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  1. Margo Eachus

    What a fitting and beautiful service you, Ruthanne and Aimee, presented in honor of your beautiful parents. I was a classmate and friend of Adella’s from Berkeley days. We connected again for gatherings of Berkeley High School women in a walking group. My husband and I had the good fortune of meeting your parents in a cafe in Paris several years ago. My memory of that leisurely Parisian lunch with them will always be special to me.
    As you said your mother had a way of making whom ever she was with feel special. So few people share this ability to connect so genuinely and convincingly. She was a wonderful friend and I wish we had had more opportunities be together. I miss her comments on my Facebook post and following her political passions and actions. When election results are announced and a new president is elected this November, I promise you I will raise a glass of champagne in her memory. It will be the champagne that was supposed to be opened for Hillary’s election.
    Again, thank you for the lovely service today. I send you the love and admiration I felt for your mother. Margo Eachus

  2. Susan L. Rosenstreich

    In my last letter to Adella, I reminded her of the Sunday evenings when she would return to the apartment we shared in Bordeaux after she had traveled to Grenoble for the weekend. It was usually raining, and the tap of her heels as she came down our street was even sharper because of the wet pavement. The sound reminded me of the tapping children would make as they played those little toy drums. It was a purposeful sound, an announcement of a presence that was to be noted. I love remembering Adella, her deep sense of purpose, her insistence on making a difference, and her commitment to friendship. She is always, and will always be, a meaningful presence to me. Thank you for this opportunity to put into words these feelings of gratitude for her friendship. Susan Lepawsky Rosenstreich

  3. Christine and John Stockham

    John and I send our deepest condolences to Aimee and Ruthanne. What an amazing woman that raised such remarkable daughters, that are shining examples of the best of humanity. We hope that the legacy we leave behind will compare to what she has accomplished through her good works and family.

  4. Jack Bernstein

    In my imaginary baseball team, Jonathan was my left fielder, and Adella was our Captain. You could trust Adella to make "key" decisions as she knew all the facts about every topic you could imagine, particularly politics. Joann and I enjoyed so very much our lunches with Adella and Jonathan. It was. a special gift, taken from all of us, all too quickly. Both Adella and Jonathan will be missed and we are thankful that they are part of our memories which will remain for us till we depart.

  5. Ned & Maya Segal

    Adella‘a values and spirit carry on through her wonderful daughters and grandchildren. We were privileged to know her.

  6. Gretchen Fretter

    Dibs, such a long time friend that I deeply admired. Her wit, intelligence and compassion were dazzling. Always caring for others yet maintaining a balance with her own life. We had fun in France. I visited in Reno which did not seem very far away and yet driving for a visit to San Mateo seemed miles away. As we went about our iives Dibs was always in the star of my thoughts.

  7. Joann Ames

    I, too, miss Adella everyday. She had a very calming way about her and yet she spurred me to action. I miss our lunches together with my husband, Jack, and Jonathon discussing all things political and any other topic that could get a word in. We’d toast a Manhattan now and then and really get going. And then we’d talk about our wonderful children and grandchildren… I do miss Adella!

  8. A

    I too have many loving memories of Dibs (Adella). Her husband, Jonathan, was my cousin. They both made me feel very welcomed in their home. Dibs was always interested in what I had to say and would listen to me with great attention. She always had a very interesting and thoughtful response to both family and national politics. I respected her enormously. I will miss her.

    Ann Barysh

  9. Lynne Charlot-Iversen

    Remembering Dibs (Adella):
    I have many fond memories of Dibs, some going back as far as junior high. I recall her thoughtfulness when my daughter, Kelly, was in junior high and I, as a single mother, was on a tight budget. Dibs made a donation toward the purchase of Kelly’s school clothes. More recently, I had several visits with Dibs and one in particular stands out. She was in Davis visiting her daughter and we got together downtown for tea. Our conversation was intimate and easy going as we shared life experiences that were both deep and meaningful. I will always treasure the gift of our friendship.
    Lynne Charlot-Iversen

  10. Vida Bertand

    Adella was my wonderful French student for many years and I enjoyed so very much her amazing curiosity of spirit, her deep kindness , caring , compassion and her warm friendship.
    We spend many wonderful hours studying Proust and other favorite French writers and I enjoyed her insightful
    I will always cherish in my heart, our friendship and our times together.
    Now that she is freed from the cage of her body, her beautiful spirit has winged its flight into the the infinite spiritual world of light where she is reaping the magnificent rewards of a life of compassionate service and love toward all those who had the privilege of crossing her path.
    Vida Bertrand

  11. Samuel Yee

    Have known Jonathan and Adella as our neighbor for over 45 years. Very supportive of our block events. We will miss the times we stop and chat on anything or just to say hello.

  12. Susan Chase

    Adella: Your low, calm and steady voice was always a welcome addition to any of our group get-togethers from days at Berkeley High and on through the years. You had a wonderful dry sense of humor and I always looked forward to hearing what you had to say. You were kind, compassionate and always fun to be around. Your witty comments and your laugh are what I will miss most. I’m so glad to have known you and will miss your wonderful presence at our future gatherings: reunions, BHS walks and lunches included. Good bye, dear friend. I will not forget you . . .

  13. Lisa Diaz Nash

    I miss Adella every day! Her wit, her wisdom, her curiosity and her absolute curiosity for all things new…this is how I will remember her. I look forward to keeping her spirit on my shoulder so that we can keep our chats going! Much love to her daughters, family and friends. Lisa

  14. Sydney Kapchan

    Thank you, Adella’s and Jonathan’s beloved family for bringing us together to honor their memory. Adella spoke of each you with such kindness and respect. Though we didn’t know each other for most of our lives, Adella and I formed a bond that felt as if it had been forged decades before. Her commitment to others, to social justice, and to the joys of the world resonate still. And her beauty and strength endure, even in such sorrow.

  15. sheila brutoco young

    My sympathies to Adella’s daughters and their families and all of Adella’s family. You have lost a treasure who loved you so much.

    Adella was a wonderful, brilliant, and lovely lady. She brought her style, wit, and intelligence to everything she touched. She was a Volunteer Nurse, Board Member, Board President, and then Lifetime Board member to Mission Hospice for many years in these various capacities. She saw the organization grow and helped Mission Hospice in her various capacities. When Adella spoke, everyone listened. Then she joined Sister District Project after the 2016 election. Again Adella excelled. She became the Social Media Captain. She not only handled this difficult job, she rocked it. It was said that she was the best social media person throughout the entire organization. Thank you for being in my life Adella. I appreciate your wise words and help. I miss you.

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