our deepest love as you say goodbye to your dear husband and father. He was a special man and will be missed by so very many.

    Love from Karen and John.

  92. Lomax family

    His kind and uplifting influence was a help to many; he will be sadly missed. Love Lara and Mike Lomax

  93. Alan & Annemarie Blonke

    Dearest Anne and family : we would like to express our heartfelt Sympathy to you and your family, in the loss of your dear husband.
    We have special memories of you and Grant. You were always
    uplifting, and a joy to be around.
    We are grateful that Grant has finished with honours the race he has begun. We think of you and your children, knowing that the comfort of God will always be with you..
    ~~~~~. Love, Alan and Annemarie Blonke

  94. Glenda Tunbridge

    Precious memories I have of Grant and Ann. Thankful for my last visit with you both in 2014. With love, Glenda.

  95. Anonymous

    Loving thoughts are going to you Ann and your precious family at this time. So many memories swirl through my mind as I think of long ago days in Red Deer when I first met you and your 3 little munchkins! And then through the years watching your kind hearts reach out to others including myself…unforgettable couple. Love you all and so many thoughts going your way.

  96. Todd Jordan

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in this difficult time. I haven’t seen you all for quite some time but the memories of growing up around you kids and Grant and Anne are still strong. I will never forget the introduction to hunting Grant gave me. He has touched so many lives during his time here on earth. He will continue to do so through our memories and stories of our time with him. Hugs to you all.
    Love Todd

  97. Lori Kostenuk

    So many memories with Grant and Anne and family. We will never forget his warm welcome when he called us up and welcomed us to Red Deer and to his home for Sunday morning, never met us before….a faithful caring elder and friend. So many laughs and stories around their dinner table; he would come out to our farm and help Orlyn round up cattle… a few good laughs there; Grant and Annie were the most hospitable folks I knew and the best local grandparents to our kids. Grant always had a cappuccino/latte ready for us, and both were amazing creative chefs. Always loved our time with them. Grant will be missed… my heart goes out to the family, especially dear Annie,. Such a close, loving, considerate couple… a beautiful example of how marriage should be. Hugs and love to you all. We all are truly blessed to have had Grant in our lives over the years. Now he has gone home for his much needed rest with his Father. Much love from Orlyn and Lori

  98. Alice Howden

    Dearest Ann and family..deepest love and care and sympathy from a ‘long ago friend ‘.
    Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

  99. W/D fair

    Thinking of you all as you say goodbye to an amazing husband, father, and grandpa. The best people leave the biggest holes in our hearts. So thankful you can know the comfort of A loving God that will help to heal your hearts with precious memories and great joy. Big hugs. Wade and Darlena.

  100. Mae Pascoe

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I have many happy memories of times together in RedDeer when our children were young. I know you’ll be comforted by our loving Father’s understanding care for you in your loss.
    Mae Pascoe

  101. Don and Elsie Yates

    Grant was a prince among men. It is a privilege to be numbered with the many who have been recipients of his, and his dear life’s partner—Annie’s, love, hospitality, fellowship, visits, humor, encouragement…the list goes on. Our love and care to you, Annie, and your family.

  102. Doug/Alice MacDonald

    Dear Ann and family: You have been in our thoughts and prayers many times these past few days. Grant was a wonderful example of a life that allowed God’s work to be done.
    You will miss him terribly but we have a wonderful comforter that will not leave us alone.
    Love Doug and Alice

  103. Philip Dekker

    LaVonne and I had the privilege of spending many very precious days with Grant, Annie and the family.. Some of the most important and meaningful days were our being able to attend Sunday meetings. Grant and Annie will be remembered by many who shared the same privilege.

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

  104. Alex and Isabelle Howden

    Dear Ann and family ,
    We are sending our deep sympathy at the passing of your husband and father and faithful friend .
    The parting is hard but the eternal rest is beyond what we humanly understand .

