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  1. Bolet Heroth

    Bolet, Ron, Jean and Leo

    Ate Alice, you are such a loving soul…your memories will stay and
will be ingrained in our hearts forever.
I will surely miss our frequent chats, your giggles when I sing your favorite Cha-cha song…your stories that brings back good memories remembering our overnight trip to Ate Saling’s Hair Salon…
you took the 4 of us, Ate Flor, Chat,
Lentot and I…(I was about 6 years old,
Lentot was 5 years old)
 both of us no front teeth..LOL) but all smiles.
You decided to have a photo taken before and after hair perm, on the same spot in front of Quiapo church…you said for comparison.
The photos were and white but tells a story.
I remember before heading home, you made sure to treat us to a restaurant. 
We sure talked a lot during your Nursing home stay, I dialed your at least 3X a week, the shortest was 10 minutes…the longest we talked was 30 minutes, on Aug. 10 2020.. prior to your falling..(.boy, we sure covered a lot, from the time you were young, running after a coconut that fell from the tree during a storm, up to the time you were taking care of all of us kids…and our time in Baguio City…you, Ate Flor and I lives at a dorm right on Kennon Rd. We had fun together.
You always asked about Jean and wants updates, and told you I will give her your message.. and Linda ( our cousin from LA) I always asked Ron to say "hi" and talk to you in Tagalog but you
prefers to answer him in English instead.
He really enjoyed talking to you…we will missed you but never forgotten.

    With much love,
 Bolet, Ron, Jean and Leo

  2. Ivy & children

    My dearest Ate Alice, I will always remember the time you took me to go to PABASA during the Holy Week and to Quiapo Church every Friday. Thank you very much for taking care of all of us and all the wonderful things you have done for us. You are gone but never forgotten.
    Your life was a blessing, Your memory is a treasure, You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
    I told Ely, Nay & Daddy to meet you there in heaven. We love you very much and MAY YOU REST IN PEACE. Eternal rest grant unto Ate Alice and let perpetual light shine upon you forever.

    Belen and children

  3. Lourdes Siobal

    Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family of Ate Alice. May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. Ate Alice may you rest in peace with our Lord God. Amen. From: Auntie Elong, Lulu and Pulilan Relatives.


    Ate Alice your memory will always be in my heart. Thank you for your tender loving care. I remember you always tell us " No mirienda if you dont take a nap". So, I always pretend to take a nap by closing my eyes but constantly aware if you left the room already.
    I remember Violet and I always sneaked into your bedroom to try-on your high heels shoes…..LOL LOL LOL.

    I treasured all your advises when I was in high school. Your memories will be engraved in my heart….always always always.

    I love you very much. I missed all the conversation we have esp. when you asked me whats the phone number of Joy, whats the phone number of Ritz. After giving it to you and hanging up, within a few minutes, the phone will ring again and its you again saying "Joy, what is Chato’s phone number?…… LMAO….. and i tell you that this is still Chato, not Joy and we both end up laughing soooooo loud.

  5. Jamela Vivar

    Ate Alice, the physical body at rest. The real Ate Alice, the spirit ,lives forever.Poignant memories of being our second mom , while growing up, forever will be treasured. So lucky are we ( your eight siblings) for having you us our eldest.Thank you for everything.You will always be i ojr heart. Luv u 4 evr n evr. Mel and Sath

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