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  1. Dale Chipps

    I worked with Ross for a few years. He was a very good man. We would discuss and debate many topics and not always agree, but we always stayed friends. He definitely loved his sons and always wanted the best for them

  2. Monique Wade

    I remember Ross and his younger brothers who love to go fishing with my late husband Jonathan who was like a big brother.

  3. Elder Wilbert Brinson

    On behalf of the Elders Ministry at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Prince George’s County Maryland, we send our prayers, love, and support to the family in particular Rosses son’s Granet and Pierce; be encouraged and we pray the peace of God be with you as you continue to grow and develop as great men as your father was and will always be remembered.

  4. Simone (Harris) Pratt

    I met Ross in the 80s – my mother Sandi Harris-Everett worked with his Aunt Linda. I have always loved and admired the Commodore family. I am an only child and have 2 sons and modeled some of how I am a "boy Mom" after how I saw Mrs. Commodore with her sons. Ironically, my husband Timothy, grew up with Ross in Hempstead before they moved and Timothy’s mother was their Cub Scout den mother. When Timothy’s mother passed in May, Ross called to send his condolences and we spoke a good long time. I loved hearing all the great achievements of Grant and Pierce and was so proud of them. Ross "knew it all" as I joked with him but he did and every conversation I laughed or wanted to look something up for my boys (they are 10 and 12 but I tucked away info for when they get older). Ross was an amazing father and I always saw him as a big brother I never had. He was truly one of a kind and I will miss him but I cherish all memories.

  5. Tamara McCants

    I loved Ross dearly and will miss him forever.

  6. Guinevere & Billi Bowen

    Commodore family,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Guinevere & Billi Bowen

  7. Lucie, Jerome & Jules Lagarrigue

    Very sorry about this tremendous loss. Our deepest condolences to the entire Commodore family.
    This memorial was beautiful and very moving, thanks for having us!
    Sending our love,
    The Lagarrigue.

  8. Walter Burks

    Ross and I had the wonderful opportunity and time coaching our sons in flag football with Grant, my son Walter-Claude and Pierce. We worked together coaching our sons which he enjoyed immensely from start to finish. Ross favorite quote he would say to all his players and especially his son Grant was " I want to see some Jets"!

    I would meet with Ross over time about business, sports and religion. Upon meeting with Ross one day and asking him what would you like to have in God’s Kingdom. Ross said "I would like to get my Porsche".
    I replied to him you’ll be able to have whatever your heart desires! ACTS: 24:15

  9. Dawne Young

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Ross, and in earlier years, his wife. I imagine James is stepping up as Uncle to the kids (smile James). I met the Ross Brothers while living in New York post college. I had great fun with them there.

  10. Ericka Renfro Bellamy

    I met Ross through his brother, James, and sister-in-law, Alisha (my college roommate). From the day we met, I always enjoyed seeing him at James & Alisha’s place. We always had great conversations. Even when running into each other at the grocery store or at a CBC party. I will always have the upmost respect for Ross. He raised such wonderful young men. What a legacy! Ross is sorely missed.

  11. Byron Prince

    Some people are just necessary. This loss is insurmountable to his family and friends. All of us need Ross’s infectious laugh during these times. Rest in power my Brother. I personally have become a better father by the example and strength you set for me and other men. Love and Miss you B

  12. Tangela D. Richardson

    Ross was the Husband to my AKA Sorority Line Sister, Tara Commodore. Ross was a good friend, a loving husband, and a devoted father. He loved his family and he loved his friends. He will be sorely missed!

  13. Helen Boxwill

    Ross had such a great reputation and made his parents and family so proud. Sending virtual hugs to all the family.
    Helen Boxwill

  14. Pamela Smith, DuVal HS Principal

    Mr. Commodore was a loving and devoted father of two awesome sons. As Principal of DuVal High School I had the privilege to speak with him often as I encountered him at many school functions. He pushed public education to be better, not just for the benefit of his sons but for all children. He was a concerned parent and wanted to ensure that we prepared all students for their next chapter. I am honored to have had the opportunity to engage in conversations with him. As a school community, we will miss his presence and support. We will continue to pursue "Excellence without Excuses" as he demanded. To Grant and Pierce your Tiger Family will always be here to support you, continue to excel both in sports and academics in your father’s honor.

  15. Katia

    Dearest Ross:

    God always calls his angels home when there purpose here on earth has been fulfilled. Your memory, and all you’ve done will never be forgotten. May you continue to rest in paradise.


  16. Torey Thorpe

    There’s a lot that can be said about Ross Commodore AND the Commodore family. I’m fortunate , that in my formative years I made quick friends with James Commodore and subsequently Mr. and Mrs. Commodore and the entire Commodore family. In these times I learned how to fish, and I learned what it could be like to have 4 brothers. I love these guys, was my takeaway. Mr. And Mrs. Commodore put a premium on education and that fit with the life skills that I was developing at home. I remember wanting to be stamped "ROSS APPROVED". Ross was cool, had the sports/educated aesthetic, and was handsome, that elusive trifecta I so wanted to emulate. Ross also had a snarky/ biting sense of humor, he had a clever and funny way of making a point stick, I watched him and James interactions when they would occasionally have a difference of opinion and my inner voice would be telling me, "Now that’s how you should handle a situation" make your point but lead with love . I sponged quite a few things up while in the presence of Ross Commodore, he commanded that type of respect from me. James was my best friend in those formative years so I spent a lot of quality time at the Commodore household, learning playing video games and developing life skills that I would carry with me into adulthood. Ross was very much apart of my early development and for that I am forever grateful.

  17. Tia Breckenridge

    Knowing Ross has and continues to Bless my life. Ross will be missed and never forgotten.

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