  105. Ross & Arlene Stafford

    We have good memories of time spent with Grant and your family. Thinking of you all at this time.
    Ross and Arlene Stafford

  106. Beryl and Ralph KNight

    Wonderful memories of a man who typified the joy of truth. He could brighten your day with just a “Hello”. He seemed to have a mission to make everyone around him feel valued. Will be missed by so, so many. Our most sincere condolences to his wonderful family.

  107. Georgina and Merle Layden

    We want you all to know we too feel a loss, but not so keen as yours Ann, Tammy, Jo-Lea, Nathan. There are so many grandchildren we hardly know. Love and prayers for you all. We can hardly begin to say adequately or helpfully thoughts to comfort. But we can trust our Lord to comfort. I can almost hear Grant laughing and saying “can you believe that?” The ridiculous and absurd made Grant laugh and his laugh was infectious. Farewell good friend. Love, Merle and Georgina.

  108. Marvin and Vivian Annell

    Dear Ann you and your family are very much in our thoughts and hearts at this time. We are thankful for having known Grant and his very welcome smile whenever we met. You will miss him dearly. It’s so wonderful to experience the God of all comfort in times like this. With our love and Sympathy, Marvin and Vivian Annell

  109. George & Barbara Harlton

    Dear Anne & Family, so many great memories with your family over the years. Anne you and Grant are a fantastic couple who raised amazing kids. Our thoughts and Love are with you through this difficult time.

  110. Mary Rumsey Maxwell

    My thoughts go to the many many life experiences I have been privileged to have with this lovely family. We have shared many joys and sorrows , laughter and tears over the years, but most of all I have memories of many visits with this godly man, and with Annie.. the influence from his life and his love for the God of heaven, and his faith have always been such an encouragement. This is what will live on; and he is finally Home. My condolences to you all Annie, and family. And all my love.

  111. Irene McDonald

    Dearest Anne, Tammy, Jo-Lea, Nathan and families. Our deepest sympathy in losing your beloved husband and father. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hugs.

  112. Bonnie Branton

    I am so sorry to hear of Grant’s passing. We loved getting to know you folks in Red Deer and you were the most hospitable, kind people! We love you all and our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  113. Anonymous

    Dear Ann ,Tammy, Jo-Lea and Nathan , Feel so sad today to hear of Grants passing.. Yes there are a ton of memories going way back to our childhood.. Yes I do feel very sad today as one of my good friends and relative has passed on into God’s eternal glory which he lived for. My prayers, sympathy and condolences are with you all ,, Doug and Marlene Pearman
    Sherwood Park Alta.

  114. Shannon and Lynne Websdale

    Dear Family-know you are feeling the love and care of many these days because of Grant and your care, Ann to so many others. Grant was a gem..
    Shannon and Lynne Websdale

  115. Elmer and Margaret Lumley

    Condolences to Anne and families . We remember how Grant and Anne were so good to us when we were visiting Red Deer and Victoria and you will always be in our thoughts. Grant had such an abundant love for God’s way and will be missed.

  116. Alvin larson

    Didn’t see you much but loved you and Annie very much, we will meet again brother..our thoughts go your way Ann, at least you can be comforted that Grant knew His heavenly Father.
    Love from Irene and Alvin

  117. Larry & Gladys Lee

    Our thoughts go to the family .
    Grant and Anne were a great couple .
    We have many fond memories of past times together .
    Grant had the best to go on to after this life , that is yours and our comfort .
    Keep pressing on .
    Larry & Gladys Lee

  118. Jody McChesney

    Reading these comments brings me back to Red Deer days and the many memories of being in your home and growing up as one of the family.Also,thinking of the amazing meal brought over when my dad died.You were always so good to us.
    Now you are suffering the same loss.Sending love and hope for comfort and peace these very difficult days.

  119. Shayne and Cynthia

    Absolutely rich and beautiful Memories of Grant! A home away from home! Much Love to you all!

