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  2. Lois & Michael Gasking

    Lois and Michael Gasking
    We send our deepest sympathy to Ellen and the Stewart family We have known Royal since he lived in Melbourne, Australia. Long before he married, he picked us up from the Bus that took us through from Vancouver to Calgary and took us to the Planetarium. After that we all went to a Mexican Restaurant to enjoy catching up again. He was an amazing person. His and our faith in God was so true. We have now enjoyed him playing his guitar and singing with his daughter Deanna. – so beautiful.

  3. Marj Ayson

    Dear Ellen and all the family. Our hearts ach with yours at this time of tragic loss.

    What a privilege to have known Royal as a young man – staying in our home in New Zealand. early 70s. His warm spirit and kind heart was always inspiring and he was extremely popular with all ages. The musical talent added to the intrigue and we have wonderful memories of many enjoyable musical evenings. The anchor to Royal’s life was truly his faith in God. An example that has left a great legacy for all of us.

    Sending deepest sympathy and love. Marj (previously Nixon) & Peter Ayson

  4. William, Becky & Lukas Stoutjesdijk

    We are so sorry for your loss and would like to extend our sympathy and condolences to all at this difficult time. We haven’t met but share in the same fellowship with you in the UK. Having lost my Dad also at the age of 68 I can relate to you all and your loss. We wish you all the very best, and trust our Heavenly Father will give you all the strength and courage you need in the days to come. Much Love from William, Becky & Lukas (Age 5) England

  5. Owen and Isabel Johnston

    Dear Merle, Ellen and families We cannot stop thinking about you in heartfelt sympathy for the tragic experience Our God has entrusted you with. Lewis and Royal have touched and inspired so many lives globally it seems so am praying their early homecall will accomplish what Our God intended. With loving heartfelt sympathy from Australia.
    Owen and Isabel Johnston

  6. Roger & Gloria Alexander

    We feel the great loss of both families.
    What beautiful testimonies left behind on earth & carried with them for all Eternity.
    Heartfelt Sympathies to both Families,Workers & Friends. RSA

  7. Jane Willgohs

    Our family feels your loss. We had Royal, and Lewis in our home back in the 70’s, (the late, Charles & Maybelle Lewis, home) in Edgewood, NM. My brother Donald Lewis, met Ellen and friends on travels in NZ, and Australia. We knew Royal through Alton Bassett.
    We are saddened by your loss. Jane ( Lewis) WILLGOHS

  8. Jerry & Sharon Morton

    We are thankful that we were able to see this on the website. We would like to express are heartfelt condolences to all of Royal’s family especially (Ellen, Doris, Mavis, Mary, & Barb)those we have known while they spent winters here in Mesa, AZ.
    We did appreciate his spirit and love for God & his example in so many ways.
    Also, we send our condolences & prayers for Lewis Stronge’s family.

  9. Rick and Kara Dell

    Our hearts go out to all those mourning the tragic loss of these two godly men. We’re so thankful for the influence of men like them who put God first and that they have gone “from life to life” as Brady mentioned. We know this will be a huge comfort for you in the days to come.

  10. Ken & Marylin Blair

    Memories of Royal go back to mid 70s when he came to stay with us on the farm at Clarkville, n.z..His next two visits with Ellen leave lasting warm memories of a very special pair. We share the pain of his passing but he leaves unforgettable times in his company. Au revour from Marylin & Ken Blair

  11. Tom and Sharon Douglas

    Our condolences to the families of each. Nathan and Lewis stopped on their trip thru NC in 1980.

  12. Carol Gray

    Sending sincere condolences Ellen and family. I’m glad the funeral service was and is available on line. I watched it live and again just now, a truly beautiful service though nothing will replace Royal in your family circle. His soul is now with those waiting on the other side, resting under the alter. Each of us can know safety under His wings. With much love, Carol

  13. Willis and Frances Jordan

    So sorry for your loss. Our condolences to all the families.

  14. Sharon Clunie

    I first met Royal when he travelled to NZ-I was just a little girl. He stayed with my grandparents the Mattson family. Then I had the privilege with my friend Rachel Williams, to stay with Royal & Ellen in Calgary in 1992. We were made very welcome & had a lovely visit. I do remember the guitar coming out & the singing 🙂
    I didn’t know Lewis so well, but Merle I’ve known since I was quite young- I’ve always admired the 2 of them as they were rock solid in the Way & an inspiration in their marriage. Our thoughts & sympathies are to both families xx Sharon Clunie & family (nee Chatterton) NZ

  15. Elaine Rowe

    I knew Lewis as a child and Rob and Junia, his parents were special friends, as my husband Max worked for them. when we married, and he loved those kids too. A lovely family, and although I didn’t know Royal, I can see they would be on the same level naturally and spiritually. I feel so much for their wives, and chilren, as i have also lost Max, but we are not here to stay. A lovely service.

