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Virtual Memorial Gathering

In an online memorial gathering, your guests and speakers participate online from a location such as a home or office that is convenient for them. The participants can be anywhere in the world providing they have a device with Internet access.

The $799 starting plan for a virtual/online memorial gathering includes:

  • up to 6 speakers
  • up to 98 unique registrations (including speakers and guests)
  • service length up to 60 minutes
  • assistance in planning your order of service
  • online memorial page with guest book
  • registration of all speakers and guests
  • rehearsal and speaker orientation 30 minutes prior to the event
  • welcome intro and thank you outro with music
  • sharing of one media file provided by you (.mp4 or .mov file format)
  • recorded video file of the event
  • live assistance for attendees while joining the service via text, live chat, phone or email
  • live technical support during the event including sharing and broadcasting media files
  • no surcharge for scheduling your service on an evening, weekend or holiday

Options You May Add to Your Service Plan

Moderator $250

We’ll provide a professional moderator who introduces the service and each segment of the presentations. This ensures a well run and professional event. Inquire about availability of bi-lingual English/Spanish moderator.

Virtual Reception $250

This option is one of our most popular and provides a beautiful way to bring the attendees on via video and audio to share a brief tribute or message of condolence and the end of the service. The virtual reception is professionally moderated.

Add 30 Minutes to Service Time $150

This option adds 30 minutes to the live service block, creating a total of 90 minutes for the service.

Celebrant (Request Price Quote)

If you wish to have a spiritual service with an ordained minister and you do not know one, please inquire about availability of someone we can recommend.

Digital Memorial Card $100

A professionally designed digital memorial card that will be provided to attendees. You will also be able to distribute the card by email. Includes one revision after first proof. Additional revisions $50 each.

Photo Video (Slideshow) with Music $350

Professionally produced photo video with photos you provide and using music selected by you. Up to 100 photos and 3 songs. We will play the video during the service. Additional photos at $1 each. Additional revisions $100 each.

Video Sharing, Editing and Production as Listed or by Quotation

  • Creating a sharable file with one photo and soundtrack with media you provide $75
  • Creating a sharable file with scrolling text and soundtrack with text and audio you provide $100
  • Sharing additional media files $35 each
  • We will provide custom quotations on other requests including video editing.

Host Video Recording of Service $150

Host the memorial video for playback on a dedicated web page for up to 6 months

Additional Connected Device Capacity

  • Up to a total of 498 Registered Devices: $150
  • Up to a total of 998 Registered Devices: $350
  • Up to a total of 2,998 Registered Devices: $1,000
  • For more than 2,998 Registered Devices please contact us for a quote.

Live Streaming to Facebook or Dedicated Web Page $250

We will livestream the service to our public Facebook Page or a dedicated web page. This is an economical way to increase attendance capacity for attendees. It is also convenient if you have elderly attendees who may have trouble logging in for a private service. Cannot be combined with Closed Captioning option.

Closed Captioning $100

We will provide real-time closed captioning for the hearing impaired. This is voice to text captioning that is computer generated with 80%+ accuracy. Human closed caption service is also available by custom quotation for hearing impaired or language translation.

Simultaneous Language Translation Channel $100

An interpreter in the channel will hear the original live audio which they can translate. Participants can select the language channel of their choice and will hear the translated audio and also the original audio at a lower volume. You may supply your own interpreter(s). We will provide a quote based on planned time duration of the service. Multiple language channels supported. Price is per channel.

Spanish-English Interpreter (Request Price Quote)

If you would like a Spanish-English interpreter please inquire about availability of someone we can recommend.

Stand Alone Pre-Event Rehearsal $150

Our service plan includes a pre-event rehearsal which starts 30 minutes prior to the event. This option is if you wish to have a stand-alone rehearsal on a different date and time. This add-on can be booked separately.

Graveside Gathering $300

If you would like a graveside service live video option to add immediately following a service we can accommodate that for you. The main service connection will be maintained with a still photo and music and guests will be invited to keep their connection open or rejoin at the time of the graveside service. You will need a web (cellular) connected device such as a smartphone or tablet at the graveside.

Personalized Domain Name for Memorial Page $100

We will register a personalized domain name for you valid for 1 year with the .memorial extension. This custom domain name (for example can be used to invite family and friends to view the memorial page and RSVP for the gathering).