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  1. Raffael Boccamazzo

    During the time Becka and I were dating, Bonnie and Dennis were the first family members of anyone I dated who treated me like part of the family. Even a decade after we broke up, Bonnie and Dennis remain the template for how I wanted to be treated by in-laws by any significant other: with acceptance and respect. I was so sorry to hear of their loss.

  2. Eileene Brady

    Bonnie and I were room mates on a weekend cruise with the Creekettes. We met a Rabbi and one of his flock during our lifeboat drill. She had them laughing in minutes. When we were dancing at one of the open areas they happened to walk by and she dragged them onto the dance floor. When I talked to them later they said that was the best part of their cruise. Everytime I turned around she had made a new friend. After the cruise we greeted each other with "Hi roomie".

  3. Nancy and Art Taxman

    Bonnie and Dennis were our next door neighbors. Bonnie always ran outside to greet us when we returned from our trips to Miami. We very much enjoyed spending time with the two of them, flying to breakfast with the gaggle, or going to dinner. We loved exchanging travel stories with them. They were highly intelligent in so many areas. Both Dennis and Bonnie had great sense of humor. Bonnie loved music from coffee house music like Ian and Sylvia sang, to the Daytona Symphony. She especially loved opera, as well.
    We certainly miss our friends.
    Nancy and Art Taxman

  4. Rick and Brenda Weiss

    "W" Nothing we can say will fill the void left in our hearts by them going West so soon! We also say goodbye to two of the greatest fans the Cubs have ever had. I can hear them now – GO CUBS! Someday we’ll see you in the bleachers. "W"

  5. Judy Nordvoll

    They were strong, brilliant , and unique. They made my life better for knowing them.
    Judy Nordvoll

  6. Ron and Laura Gilkes

    To my wingmen Bonnie and Dennis fly on to eternity.
    Ron and Laura Gilkes

  7. Jennifer Guglielmucci

    I was fortunate enough to meet Bonnie and Dennis through Becky, one of the most beautiful and amazing human beings I have ever known. The instant I met them I was in awe, inspired by and infected with their lust for life. I could feel how fiercely they loved Becky, and I will be forever grateful to them for helping shape one of my best friends in the universe. Their incredible legacy will live on forever, through the endless incredible stories of their adventures, and most especially through their daughter Becky, and every single one of us lucky enough to have met them. I am also grateful that they are still together now and embarking on their greatest adventure yet. They truly lived, were truly loved and will be deeply missed.

  8. Sal & Joni DeVincenzo

    Dennis and Bonny you two were family to us, and wingman to me. WE MISS YOU GUYS
    Sal and Joni DeVincenzo

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