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  1. Auntie Pat & Uncle Jon

    Trina was our beloved niece. How we will miss her great laugh, her love and concern for all our family members. It’s a great loss and so hard to believe she’s really gone. May the Lord comfort Peter and Tyler through this sad and difficult time.

  2. Marcus Jackson

    Trina was like a Big Sister to me and she will be truly missed

  3. Gary Murrieta

    Trina was a good friend of mine in high school.. It breaks my heart knowing that you were no longer with us. My condolences to the family. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless.

  4. Tamara Felizola

    Trina Hobbs, my favorite gringa you called me silly many times because I used to avoid conversations about you going away, leaving us and how we needed to be prepared. Well, I tell you that I am not ready. I am not agree on this one, actually I will not be ready, I cant accept the fact that you have gone…
    It is such a big pain that I can’t stand.
    What a loss!
    What an emptyness!
    “You are the wind beneath my winds”, remember? Yes, thats what you are.
    One day I told you this was our song because you have been my best friend, my sister, my confident, my inspiration, my family, my help, my support, my strength..
    one side of my heart is in such a big pain, hurting and nothing will make it better..
    Such an amazing human being who
    left such a big hole in our lives, it wont be filled because you are one of a kind.
    It’s been such a blessing and a pleasure to have you in my life!!!
    What a beauty in all you!!
    I LOVE YOU!!

  5. MHS Class of 86, Gina Amaya

    Our thoughts and prayers to you Peter and Tyler. Trina will be missed and will always be in our memories and heart.

    We added her to our Milpitas Memorial website (California).

  6. Kathy Port

    Trina and her family are such special people. She adored her family. She certainly raised a special son. I will remember her fondly.

  7. Joseph Lindhardt

    Although I never had the opportunity to meet Trina in person, I could tell she was a beautiful soul whose spirit shined brightly on everyone she loved. Her passing was much too soon and she will be sorely missed, but God has a place for her in His divine and eternal kingdom so we rejoice in knowing that she is at peace and smiling down on the rest of us. My sincerest condolences, love and support to her loving husband, Peter, and their blessed son, Tyler, as I know these times are difficult. Thank you for putting this memorial together and honoring her in such a beautiful way.

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