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  1. Amanda Moncrieff

    A wonderful tribute to an amazing man. He helped so many, he is an inspiration! Sending love. God bless you Papa D

  2. Shayna & Roger

    What a beautiful testimony! Romans 1:16

  3. Valerie Wright

    George was a kind soul, and it was a pleasure to know him. I enjoyed chatting with George outside our building on 227th Street since moving in a couple of years back. Seeing him on his daily walk up and down the same street on my way to work, even in colder temperatures, made me smile. All bundled up, he seemed determined to stick to his routine. The love and support of his family was evident every time I spoke to George or his daughters. The beautiful service today provided me with an insight to his life and legacy I had not known. He was truly an incredible man with a capacity to love that I’m certain will live on in his family.

  4. Elaine Katherine Gleig

    A lovely tribute and memorial of uncle George.
    Wonderful example and testimony. Awesome service To Elanna And Nadine
    From Cousin Elaine
    Elma and I loved listening to Uncle George speak of his experiences in sharing the gospel with people. Uncle George and I had many visits and him and Sheila would come out to visit my mom in the care home and then go for coffee
    Always could tell a joke with that half smile of his. And made everyone laugh.
    Thankyou Uncle George for always taking the time for family. And Elanna and Nadine for the lovely memorial and celebration. Elaine

  5. Sean Watkins

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful service. Nadine and Elanna, and all who spoke, thank you for sharing your stories and your love for Uncle George.
    I remember one day he took me under his wing after my own Dad died. We flew somewhere in a small plane. I forget what he wanted to show me and I forget where we went; I was young and still consumed by grief. But I’ve never forgotten his intent and his care. I remember his strength and it made an impact.
    Going back even further, I loved that little red truck and I loved the smell of his cigars.
    Nadine and Elanna, I love you guys.

  6. Janine

    I have just finished watching the live streaming of George’s Celebration of Life. Unfortunately due to illness I was not able to attend in person. I want to let the family and friends who all had a part in this service know that it was an incredibly beautiful tribute to an amazing man. The quality of the live streaming was excellent and I felt like I was right there (well almost !)
    God was glorified! Bless you all ❤️
    With much love
    Janine Willemsen

  7. Lydia dyck

    What a beautiful service! Thank you for the heritage he left us. I am George s niece from Winnipeg. Thank you for such a God honouring service. 💕

  8. Linda Edwards

    Thank you for that lovely service. I know my Uncle George would have been happy with how it came through so wonderfully. He was a special man, for sure, and I’m happy and grateful for every minute my husband and I were able to spend with him.
    Our love and sincere condolences to all of you. Wonderful to know we’ll have a reunion some day.
    Love in Jesus,
    Linda and Kevin Edwards

  9. Rita Janzen Driedger

    What a blessing to be able to join the service for your dad, Nadine and Chris. What an impact he has made in this world for God’s glory. We would have loved to have known this wonderful man. Praying that you find comfort in all the precious memories you’ve made together.

    With love and hugs.
    Rita & Harv

  10. Vienna Luke

    Such a beautiful service honouring George. What a remarkable life! Thinking of you all today and sending love.

  11. Isabel Morgado

    My condolences to all of you. That was a beautiful service. Nadine and Alana loved your story of your dad. Erin that is so awesome that your grandpa was your cheerleader❤️ I never really knew your dad or grandpa personally just whenever I would see him at the coffee shop after I work out with you Nadine and he was always so kind and would always have such a beautiful smile him and your grandma such beautiful people they were amazing. I loved the vedio with him and the kids from Africa dancing away. Thanks for sharing. Rest In Peace George ❤️

  12. Lois

    This was a wonderful service Elanna and Nadine.
    Uncle George was a favorite and Yes a cheerleader !

    I feel very blessed that I had him as my uncle.
    He is missed and I think of him often.

    Love Lois


    Dear Nadine,Chris and family,
    Sending you my sympathy and support,
    May Jesus’s wrap his arms around you and you family and give you strength at this satire in your lives.
    Gods Blessings,
    Vi Tunstall(mom)

  14. Hilda Richoux

    It was a beautiful service! Thank you so much..
    My husband John attended in person.
    God bless you all .

  15. Anna and Ruben Fehr

    So sorry to hear of George s sudden passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and in the days to come

  16. Ronald Klassen

    Well, a mighty warrior in God’s Kingdom has gone to be with Jesus. George your lifestyle and legacy are a encouragement to me to finish well.

    My heart felt condolences to Elaine and Nadine at the passing of your father. Walk in his footsteps.

  17. Enock

    We are equally saddened by the passing on of your Dad George.. your loss is our loss.
    As we celebrate his life today may the good Lord bless us all.

  18. Assunta & Frank Budd

    Your dad always had a smile and a friendly greeting for us whenever we ran into him and your mom when we lived in the same building. Our deepest condolences for your loss.

