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  1. Connie & Lou Reinkens

    Barbara, Charis & family, our prayers, wonderful thoughts and memories are with each of you. Thank you! for sharing the meaningful Memorial reminders of Don’s full life and his precious friendship that spanned Lou’s life since their 20s; more than 60 years and mine since 1985; more than 35 years.
    We both appreciated Don’s generosity when Lou had Open-Heart Surgery with a 5-way by-pass. I hadn’t slept for 3 days and no one could help supplement my need to watch over Lou in the hospital. The night he was moved out of ICU into a regular room, Lou jumped out of his hospital bed and began spinning – wrapping himself tightly with the support tubing coming from orifices, IVs, O2 & EKG wires as he spun. I flew out of my chair and onto his bed pushing my hands down on his shoulders and shouted “STOP!” He did. As I unwrapped my 6’2” morphine-induced confused husband, I knew that I had to find someone to help over the next few days. Begley was the only one willing. He arrived. He stayed the entire day. I went to my hotel room inside the hospital and slept, showered and ate. Don did not leave his friend’s side until I returned refreshed and ready to begin, again. He remains our friend and we will never forget his influences: flight/aircraft & auto modifications, diesel fuel objectives, Apple product usage, Facetime, continued phone visits from Colorado & So Much More.
    Don remains our best friend whom we speak of today, reminisce together, and every time Lou reviews his Piper rebuild &/or uses one of Don’s tools (some dental) – he brings it in and we remember as we ask: “What would Don do/have done with this?” Don, the innovator.
    We miss him terribly and regret not having more time with him.
    Most importantly, though, we are appreciative for his time, energy and best friendship – forever.

    Love & warm memories always,
    Connie & Lou

  2. Lori McCaskill

    Barb, I am so very sorry for the loss of your wonderful Don. You may have moved away but you are stiil in our hearts. Much love my friend.


  3. Judy Lloyd

    I also met Barb and Don when we both volunteered at the Animal Shelter and became friends. Between the doggies and excercising at the Swim Center we became even better friends. I have missed you Barb and my heart is with you during this tough time.

  4. Diana Furness

    We think Don was one of the funniest, smartest men we ever knew. His wife Barbara is a dear friend even though we haven’t seen her in years. He was a loving devoted husband. Both were involved in DAWG though Barbara was more involved than Don. Blessings to Barbara and her family. Please know we send the sincerest condolences.

  5. Maggie Bado

    I met Don & Barb when I started volunteering at our local animal shelter in Gardnerville, NV in 2007. We shared many stories about family and the dogs in our lives. Don & Barb were a great support to me when my husband passed. Don had a warm and kind personality. I missed them both so much when they moved.

  6. Rae Kozlowski

    Don was the handsome older Brother of my good friend, Judy Begley Lamy. We became better acquainted as adults when Don was attending Oregon State and I was a student at the University of Oregon. Dudring this time we became good friends and enjoyed spending time together. Years later Don and his wife Barb made a trip to Alaska in their lovely Fifth Wheel Trailer and they visited my husband and me in Anchorage. Don was a kind and caring individual. He had a warm smile and a quick sense of humor. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

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