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  1. Melody Barbeaux-Sedik

    It was an honor to be her daughter in law. The first day I met her, (which was the day of Bill Sr’s memorial service) I knew she was a gentle, loving & kind person. She loved her Billy, and liked sharing stories about him to me. I loved listening to her talk about her work at the steel mill, making dolls, having fish fry’s, the cottage, her husband and all the good works God had her do. She was always praying for me and my daughter & I’m forever grateful. I would call her when I needed special prayers, as I always felt she had a direct line to God, and we would laugh about that!! She loved going to church, and Bill & I enjoyed taking her. She was an amazing woman, loving mother to her Billy, her faith was unshakable, and she loved preaching the Gospel to everyone she came in contact with. I giggled when we would ask how she is, & no matter what, she ALWAYS replied with “I’m blessed!!” She is now home, may she rest in peace. I will miss you, your prayers, words of encouragement, stories, laughter & love.

  2. Meryl Schmitz

    Shirley loved those around her with a full-heart. There was always a smile on her face for everyone – especially when feeling the sun on her face!! You are missed by many loved ones, friends and those who were lucky enough to meet you on the life’s journey. Rest in peace sweet Shirley…

  3. kathy scott

    aunt Shirl is a force of nature. What joy to know her and share in her love. my best to all of you as you celebrate her life and love.

  4. Sally Srite

    Shirley(and Bill) raised two kind hearted individuals, one being Susan Mary my sister inlaw. She has been a wonderful loving and supportive daughter. My heart shares her loss.

  5. Pastor Don Seeman

    Shirl had an influence on my life and direction in ministry, through her cards and notes.
    She always included scripture and the exact time of day that she was praying for you.
    I asked pastor Pedersen about this woman. Was she different or what? He said why did she
    sent you a note saying she had been praying for you? Then you had better pay attention
    to it. Shortly after that I received a scripture and prayer that was confirmation that I should
    go to Canada, which turned out to be a great experience for our family. She continued praying
    for us. She even knitted a snow flake for me as a reminder that she was always praying for us.
    That still hangs in my office today, as a reminder to pray for her as well. It is hard to believe I have
    had that snow flake 37yrs. The last time we saw her she had a hat with a large red flower on it and
    my daughter was impressed by how happy she was. Shirl was always happy especially when she
    was talking about Jesus. Don & Midge Seeman

  6. William Sedik

    My Mom,
    I was her Billy, she cared for me all through her life. She sacrificed for me when I became ill with rheumatic fever as a child and made certain I received the Best Care, her own. She was more than a nurse, a caring Mother and provider of comfort, care, advice and prayer.
    She cared and prayed for me to her very last days, always praying for me and advising me on what’s best to do in this world in order to reach the next, Heaven. She influenced my life and made certain that that I would be with her in Glory when I am called to Heaven.
    We all will miss her Smile, Her Hats and sayings, I am Blessed, I Love You But Jesus Loves You More, Jesus Loves you and so do I and so many more.
    She lived her life for Jesus and made it known to everyone that she is a Child of the Most High God and ordained to be a missionary for Gods Glory. She did Gods work and more. Cared for so many, prayed for everyone and anyone, gave her
    ALL to everyone including her time, love, food, clothing, care, and so much more. Everyone loved her or came to love her because she never gave up and continually prayed for them as well as showing her love, the Love of Christ.
    I speak for many, Shirl, Shirley, Mama Shirl, and my MOTHER was a great and giving woman on this earth and will always be all these things to everyone she touched throughout her life. Many of us said and believed that she had a direct line to God because when she prayed for you, you knew God heard her prayers and changed lives and healed bodies. Everyone should know that she continues to pray and intercede for you in Heaven. Her greatest desire is to have everyone she ever touched to join her in Heavens Glory when God calls them to Heaven.
    I miss you MOM but you always said that your goal and desire was to spend Eternity Praising God and now you are doing that. I am certain that the heavenly crowns you earned are many more than you can handle alone and have angels at your side carrying them for you.
    Thank you for being MY Mother, I am honored and So Blessed to be your son Billy.

  7. Susan L. Barker

    My heart goes out to the Sedik family and friends. Sherley squeezed every bit of life out of her time here on Earth. Her stories made smile, shake our head at times, and laugh. I will remember how much she cared about her faith and about people. Rest in peace, Mrs. Sedik. Susan L. Barker

  8. Ariel Rutenbeck

    I was truly blessed to have been able to know ‘Grandma’ Shirl. It was an honor to have been able to consider her a grandmother for the past couple of years. Knowing she prayed for me constantly was a true comfort. I am glad she is in Heaven with her husband, and with the Lord. She will be forever missed.

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