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  1. Phyllis Lawson

    Lawson I know you know how much I loved you it really hurts that I am portraited as a negative in your life. I miss you so much and I know Jasmine and NanaBoo are loving on you now. I love you Rest in Peace my brother

  2. Phyllis Lawson

    I thank God for the 20 years that Lawson and I spent together even though it did not work out we had great love for each other. I thank God for Nadia and Jamal his two children that I love dearly. We developed a ministry that blessed so many people. I thank God for bringing him into my life and most important I thank God for the role he played in Jasmine’s life I love you Lawson rest in heaven

  3. Mitchell Campbell

    Good memories live on?

  4. Deb and Mike Misenhimer

    Upon our first meeting of William, we thought of him as an elegant and gentle man. We are so happy to have met him and been part of the St. Andrew’s community welcoming him to Albany, NY. We send our continued sympathy to Nadya and Jason and the rest of William’s family. We are so sorry for your profound loss. We know light eternal shines upon him.

  5. Ramona Sanders

    Rest In Eternal Peace my Cousin Billy. My condolences to Our Family.

  6. Donita Meyer

    I’ll miss our talks, Dance with Jesus my friend, I’ll always love you


    "Billy" and I are first cousins, even more important we were very close friends…we share many parts of our lives (good and bad). We had may discussions on the Meaning of LIFE (why things happen? – for good or bad – the BIBLE other Books of Wisdom). I always had the impression that "Billy" smiled a lot even when things were not going well. REST IN POWER MY GOOD FRIEND…MAY THE GRACE OF GOD ALWAYS POUR OUT UPON YOU!!

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