  120. Maurice & Lois Baker

    Sending our sincere condolences to you Ann and all your families. We will always remember Grant’s kind, loving and faithful life. May the comfort of memories and influences of a life well lived be your comfort at this time.

  121. Robert and Dianne Stewart

    Dearest Ann and family
    Our deepest sympathy to you in the loss of Grant
    Loved our visit and wonderful meal with you when we were last out to BC Sure enjoyed Grant’s hospitality and giving of himself to make our time with you a highlight of our trip. What a wonderful example of living truth
    Thanks for special memories with you

  122. Jim and Mildred Colter

    Our sympathy to the family in the loss of your dearest husband, Dad, Grandpa and brother. Grant has left you such a rich legacy of comfort.
    We have so many rich memories of Grant & Ann’s home in Red Deer. Their love for each other and their children, their love for truth, their care for the needs of others and their gift of making everyone feel special. Their home was rich in so many ways! We will always remember Grant’s sense of humor and his laugh, yet at the same time his ability to share in the depth of a serious conversation.

    Take care and love,

  123. Aaron Buechi

    So very sad to hear of the passing of Dear Grant 😢Our Thoughts and Prayers for Tammy,Jo-Lea, Nate(Families), and Lovely Ann ❤. Thank you for all the Memories, Will Cherish Forever! Love: Kazpyr,Klover&Aaron Buechi

  124. Eric collins

    “Underneath are the everlasting arms”.
    May you know God’s peace as you mourn.
    Our sincerest condolences.
    Eric and Wendy.

  125. Ron & Marion

    Remembering many wonderful sunday meetings in Grant & Annes home. Enjoyed Grants sense of humor
    & Annes care, best to all.

  126. Pat Collyer

    Our love, care & sympathy to you ALL
    Jim & Pat

  127. Brian and Leila West

    Loving thoughts and prayers to you and your family, Ann.. We have many fond memories of times with you folks, and know you will have days of loneliness, but also find comfort in your blessed life together.

  128. Karen Siscoe

    I had a rare moment to meet a rare man! Grant.
    Meeting in maple Ridge, BC with his beautiful daughter Jo-Lea and her children with my mother in law and father in law, Glen and Elaine Hurlburt. He was pure joy and it was an honour to meet a man with absolute love in his eyes and heart. One single memory with last a lifetime. Thank you Grant❤️

  129. cheryl lumley

    Thinking of you all with great appreciation. Lots of good memories of time in your Red Deer home. We are glad for the promise of a continuing city… A city that Grant faithfully journeyed toward all his days. Its a great comfort to the heart… cheryl

  130. Jesse J.

    I will never forget the love Grant was never afraid to express; to his friends, family and church. Thoughts have never strayed far from you all over the years. Sending love and peace to you all, especially Annie.

  131. Ken Radom

    You can’t mention Grant without mentioning Annie. They were the definition of “Soul Mates”. Grant and Annie were a Joy to be around. Three things were “Very” evident with Grant and Annie …. After 50 years of marriage they still Loved each other , they Loved to serve others and they Loved God and his people. Anyone that knew them or have ever been in their home will know that.
    There are Many plusses of living on Vancouver Island. One of them was getting to know Grant and Annie better. I ( and this sentiment is shared by many) have never known anyone more hospitable than Grant and Annie. We will miss Grant.

  132. Celeste

    Grant and Ann and family were a precious and central memory for our family when we lived in Red Deer, they were helpful and loving and so important to us. Sending you all so much love as Grant moves on and you navigate the loss and sending you so much gratitude for sharing your lives with us.

