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  1. Michelle Lombardi

    After reading this tribute to a remarkable woman, one thing was missed. While I only had the pleasure of meeting and working with one of her children – Dawn – one of her great accomplishments was raising such an awesome person.

  2. Tony Padilla

    Ms Timmons gave kindness and elegance a whole new definition.

    I will miss my neighbor, but know the heavens just became a little more classy.

  3. Sermara Murphy

    My Prayers and condolences are with Mrs. Ruth entire family. My name is Sermara and I work at Nordstrom on Michinue. I met her over 15 years ago while she was shopping at the store. Before I could even see her over the fixtures I could feel her sweet spirit all in my department and it was a kinship developing from that moment. She never forgot about me whenever she would stop by the store she would bring her favorites in the store a candy bar. Her sense of style was always impressive to me. She have even brought me a few pair of her heels she couldn’t wear any more and some of them was to high for me ?. She was a beautiful woman and I’m blessed to be able to say I meet her and loved her dearly in my lifetime ♥ Her memories will never die with me with that said she’ll live forever in my heart. Peace remains blessed. Our Queen Mrs. Ruth is not suffering any more. Thanks for sharing ??

  4. Angela Young

    Aunt Ruth. I love you. RIH

  5. AaronYoung

    RIH Aunt Ruth

  6. Mary Anne Bryning

    Ruth was a good friend for many years. She helped me get through the unexpected death of my husband in 1998. We shared many happy times at concerts and lunches with friends. She was a generous and kind person and I miss her very much.

  7. Andie D.

    Love and condolences to the family. We celebrate an extraordinary life well lived.

  8. Alvin Smith

    Love all of you

  9. Michael Thom

    Ruth is clearly a renaissance woman, who lived an incredibly impactful and inspiring life. This is the most beautiful memorial and she lived life and impacted lives.

  10. Nikki Preister

    Ruth came riding on a bicycle into our lives in 1999 as she was passing our salon and stopped to get a hair consultation. She became a client of my mother’s from that day and a great friend and it was an absolute pleasure to have known her. To know her is to love her.

  11. Camille

    To my dearest Aunt, I am missing you everyday. I am so proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to call you my aunt. I will love you always.
    Your little fashionista, Camille!

  12. Marvin Stodolsky

    Ruth well participated in my genetics research team at the University of Chicago, from about 1968-73. Her cleverness and kindliness was well appreciated. Her descendants are welcome to contact me, now retired in Germantown, MD.

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