  16. Roger Nixon

    It was a priveledge to have known both boys from their 20’s up enjoying their friendly spirit.Royal stayed with us in 1975 Auckland NZ and we had many good days working together.Both Lew and Royal had a zest for life and love for their God.Deepest sympathies extend to Merle Ellen and wider families .Roger

  17. Auriel Durston

    Dear Everyone thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful service. So inspiring
    I never met these two brothers but I was so glad to see the two sisters singing. I remember Linda when she left for the work in Casa Grande
    My condolences to the families. What earthly loss, but what heavenly gain!
    May we all keep on keeping on.

  18. Courtney Foye

    What a beautiful service. It is sorely felt far away here in Australia.

    I have known and kept in touch with Deanna since wet met at Didsbury convention in 2014.

    Much love Courtney, Trevor, Isla and Charlotte Foye

  19. Gail & Ivan Ramsay

    Loved that we have had of meeting Royal, Ellen and family many years ago…
    Our sympathy to you, Ellen , and your children.
    Ivan & Gail Ramsay, PEI

  20. Lily Horn

    I am so sorry. Thinking off you all.

  21. Sally Grobbelaar

    Our hearts are deeply touched by your great loss. We are so thankful for two faithful friends who loved God to the end. Our heartfelt sympathy to you all with your sad loss. Willie & Sally Grobbelaar RSA

  22. Jenny Morgan

    My son and daughter-in-law told me of this tragedy when we talked with them on the weekend. They live in Calgary and we live in Australia. We attended Didsbury in 2019. One of the best memories of our visit to our son in AB.

  23. Betty Petersen

    Deanna…Ellen…& to Lew’s family… Loving thoughts go your way. Ellen, I have heard of you since your marriage because of spending a year with Aunty Mildred at that time. And to Lew’s family, my co-workers from N.Zealand told me what a fine man Lew was. A huge gap will be felt… but a wonderful peace will be yours because Lew & Royal are safe. Keep journeying on with a heart & purpose true.
    Loving thoughts & deep sympathies…………………………….Betty

  24. Grant n Elaine Secker

    treasured memories of Royal n Ellen’s visit here to New Zealand and the music n fellowship shared together. Our sincere sympathy to Ellen n families. Grant n Elaine Secker Whakatane NZ

  25. Heather and Lindsay watkins

    Thinking of you all
    Our thoughts and prayers from Wollongong Australia
    So glad that the one spirit joins us the world over
    We have the same comforter.
    Love from heather and Lindsay watkins

  26. Roy and Elaine Olsen

    Our condolences to Ellen & Family. Feeling your loss but know you will have special memories of a dear husband, a father and a grandfather. Thankful for strength that comes from above. The funeral service was so inspiring and a wonderful tribute to Royal and Lewis.

  27. Phil & Maggie Chamberlain

    A touching honest service for these two brothers in the faith. Fond memories of the friendliness and kindness of both. Our thoughts of sympathy to the families especially.
    Phil and Maggie Chamberlain

  28. Donald, Blair and Bruce Sanderson, Australia

    Dear Ellen and Family – thinking of you with sadness in our hearts. We have fond memories of Royal and of fellowship we shared in our parents home when he was living in Melbourne, and your subsequent visits here.
    With love from Donald and Margaret, Blair and Bruce Sanderson.

  29. Many Friends from OHIO

    Did not know either of these faithful loyal true friends , but the common bond due to the True Gospel work in their lives mean so much. From Ohio and a friend from Indiana shared the opportunity to view the service. The funeral was such an inspiration. “May there be comfort in knowing that friends are there even from afar. And that they share in your sorrow. Joy and sorrow interwoven!”

  30. Paul and Anita Christian

    Our heats have been torn by this tragic loss of two special and much loved men, husbands, fathers, grandfather’s and friends to many. This is another opportunity for the God of all comfort to fill a void and show Himself again to us in all His wonderfulness.

