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  1. Peggy & Jim Greenbaum

    With a heavy heart, we feel so blessed to have had the wonderful memories of all the amazing years that we shared with Anne and her sometimes “mischievous “ Kirk. They bought a special joy into our lives as the did for so many others. May we all continue to bask in the warmth of their love and friendship. Peggy & Jim Greenbaum

  2. George Shapiro

    Beautiful Anne Douglas has the most loving, giving, humanistic heart in history. She is truly one of a kind, and so easy to love.

    George Shapiro

  3. Herb And Kathy Smith

    Anne, you truly were the mom to thousands of homeless women over the years. Your care and compassion are renowned in their lives. The Center truly is an extension of your home as you often reminded us. You were royalty but you were also related to us all in our humanity. I will forever miss our 4/23 birthday celebrations and your love for Kathy’s chocolate chip cookies. Here’s to afternoons on the patio with Kirk and cookies forevermore. Love Herb and Kathy.

  4. Peter Douglas

    When they made you they broke the mold. You were the all time best mother – always there when needed and I’ll miss you greatly.
    Much luv,

  5. Nancy Toy

    Dear Mrs Douglas:
    At some point, I let you know that I knew how to speak a little German, and didn’t we have fun with that!!!
    I have some wonderful, ‘fun’ memories of you, which I will always cherish. Thank You for the Memories!!
    With Great Fondness, Nancy

  6. Cherry Lu

    Mrs. Douglas is a great boss.
    All the bosses in the world should learn a lesson from her. Look at her staff – every one is a tough nut. No worry.
    She will crack you and make you love her.
    She has lived her life to the fullest. I bet she is busy planning her memorial service from the above.
    Love you and miss you forever.

  7. Sian Winslade

    Dear Anne,
    I had the greatest pleasure of meeting you much later on on your life. You welcomed me into your home and made me feel at such ease. I will never forget so many of the stories that you and Kirk experienced in all your years together.
    Now you are reunited with your love, you will both have a wonderful new vantage point and no doubt will continue to inspire and guide those here.
    Your legacy will live on forever.
    With love Siân

  8. Alexandra Sheldon

    Anne’s beautiful smile always lit up a room. Anne’s pure and generous heart and soul has helped so many in need. I treasure our over thirty years of friendship and believe in eternal life. Anne is reunited with Kirk and so many others who have gone on before her. Sending Anne’s family, staff and friends so much love, prayers and comfort Alexandra Sheldon and Eddie Reasoner

  9. Joan Selwyn

    Dear Anne,

    Dear Anne,
    You set an example for all women to follow, You approached life straight on with honesty and grace. You gave endlessly to those in need taking women out of their despair and giving them another chance at life. Your memory will live on forever through those you helped, through their children, and their children’s children, and all of us who love you so much. I will miss you DEEPLY, but I will think of the extraordinary life you and Kirk led, your extraordinary love for each other. and the many happy times the four of us spent together.

  10. Arthur Von wiesenberger

    Dear Anne,
    Thank you for all the wonderful times you gave us with your family. Your humor, intelligence, savoir-faire, and loving ways will forever live in our hearts.
    Love, Nipper

  11. Marion Laurie

    Gone but never forgotten!
    1997 first Cedars Sinai woman’s cancer courage award and founder along with kelly Chapman Meyer and the late Renette Ezralow Marion Laurie and honorary chairs Kate Capshaw Stephen Spielberg Rita Wilson Tom Hanks only one of many such honors …
    Elegant humorous brilliant!
    we will miss you.dearest friend
    Rest In Peace for ever with you’re beloved Kirk 💕Marion Laurie

    Beloved friend

  12. Connie Gavin

    Anne was truly one of the loveliest ladies I have been priviledged to know.
    She understood the true meaning of friendship and practiced it.
    I will forever treasure her handwritten notes of thanks or praise or just love.

    Anne you will be missed by all.



  13. Dee May

    Dear Anne, from the time we met when you lived across the street from our house, you welcomed me to your amazing life and family. Over 50 years of friendship will stay with me forever! I know Kirk welcomed you home and will now be with him forever! So much love and friendship will forever be remembered!! Love, Dee

  14. Kathleen Sullivan

    Deepest condolences to the beautiful Douglas Family, Anne’s dear Friends and her longtime loyal and caring Staff. Anne and Kirk Douglas are a love story for the ages. Destiny led Anne to Kirk and the world has benefitted from their long and loving union in countless ways and will continue to do so for generations to come. Anne’s legacy of charitable giving of her time, immense talent and resources is a true inspiration. I would say “Rest in peace Anne” but she and Kirk are no doubt just getting started on their latest adventure together so instead I wish them eternal spring, joy and love!

  15. Ana

    There are just so many fond memories of Mrs. Douglas, too many to share! Her passion, vision and legacy at the Anne Douglas Center for Women has left us truly blessed, inspired and hopeful as we serve women in need. Thank you for the love, warmth compassion and vision. You are loved and will be truly missed.

  16. Eve & Michael Williams-Jones

    Our very dear friend Anne made her mark on all who met her…Gracious & witty and loyal…and always the perfect hostess …
    We will miss you, dear lady as you join your beloved Kirk….

