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  1. Karen Everett Lewis

    Elva’s attention to detail and love of geneology will be greatly missed.

  2. Linda Whiting

    Aunt Elva will be greatly missed! She was a wonderful woman, with so many interests and talents. It was always a joy to visit her home. She was welcoming and creative and very encouraging to young minds. She was no-nonsense and practical and she was easy to be around. She was a determined and intelligent woman and rarely got ruffled by any of the chaos that happened to be around her. She raised three great kids! Much love to you all! Cousin Linda

  3. Rhonda Rose

    I love you Elva

  4. Kaye Stafford

    We live in the house that Elva, Severn, & Mary moved into when Elva was a teenager. Elva once brought her family and walked the property recalling her time spent growing up. From her recollections and photographs, I created a website called, "This Old House". Elva continued to send photos along as she came across them. It was fun to read about her year’s activities with her family in her annual holiday letter. It is clear how deeply she cherished each of them. I know she will be missed by all whose path crossed hers! Condolences to you on your loss.

  5. Karen E Lewis

    Elva will be missed by all who knew her, including me. She was always interested in family history and genealogy, as was my mother, and as am I.
    My deepest condolences on your loss.

  6. David Maxwell

    My earliest memory of Elva & Everett’s was playing Monopoly with the family, my grand parents, my parents, Uncle Bert & Mary and Everett & Elva all playing the board game and Elva made the best brownies ever at the ranch. I was 3 or 4. And October pheasant hunting and stopping by the ranch with my Grandpa Maxwell every year. I missed most of the Easter events but my parents loved the event every year. The hole family thanks Elva for keeping all of us in contact with family.

  7. Cathie Smith

    We will all miss her. She was a very giving person. If you needed anything she jumped in and got it done immediately. Prayers go out to the whole family. Love you all.

  8. Elaine and Todd Yuzuriha

    Mrs. Whiting was always so calm and capable, and imparted those qualities to her wonderful children. Visiting their home was always fun and welcoming, and I have nothing but positive memories of both Mr. and Mrs. Whiting. We send our heartfelt condolences for your loss.

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