  31. Bernadine Kolbenson

    Dear Ellen and family,
    Our hearts feel your sorrow and loss! You have been in our prayers since we first heard about the accident! We have always loved and appreciated Royal and how he loved others!!!
    We’re hugging you in our hearts….love Bernadine & Bryce

  32. Dina n Sam Govender

    We share in your grief today, but rejoice in God’s plan fulfilled.
    It doesn’t matter we never met..but we feel your pain…it’s the miracle of God’s Truth across the earth.may you be comforted from above. Love from South Africa.

  33. Joan Bentley

    Heartfelt love and sympathy to Merle and Ellen and their families.
    Vic and Joan

  34. Norm & Janette Townsend

    Lovely memories of times with Royal and Ellen in Canada and Australia. We valued your friendship and send our sincere sympathy to Ellen and both families.

  35. Bruce & Jeni Saunders Australia

    Dear Ellen & Family
    We have such wonderful memories of the all the times with Royal when he was in Melbourne Australia. Listening to him and David play their music together. We were both at Royal’s 21st birthday and gave him a mohair rug. Our love, comfort, and prayers are with you. Was so special to hear Royal and Deanna singing a hymn last week (David had shared it with usX)
    Warmest love Bruce & Jeni

  36. Lois Todd and Mary Collett

    Heartfelt feelings for you all in your great loss. What a great comfort to know their lives were totally in the Potter’s hands. What an inspiration to us all!

  37. Carmen Vockins

    One of the most beautiful and touching services I have ever had the privilege to listen to. My precious Father also passed on from life to life a year ago.

    We are Eternally grateful that we know the God of all Heaven and Earth as our Father..for without Him as our true Source of Comfort there would’ve been no acceptance for such deep loss.

    May we all remember in coming days that our Merciful and Loving Heavenly Father cannot make a mistake. Carmen Vockins – South Africa

  38. Llewellyn and Stina.

    From lovers of all earthly things that fly and Lovers of the Spirits, given by Our God, to His Children, that Fly from Eternity to Eternity.
    Thankful for the Privelidge of learng to know the family, by being a member of The Family, although from very far away.
    Our Hearts deepest Sympathy and Love to you all.

  39. Morris Grovum

    The lives of our two dear brothers in this great worldwide family of God
    have been such an inspiration to so many.
    Lewis and Merle & Jess were here to visit us in Việt Nam in 2006.
    We can be so thankful for what was accomplished in the secret side
    of their lives. Today, we saw only part of the evidence of the result!
    Grief is not a sign of weakness but the result of love!
    May you feel “nearer” to God as you journey on without Royal and Lewis.
    In like precious faith,
    Morris in VN.

  40. Eddie

    The Love of our Father always prevail……best wishes from South Africa.

  41. Sally Alexander

    Ellen & family … we love what we felt again, of the overflow of love from Royal’s life, as we listened to the funeral. It was beautiful in every way & we feel so thankful for the privilege of knowing him. We feel for your sorrow but know that beyond the sorrow is the deep assurance that “all is well” because of his love for God.

  42. Bill keeman

    So sorry to hear that my dear friend and business partner has past away.
    Lewis lived live to the fullest and it is with sadness in my heart that I say my farewells
    We will meet again when it is my time to pass to the other side
    Rest In Peace my friend

  43. Geoff n Eunice Modra

    Having known Royal for many years and enjoyed visits, it is with a heavy heart as a fellow pilot to say good bye in such tragic circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ellen and Merle and families and friends

  44. Betty (Peters/Stelfox) Hredil

    Dear Royal & Lewis’s families: “The DARK threads are as needful in the Weaver’s skillful hand as the threads of GOLD & SILVER in the pattern He has planned.” May this be an everlasting comfort to you precious souls! Lots of Love…. betty, penticton, b.c.

  45. Florence Jeyapaul.

    Though we haven’t met both the families….we feel we have because of my sister Malini and brother in law Louie Jayesingha who live in Norway as Deanna laboured there….Our thoughts and Prayers are with both the families..May they prove God’s comfort and the pressure of His Hand these days..From Florence and from all the
    Jeyapaul family in India.