  19. Phil Harris

    To George’s Family:

    My heartflet condolences regarding your loss. Many others are also experiencing loss including myself.

    In 1988, I walked into what was then Campus Crusade for Christ, and asked if there was anyone who could teach me how to share the gospel. They gave me George’s name.

    He took me out to the food court at Coquitlam mall and I was privileged to watch God use George to share the gospel with another man.

    Because of George’s mentorship, I’ve been on a jounrey that has enabled me to share the gospel personally and to train other pastors and church leaders in eleven different countries of the world. I am currently laying the foundations to signficantly expand that base in the next year or two.

    Because Goerge was willing to take the time to train me, others are being trained and thousands are coming to Christ as we speak.

    Thanks George!

    Phil Harris

  20. Jason Smeltzer

    I am so glad we had the honour to know George! He has made a big big difference in this world and has a great reward in heaven. George was a great friend and mentor. Teaching me how to share the four spiritual laws. . Helping my young family to see and avoid the traps of this world. Helping us to lean on our saviour in faith.
    I saw his heart and agreed with the efforts to do something as worthy. We believed in the mission of expanding the kingdom of God and joined the cause as a director and contributor to help keep the vision and the focus Gods plan was directing, alive. True religion. Feeding the orphans, both food and life giving gospel and helping the widows and widowers. Sharing the great hope in efforts to show the lost the way. He worked tirelessly to raise funds for new fresh water wells, seed and fertilizer for growing and securing food and clothing and other supplies needed to feed his hundreds of children. And how they loved him. George told me how Jesus changed his life. How he was once a big executive salvaging steel. Jesus showed him how he could salvage souls instead and changed his heart. We loved George and Sheila very very much. They became representatives for Kelly and I as spiritual parents. George was always there for us. We will miss him for now, but one day I know we will see each other again. His efforts in this life were significant and will live on and produce fruit for many many years to come. Well done George! Well done.

  21. Kent and Ruth Tunstall

    Dear Nadine , Chris and Family 🙏🏼.
    May God Bless You All and Keep You Safe as You Celebrate the Life of Your Papa George.💕💕

  22. Charlotte & Jerry Hiebert

    Precious memories, til we meet again.

    Charlotte & Jerry Hiebert,
    Rancho Mirage, California

  23. Francisco Fernandes

    when he met pastor george my son kalebe was a child and i spoke english and translated for him and george was a great motivator for my son to study english today he speaks english very well when george came to santarém it was a pleasure to be with him to talk and practice his english george was a teacher to him

  24. Francisco Fernandes

    my family and i will always remember this great friend

  25. Francisco Fernandes

    my condolences to the family may God comfort everyone’s hearts in this moment of loss of a great man of God

  26. Francisco Fernandes

    my great friend George and great servant of the lord today a very sad day for me to know of the death whenever he came to Brazil with his wife Sheila came to visit me in Santarém Amazonas but I know that now to be on the right side of our Savior Jesus Christ

  27. Larry Wald

    Wonderful memories about our brother in law, George. Some of them willmean much more to me than anyone else, but some memories are meant to be like that. Such as 1) we had a cousin visiting us from the Prairies who really wanted to go to Seattle. George took a weekend of his to drive my brother Eugene, myself, and my cousin to Seattle and back which turned out to be one of the highlights of their vacation. Seeming “little things mean a lot”. 2’) in 1960, George had. beautiful new car that he was very proud of. This was the year of my senior prom which was a big deal back in the day. I didn’t have a driver”s licence, but my cousin did, so after working up enough nerve to ask, to our amazement, George agreed to let my cousin drive his car that night, Needless to say, our dates were over the moon when we picked them up and we were the envy of every guy there. These were the kinds of things George did ….. 3) ask me about saving my job at the bank as another example ….. thoughtful acts of kindness that made a real impression and impact.. Others will talk about George’s work in Africa for which God will fast track him to Heaven. I trust God loves him for what he did for me as well.. Larry

  28. Kim Mickalishen

    Uncle George sure was a character, a Godly man, who believed in family. He will be missed. He’s rejoicing in Heaven. Condolences to my cousins & families.
    Love, Kim & Ken Mick

  29. Pastor Luiz Ferreira

    The year was 1993, George was in Brazil, at the International Baptist Church. A young man by the name of Luiz was there in the crowd listening to him as he witnessed about his faith.

    At the end of that meeting the Pastor of the Church introduced young Luiz to George.

    Young Luiz came from a very strong spiritist background. All his family were into spiritist parctices.

    George prayed along with young Luiz, who received Jesus. Not long after that, all his family were being baptized.

    Now, young Luiz has grown into a man who is a Minister of the Gospel.

    Many lives were witnessed to in the last 29 years. Over 4000 people were won for Christ just because George was here in 1993 and many other times after that.

    God bless you, George.