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  1. Steve and Peggy Taylor

    I am also one of Susie cousins. So many family memory’s. Although God calls us home one at a time, those memory’s stay forever. We will miss Susie here on earth, but will be together someday in heaven.

    Steve and Peggy Taylor

  2. Laura Marlette Huebner

    "It is hard to believe that this moment has arrived….
    to bury both Tom and Sue, side-by-side in the family grave.
    Susie’s quiet and sweet demeanor, her devoted love to her home and family, and her love for JESUS made a lasting remembrance, and I celebrate the gift of her life and what that meant for my brother.
    How Tom loved her so!!!

    I miss them more than one can imagine, but see them fully healed and restored in the fullness of LIFE unknown here in this realm.
    I will see them again, thanks be to God.

  3. Diane Freestone

    As one of Susie’s cousins, our families spent lots of hours together on the farm, family dinners at Grandma and Grandpa Freestone’s, as well as camping. More likely than not, music became a part of many gatherings. Whether it was singing while Grandma played her piano or camp songs around the fire, music was present in all of the Freestone Households.
    We take comfort in knowing that Susie is now in a place where there is no pain, suffering, or sorrow, only peace, joy, love, and beautiful music! Knowing that she has been able to sit at the feet of Jesus and join in the Heavenly Chorus with all of the other angels, will hopefully bring peace to those who are mourning. Well done, good and faithful servant.

    Diane Freestone and Tom Surprise

  4. Susan Nizankiewicz

    Knowing Sue was a joy for me and also for my parents, Robert and Lillie Mae. She radiated the love of Christ! I have missed not being able to talk with her the last few month by phone, but know we will have much to catch up on someday in the Lord presence, where any questions will have already been answered. Her love for the Lord and her family has left a beautiful legacy!

  5. Jeff

    Steve and Tim, we are sorry for your loss and love you both!

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