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  1. Ingrid Rosten

    What a truly loving giving soul, RIP lady.

  2. Hugh Lazarus

    The service was beautiful, and Natasha and myself would just like to send our heartfelt condolences to Alex and Nathan, Justin, Ashley’s parents and brothers, as well as the rest of the family and all her friends.

  3. Wesley Thompson

    I first met Ashlee almost thirty years ago. We worked together when we were both young, and I admired what a dedicated and hard worker she was, and such a cool – accepting person, and an adventurous soul.. She became very good friends with my sister Joellen, and since become a close friend of our family. She was there when we lived in California, Oregon, and Florida. News of her passing has left us all shocked and saddened, with no words to really express the loss of an extraordinary person, and empathize deeply with what she went through. My heart goes out to her family and closest friends, my deepest condolences. Today’s Memorial was truly beautiful, and while everyone expressed their grief, everyone shared their fond memories of her to celebrate the person she was, and I know in my heart will to continue to miss her, and celebrate the life she lived.

  4. Fintan

    Ashlee came into my life a few years ago.
    She was a dear friend, a beautiful soul.
    I’ll never forget her.
    Rest in Peace, Ash.

  5. Kelly

    I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to get to know you better. I hope you spirit is free from any suffering and pain that plagued you in your mortal life. Thank you for sharing your life with Justin, you brought him immense joy in the short time you spent together.

  6. Gabby Schiffman

    Ashlee has been a long-time friend of our entire family. She is and will be greatly missed.

    Go now, dear Ashlee, and live once more
    In happier time and place.
    Thank you, Ashlee.

  7. Elizabeth Adams

    Aside from being aware of her physical pain, all my memories of Ashlee are happy ones. Ashlee added much life to so many lives. We met at the SOAK camping event in Oregon, at our Talk to Strangers camp. She modeled so many good qualities: willingness to enjoy life, willingness to accept and help people, ability to remain curious in adulthood and to stay active in learning. She seemed to be spontaneous. I saw in her someone with confidence; she seemed to know herself and not be overcome with what people thought, such a strength. I only visited Ashlee’s home once in Portland. She had lovingly decorated it with momentos and items which represented places she’d been and things she’d been interested in. Many items had stories behind them. The home was colorfully decorated with many artsy things. She had cats there, and a yard with many trees. We in Portland will hold good memories of her. –Elizabeth Adams

  8. Candice

    Ashlee was a devoted mother caring deeply for her boys. She was very accepting of me when I was their step-mother and we were able to do many things as a family. I was very grateful for that and will remember her as a caring and loving person.

  9. David Berman

    As Ashlee’s cousin I’ve known her, her whole life. We had lots of good times together!

    I remember when we used to play in the sandpit and junglejim at our grandparent’s house at “73” (Johannesburg, South Africa).

    I remember her coming with us (our grandparents) to Rustenberg when she was just a kid.

    We used to jump on her mom’s (Judy) bed as a trampoline and have pillow fights.

    We played in the fruit box tunnels at the huge fruit market and played hide and go seek; and then would finish off the day with a Cornish Pastry and Cream Soda or buttermilk.

    Then she followed me to America without me knowing in about 1989 and gave me a pleasant surprise in Clearwater.

    Later we both landed up in Los Angeles and we had our adventures. She met Guy and they moved to Portland.

    There was the time we got lost with Guy in the Paris underground; its an adventure trying to get directions when none of us speak French!

    We had a good time at the “Qua Maritane” Game Reserve with the rest of the family.

    One time I gave her a thrill ride on my motorcycle in the hills (maybe her first time on a motorcycle). She loved it!

    Another time we went on my motorcycle to “Canters” and the bike broke down – she had to push!

    One time I was in Portland and she took me to an all-you-can-eat sushi place, an adventure in itself!

    In more recent times I saw that she was very happy to meet and marry Justin!

    So yes, I loved my cousin! (as did we all)

    Anyway, now she is free of her pain and moved to a spiritual realm. She’s gone for now, but we will see her again – only a temporary loss. Let’s wish her luck and happiness in her future journey!

  10. Sharon

    So here’s the thing cuz
    I keep thinking of things and want to tell you and hear your voice on the phone. You will always be missed

  11. Joellen Thompson

    My Ashlee, my lifelong friend. I didn’t know how final that statement could sound until now. I am not ready to say goodbye to you. I can’t imagine a world without your voice, your advice or your kind ear. My heart is unbearably broken.

    After almost 30 years of friendship, we were more like sisters than anything else. I cannot remember a single argument or fight. I am unbelievably grateful to have had you in my life for all the milestones, heartaches, laughs and good times.

    I am so sorry you were overwhelmed with so such much pain and sadness at the end of your life. I wish I had really known how bad it was and could have been there for you. I wish we were able to have the visit we talked about a few months ago. I wish things turned out differently.

    Since I can’t have any of those, my wish for you now is that you have peace, free of pain and that the next part of your journey is filled with all the wonderful adventures and happiness that you could have ever dreamed of having.

    I will have your memory in my heart for the remainder of my life and will never let it fade. I will think of you (and laugh) every time I boil water, remembering the time in my kitchen, in Portland so long ago when I showed you how, and how we laughed so hard at the absurdity of you buying that book called “How to Boil Water” because of how much we had to learn when we were first living on our own. At least we had each other to learn from and laugh with.

    I see your light in your son’s faces and know that you were such a wonderful mother to them. They will grow to be the amazing men you raised them to be. I will be here for your your sons in any way that I can. Nate and Alex, please know that you will always have an Auntie Jo in Florida whenever you need me. Know that I love you too and am so incredibly sorry for your pain and loss.

    As much as I don’t want to say goodbye, I know I need to. So I’ll try. Goodbye my friend, my sister, my confidante, my role model, my twin-soul. I love you. May you live on in your new beautiful form. Have peace. We will meet again someday and recognize each other’s hearts immediately.

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