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  1. Volkan "Turk" Berksoy

    Dear Tom Baker,

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard the bad news? I wish I knew what you were going through and I wish I could be there to maybe change your mind?

    When I was just learning English and culture of the American society, I decided to join Jonda Fraternity, you and Brent were my pledge masters. You were the good "cop" and Brent was the bad "cop"?

    Do you remember the time you and I went into TEM House a night before the Homecoming and we stole their Sorority Crest? TEM girls hated me, but they had no problem with you?

    I appreciated, when you came to visit me in my 1st house and painted most of the walls, while you stayed in my house ?

    It is so surreal and hard to accept the fact that you are gone forever my friend ? Rest in Peace my brother…

    Volkan "Turk" Berksoy 1990

  2. Jane Addy

    Many thoughts and prayers seems like not enough to say. Tom was a giving soul to all who know him. May he Rest In Peace. Much Love, Jane Addy

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