How Simplicity Helps Create Beautiful and Affordable Funerals

Affordable funerals may seem out of reach due to the high cost of traditional services, but affordability is available for those choosing to simplify the event and focus on the experience.

Many factors contribute to the high cost of traditional funerals. These include traditional caskets, maintenance of traditional funeral homes and mortuaries, high-end automobiles and other equipment and salaries for management and licensed embalmers. Today’s price conscious and eco-aware consumers are seeking more affordable and environmentally friendly options.

Simplicity is the Key to Affordable Funerals

A funeral service or memorial service for your loved one doesn’t have to be elaborate to be meaningful and beautiful. Think about what you want to accomplish by paying tribute to your loved one. While some may really value a traditional funeral service, others may wish to focus more on the content of the tribute itself such as storytelling, readings and visual and audio aspects such as slideshows or music.

Selecting the Right Venue for the Memorial Can Help Lower Costs

selecting an affordable venue for funeral

Due to the transient nature of today’s society, many friends and family are not located within easy proximity to your loved one’s last place of abode and the likely location for a funeral or memorial service. This trend has impacted the size of funeral and memorial gatherings, reducing the need for a large church or chapel, both of which may seem intimidating or less personal as a venue.

Some of the most beautiful memorial gatherings that we have assisted with have been held in less traditional venues. These have included private homes, small specialty museums and country gardens.

Cremation Can Help Create an Affordable Funeral

cremation makes funeral affordable

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular as families select the best way to handle end of life matters for their loved ones. According to a report by insurance firm Choice Mutual, the majority of Americans (44%) plan on being cremated, while only about a third (35%) plan on the traditional method — a big transition from the small 4% of the people who preferred cremation in the ’60s.

One company that provides a directory of low-cost cremation services in Canada and the USA is DFS Memorials. Their blog also provides insight into typical costs for cremation and gives information about direct cremation. Direct cremation is sometimes referred to as low-cost cremation, basic cremation, or economical cremation. 

Eco-friendly cremation options can also be quite affordable. Still Waters Funeral Services is one company in San Diego that offers everything to celebrate life from simple cremations and traditional burials to alkaline hydrolysis and eco-friendly choices.

Using a Virtual Service Provider Saves Funeral Costs

virtual memorial screen

A virtual service provider such as Virtual Memorial Gatherings can help reduce the costs by assisting the family with creating a totally virtual event. While this non-traditional method may seem less than personal, many families have expressed how surprised they have been with the feeling of intimacy during a virtual memorial.

One such customer, Michelle Mulligan wrote in her review: “Although a virtual memorial service wasn’t what I would have chosen, I can now say unequivocally that I would never want a service for a loved one any other way.  We were able to connect family and friends from near and far in a very intimate and well-designed program.  Dozens of folks have reached out to me post service and said it was the most amazing and gorgeous service they have ever attended!”

Combining a direct cremation with a virtual service has proven to be an affordable option for many families.

Live Streaming A Funeral Helps Reduce Funeral Costs

Hybrid Funeral Service

When thinking of affordability, we also need to consider those who would have to pay for travel and accommodation expenses to attend a funeral or memorial service. Having a virtual service or adding live streaming service as an option eliminates travel expenses and has the combined effect of being more environmentally friendly.

Focus on the Experience Rather than Tradition to Save Funeral Costs

Create a memorial tribute video

Focusing on the experience for friends and family who will participate in or attend the service in person or virtually will help you create an outcome that is beautiful and affordable.

Selecting an experienced event planner who is mindful of the needs of families during their time of loss can help you choose the right venue and design a beautiful tribute that will create lasting memories while you honor your loved one.

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