  133. Richard & Becky Wodelet

    Ken & Jo-Lea and family….thinking of you in your great loss of a wonderful dad and grandpa…
    Holding you close in heart….sending our love and care… Rich & Becky

  134. Andrew and Lisa Burkinshaw

    Dearest Ann and family, we were so sorry to hear of your loss. Grant will forever be remembered as a kind, faithful man and he will be greatly missed

  135. Stan and Brenda Olson

    We have many good memories from the Red Deer days meeting with you folks at Bill and Margaret Ungers and other special times together. Our deepest and sincere thoughts go out to you.
    Stan and Brenda

  136. Doug & Sandy

    Thinking of All The Family with Love and Care

  137. Carol Gray

    Dear Anne and family. Sending sincere condolences. A wonderful victory for Grant, but a great loss for you. You were such a very special couple, if will be hard to think of you w/out Grant by your side, with his smile, genuine generous love and ready wit.
    When I first met you I thought the love in your home had to be put on because Dorothy and I were with you!! I’m glad the years taught me the genuineness of the love that was so evident in your relationship and home. I think yours was the first of the 100’s ’of homes promised to Gods servants that I experienced. Thinking of you with much love, Carol Gray

  138. Clarice Miles

    We have such precious memories of Grant and Ann and so thankful for your kindness shown to all. Our thoughts and love reach out to Ann and family.

  139. Ann Dodds

    We had wonderful times in Grant and Ann’s home !
    Their hospitality was outstanding and memorable !
    Forever remembered with encouragement and gratitude for all they did !
    Thinking of Ann and their dear kids

  140. Tammy Radom

    Grant will be greatly missed. His warm smile and welcoming spirit left a deep impression on us. Much love and comfort to his famly. Love Jeff and Tammy Radom.

  141. Royal J Stewart

    Dear Ann and family, I cherish my memories of Grant, always very hospitable with a smile ! We had lots of good visits on the phone and in person, a wonderful faithful man !

  142. Phil & Cara Stark

    We haven’t met often but have wonderful memories of the warm welcome and heart warming smile.

    He’s reached out in encouragement a few times over the past few years and it was always appreciated.

    One can’t think of Grant without thinking of Ann, too. They were equally matched in their love and hospitality towards us and our family. We know that very same Godly love was distributed near and far.

    Our thoughts and love go out to Ann and family. Especially Nathan, Kyrsten and girls (as me know them a bit more).

  143. Rosanne Wilton (Stelfox)

    Memories of Grant and his beautiful spirit will live on for a lot people. My condolences to our special Anne and her family. God will give strength.

  144. Jocelyn and Shawn Radom

    Sending all our love and care to your family!

  145. Doris Reynolds

    Dear Ann and family,
    There is so much consolation in knowing Grant was faithful to God and is at peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. A dear cousin gone.❤️❤️

  146. Mildred Lindquist

    I am sending these words with my care and appreciation. My love to all, Mildred Lindquist

  147. Tamara Service

    I have been thinking of you all lots these past few days! Hugs from afar!

  148. Fritz & Joyce Buechi

    Dear Friends!
    Beyond these clouds of sadness, we know the Sun is shining! We know because our Father has told us so! Praying that He will send you comfort & courage again!
    Lovingly, Fritz & Joyce

  149. Leona Dreger

    Dear Ann and all. I am glad for memories of fellowship with you. Grant’s warm, happy smile meant much. You’ll miss him so much but the joy of his triumphant finish is great. With caring thoughts, Leona Dreger

  150. Sharon and Jack Walton

    Dearest Anne and family. Have been thinking so much of you all. Have wonderful memories of our times together. We know you will take comfort that Grant’s struggle is over and with a victorious end.

  151. Dan & Marsha McCormick

    We share a special bond with you. For many many years Grant & Annie were our “backup” couple. We always knew we would be encouraged and edified. There surely are multitudes of pleasant, joyful, eternal memories!!!

  152. Linda Stone

    Thought of you folks often Ann over the years. Glad for the times I saw you both in Red Deer. Thinking of you these days. So sorry for your loss.

  153. Betty Shorland

    Hi Annie, Grant was a wonderful, man, gone to his reward! I have been thinking of you during this time! Betty

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