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  1. Deena Braun

    I love you big brother!

  2. Darlene Holtsclaw

    Just for Charlie: This message I send thru your spirit from mine.

    Know this, your life was OUR blessing. Your memory will be OUR treasure.
    You were and always will be loved beyond measure. I ask my humble words
    to say we will miss you beyond measure. You stood, you delivered, you
    never faltered and you made the world a better world by just being Charlie, and we are all blessed by that.
    Darlene Holtsclaw

  3. Diane Forsythe

    My brother and protector, Bill’s brother-in-law and friend, we love you and will miss you. Diane and Bill Forsythe

  4. Beverly and David Joosten

    We were so blessed to have such a loving, generous person as Charlie as part of our family. His humility, his easy-going and laid back manner always made him a joy to be around. His dry sense of humour brought so many laughs into our lives as well. Thank you, Charlie, for the many pleasures you brought to us all. God bless you and keep you. Bebby and David

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