  17. Eve & Michael Williams-Jones

    Anne was such a dear & special friend…Gracious & witty company always and she will be very much missed… Rest in peace lovely lady with your dear, Kirk….
    Eve & Michael Williams-Jones

  18. Jack Mills

    I was so fortunate to be friends with this wonderful woman,she was the best.
    She and Kirk attended the USOpen tennis event in New York with me a few times.
    They were such great guests.
    We visited with them in Palm Springs and LA and of coarse loved it all.
    Condolences to all the Douglass family,you are so blessed to have been in the company ofAnne and Kirk,true legends in America.
    Jack Mills
    USTennis Association

  19. Rama LInz

    I have been Anne’s friend for 40 years, we met through mutual friends that were visiting L.A from Israel and were friends Anne and Kirk, they were invited to dinner at the Douglases who lived just few minutes walk from my , I dropped them in time and 20 minutes later got a call from Anne asking us to come and join them for dinner, I declined politely but Anne insisted, I said we will take a rain check for the dinner but will come over for desert.
    We never met the Douglases before and I was very excited to meet them,
    When we walked to the living room Anne got up and introduced us as if she knew us for for long time
    , I remember we did stop talking, a new friendship was born, on that evening Anne and I became very close friends, ( BFF).I saw the Douglases every Sunday after my regular visit to the farmers market, and brought Kirk his strawberries he loved so much , if I was out of town Kirk sent me a massage ‘where are you, we are starving” I laughed so much.
    I can go on and on with stories of our adventures , we had so much fun. sometimes Merle was visiting from Germany and the fun was doubled!
    Anne is gone, and I am left with the memories which I will treasure forever.
    I loved her very much, she said to me just few weeks ago, ”Rama, I love you so much, to the moon and back”.
    Rest in Peace my dearest friend. you will be missed by all who knew you.

  20. Louise Korshak

    To a great woman and a true friend. I don’t know anyone who has done more good for more people. I will miss you very much. Louise

  21. Oschin Lynda

    I am truly honored and blessed to have known your parents and so very sorry for the
    loss of your beautiful mother…
    I was Jerry Epstein’s significant other (lynda oschin) for three and a half years during which time we were privileged to share special times with them.
    Sending heartfelt condolences to you on behalf of Jerry and me.
    Beautiful memories of beautiful times passed.

  22. Wendy and Larry Platt

    One special woman One special couple. They have touched our lives and we are forever grateful. Anne’s wisdom, sensitivity, caring for others is a model for all of us to live by, we consider ourselves lucky to have gotten to know her. She will be missed but never forgotten.May she rest in peace along with her amazing late husband Kirk . Condolences to the entire family

  23. Odette & Joe Sugerman

    We will sorely miss having Anne in our lives .
    Loyal friend , smart , beautiful ,and classy to her fingertips .
    She lit up the room .

  24. Laura Davis

    Having worked alongside my late husband Roger Davis at the William Morris Agency located directly next door to the Bryna Company offices, Kirk and Anne’s offices. We worked closely with both Kirk and Anne, and got to know them not only as clients, but became good friends of both Kirk and Anne.

    It is now with a heavy heart, and great sadness that I send my heartfelt and deepest condolences to the Douglas Family for the loss of their beloved Matriarch.

    I, along with the world that she touched will miss this wonderful woman for her kindness, her sense of humor, and her Philanthropic efforts that helped so many people throughout many walks of life. I wish her God’s speed, and may she rest in peace.
    Laura Davis

  25. Anna Berendei

    I respected her so much, she was like a queen, way above of all the woman I knew!
    She helped all of us unconditional!
    I will miss her so much, her smart, human, diplomatic and loving personality. Her fabulous sense of humor!
    So many faboulouse stories!

    She never looked down on anybody.
    Rest in peace beautiful Mrs Anne Douglas!

  26. Jeff Kanew

    I’ve had the privilege of knowing Anne since 1983. She was the power behind the Douglas Throne and also the Queen! Last year I had the honor of helping bring the Kirk and Anne story to the theater so more people could see what love and devotion really looks like!

  27. Cathy Nadell

    Anne Douglas called me to train Kirk after his old trainer had passed away. She ended up working out with me 4 days a week at the country club, as we both conspired to get Kirk to work out with me as well. Anne was one of the smartest, bravest and strongest women I’d ever met. She lit up every room that she walked into. I used to tell her all the time that she was truly the super star! I loved her with all my heart, and I will always be grateful for the time I was able to spend with her. I know she and Kirk will be joyously laughing down at us from above.

  28. judi

    It’s been a joy and an honor to know Ann Douglas.
    judi davidson

  29. Marion Laurie

    Gone but never forgotten!!
    1997 First Research for Women’s Cancer Unforgettable evening .
    Courage Award.
    Original Founder. With Kelly Meyer Marion Laurie the late Renette. Ezralow along with honorary Chairs Stephen Spielberg Kate Capshaw Tom Hanks Rita .. helping to raise approximately 70 million dollars in the past 20 prevention and cure for women’s cancer
    god bless you sweet dreams brilliant humors Anne sweet dreams Rest In Peace! Beautiful dear Friend.. Marion
    My loving elegant Brilliant dearest friend.

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