  46. Jack and Ruth Palmer

    Ruth and I did not know these two men and their families and yet through the spirit we feel a bond with God’s people all over the world – deepest sympathy to both families and the friends in Canada and New Zealand who feel the earthly loss. – clearly both men weren’t men who wanted any personal glory but brought Glory to their God whom they loved.! 🇦🇺 Perth

  47. larry Good

    Our thoughts go to all the family members at this time of loss, Damaris and Larry

  48. Maureen Whitcher

    Our deepest sympathy and love to Royal’s family
    And our Cousin Merle and families for the loss of Lewis (Gordon’s cousin) just too much to take in 💕
    The promise that God will not leave us comfortless is a wonderful promise . We have proved that in our lives time and time again
    💞 Gordon and Maureen Whitcher (NZ)

  49. Neil & Cheryl Galloway

    Thinking of all the family at this difficult time. Sorry for your loss. We had good memories of the times we met Royal over the years.

  50. Nathan, Vanessa, Willem and Travis Townsend

    As New Zealand friends of Lewis and Merle we feel so very far away, so shocked and saddened at Lew and Royals passings. We didn’t know Royal but it seems he was just like Lew and we send our love to Royal’s family and friends and thank you for being there for Merle and family when we couldn’t.

    Lew was an exceptional person, my Dad had a stroke at his age and Lew and Merle have visited regularly which meant so much. He was a rock in our East Auckland area and we will miss him so much. Special love to Merle, Junia, all Lew’s children and grandchildren and his brothers and sister ❤️

  51. Betty (Weiland) Droel

    Very dear Ellen and Doris… heart is overwhelmed with shock and sadness just like hundreds and hundreds of others at the loss of Royal’s life and influence and service to the Kingdom and to individuals. Oh, we loved being with you in Arizona, and may you experience the promise of God’s Comfort. It comes from so many sources – and His Children are used to express His love and comfort. I am watching the service again.
    God is working out His purpose, and we do not want to interfere with it, but Trust Him
    completely. I have known sorrow and comfort myself losing my dear Roy, so I know
    how to respect your emptiness. How wonderful “life ends, but Life begins”.

  52. Raymond & Laraine McGavigan

    Love & condolences to all at this sad time. Our thoughts have been with you.

  53. Les and Susan olson

    Our thoughts have been with you all the these days. Our love to all of you….

  54. Dale and Darlene Lonseth

    Thinking of all of you at this time. Sorry for your great loss. I always appreciated Royal’s thoughtfulness in remembering and reaching out to people who are dear to me.
    Dale and Darlene

  55. Marianna Wright

    Thank you that we were able to attend the funeral services of Royal and Lewis online.

    There are some here in South Africa who could not do so, but I will appreciate it very much when the live recording is available to have a link for it!

    Our deepest sympathy with the Stewart and Stronge families.

    Alec and Marianna Wright
    South Africa

  56. Jo & Marcel

    Thoughts are with both families during this very sad time. So sorry for your loss. ❤️ Love from NZ.

  57. Paul and Shannon Moore

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you these days Ellen and Family, So sorry for your loss.

  58. Felicity and Ron Graham

    Our deepest sympathy and love to Ellen and the Stewart family. We were deeply saddened to hear of Royal’s passing. We have very precious memories from a wonderful family friendship over many years.

    much love Felicity and Ron.

  59. Barb Archer

    Barb Archer-sending my sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathies to Ellen and all the family members. And for Royal’s friend and his family also. May the Lord give you much strength for the days ahead!

  60. Pat & Jim Collyer

    Our sincere love & sympathy goes out to all the family at this time
    Will always remember Royals kind warm spirit
    Jim & Pat Collyer

  61. Dave/Donna Gibson

    Joy and sorrow interwoven…
    Joy that we got to know Royal…..his kindness, helpfulness, and love for God. Sorrow that we will miss him.

  62. Dave/Donna Gibson

    Thinking of you Ellen, Doris, Mavis, Mary and the rest of this wonderful family! The service was so inspiring! We will so miss Royal in Arizona. Love and prayers will continue to be towards you all!

  63. Lynn Munday

    We are old friends from Australia. We would like to send Royals family our deepest sympathy

  64. Rob n Elva Stapleton

    We are thankful for these men who lived their lives unto God through Christ!
    It was our privilege to have met Royal and Ellen briefly a few years ago. Memorable our heartfelt condolences at this time and may the comforter go with you in future days.
    Love Rob n Elva Stapleton

  65. Greg Mallett

    Royal had such a great personality and entertained us each year with his singing and guitar playing. I played pickleball with Royal and Ellen and their friends at Mesa Shadows in Mesa, Az for the past several winters. He was a great pickleball player and helped many new comers to this sport. He will be greatly missed. Our condolences to Ellen and all of the family.