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  1. Fran Pitre

    Mac’s memorial service is a beautiful and moving tribute to a very special gentleman. My family and I offer prayers of comfort to all who love and deeply miss Mac. May he rest in peace and fill Heaven with his beautiful music.

  2. Deatria McClean

    My heart and prayers have been with you Gail, Sheldon, Brandon, Gene and his grandchildren. I will miss your sweet "Face" your beautiful smile and all the wonderful fun times we had working together ~ Mac was one of my best friends for over 40 years and I will miss him until we meet again on the shores of Light ?

  3. Jeannette Chesney

    Such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man! I had the pleasure of meeting Mac through my sister Teri Levine of KTG. Every time that I chatted with Mac, I felt that I had his undivided attention, just as he had mine. We would speak of music, his philosophy of life and family. He was incredibly talented, warm, friendly, funny as hell, and he never spoke an unkind word about anyone! I am a firm believer that God places people along your path in life to help you see that life is a beautiful journey — even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. Mac was one of those gentle souls who helped you see and appreciate the beauty in our world. God Bless you Mac!!

  4. Roberto

    It was truly a pleasure meeting Mac and getting to know him. He will be missed but we can Celebrate his life and know will see him on the other side.


  5. Edna Warren

    “He hath dispersed, he hath given to the poor, his righteousness endure the for ever; his horn shall be exalted with honor.” Psalms 112:9
    May the Lord continue to bless the family while Mac plays in the heavenly band.
    Mac, Thank you for the smiles and positive words.

  6. Annette Perry

    The first thing that comes to mine when I think of Roderick is that charismatic smile, it would light up a room!
    The bible tells us to get friends you must first show yourself friendly, Roderick was one of the most friendliest person that I‘Be known. I was deeply saddened by his passing, though the Lord seen fit to take him home Roderick left an abundance of memories for us, I will forever cherish them in my heart.
    You will never be forgotten, because you are unforgettable.

  7. Altamese Stewart

    I known Mac a few years ago through a family member, he was always a friendly person. We graduated from Stanton I was a couple of years ahead of mac. Mac may you Rest In God Arms, You will be missed, from my family.

    Altamese Newman, Stewart,

  8. Tony Sapp

    Rest In Heaven Mac – you made so many happy with your gifts of music, song and friendship. I too was on the local music scene with bands that were a friendly ‘rivalry’ with you, Cloris and Alan – but, you guys took it to NEW heights with Cameo, Millie Jackson and, of course, Michael! Now you’ve transcended into Heaven to join a LONG line of musical geniuses and what a ‘band’ that is. I’ve been childhood friends with Gail (and Lynette) since I was in the fifth grade and I extend my heartfelt condolences to her, the boys, your grandchildren and you all’s family. I enjoyed the service – it was truly a celebration of Mac’s life. God Bless.

  9. Della Faulkner

    It was such a great honor to attend this celebration of life for Mac. While we met him only once, we felt very relaxed in out time together. The celebration allowed us to "know" Mac so much better. Our love and prayers are with Gail and the sons.
    Della and Larry Faulkner

  10. Tangee Young

    We love you, Tangee, Mike and the Kudu Band!

  11. Helen Ashmead

    Mac was a dear friend, and a dear, kind, loving man. We had wonderful talks, and over the years I marveled at his deep connection with everyone he knew. He never said an unkind thing about anyone, it was the opposite, he spoke of others in gratitude and praise for them. He was a deep thinker, a rare man of wonderful talents. to know him was to count him as a valued friend. Being with him always uplifted me. I will miss him dearly.

  12. Millie and Michaael A. Kolcun

    All our sympathy to Gail and the boys. Mac was a wonderful, generous man.

    Millie and Michael A. Kolcun

  13. Lisa R McNichols

    I have known Mack for over forty years….although I hadn’t seen in in more than thirty years we talked at least once a month over the years. I truly will miss our conversations and pray for his family and send my condolences.

  14. Teri Levine

    When I think of Mac I think LOVE. The love he had for his family, his friends, his art and his music. He always had a smile for everyone he ever met and lived his life with positivity and kindness. He loved to talk but he was also a great listener.
    Mac was my dear friend and part of our family. We shared the stage together dancing, singing and entertaining our audience for over 25 years. He was an incredible talent and he absolutely loved performing! Words cannot describe how much I will miss that……how much I will miss my dear friend Mac.

  15. Rhoderick Barnes Sr.

    Dear Dad,
    How I long for more time. Time to say more, learn more, just more time. Regarded as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future. The time we’ve spent, memories of the past and present that we’ve had has left an indelible mark on my heart. Many have been inspired by your musical talents, as they should. I’ve always admired your intelligence of so many aspects of life and I will deeply miss our time spent in deep conversation. Dad, until we have more time. I love you and will always miss you. Your Son.

  16. William Stephens

    MAC was truly a blessing to so many. I remember when he and Gail became members of the Northside Church of Christ. They were such a lovely couple and there was no question as to how much Gail loved and admired her husband.
    He was a talented individual who also loved the game of chess. He will truly be missed.
    I extend my prayers and condolences to the family and many friends.

    William Stephens

  17. Jan Gilmer

    I first met Mackie 10 years ago when I started delivering to Stellers. Over the years we shared comments and stories each week until I came to value his opinions and friendship. When he first heard that I was ill last year and not able to work, he immediately called me at home to cheer me up. Truly one of the friendliest & most caring people I have ever met. I miss him.

  18. Tria Bailey

    Rest in Peace Mac. I’m happy you finally spoke about how much you loved and cherished your true love, Gail. Then you couldn’t stop telling anyone around you just how much you always loved her and the boys. I’ll miss your wonderful music, singing and bubbly personality, you were truly blessed with great gifts! To the family, today and always may God and loving memories bring you peace, comfort, and strength.

  19. Kenny Levine

    Brother Mac was my band mate for over 30 years. Starting back in 1988 with the house band at Florida Cafe straight thru his time with KTG Entertainment. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about our time together both on and off the stage. His talent and friendship were both enormous and spectacular every time we hit that stage, in the studio or just hanging out. Rest in peace my friend

  20. Richard R Dostie

    Ginny and I wish to offer our condolences to Gail, Sheldon and rest of the family. Reading this tribute to Mac’s life makes us wish we had known this amazingly talented and well loved man. Losing someone you love is never easy…..We pray God’s hand of comfort on all of you and that He will fill you with the Peace that Passes Understanding.

  21. Johnny Piantadosi

    I had only known Mac a short time, having had the privilege of performing with him a few times with the KTG Band. I must say, he was a most welcoming soul, making me feel like I belonged right from the start, talking to me about songs he wanted to do and always encouraging me. You could feel the love and warmth just talking to him. And what amazing talent he had! Well, Mac, I hardly knew you, sorry I didn’t get to know you better, and you will be so missed. See you in eternity, buddy.
    To God, I lift up prayers of comfort for Mac’s family and friends, and may He bring you some peace in your grieving…….JP

  22. Michelle Renee Denton

    My dear Roderick….I have no words to describe the sadness I am feeling right now; sad that the World has lost one of its most precious souls; sad that your family has lost an amazing father, grandfather, brother and Uncle; sad because the beautiful music you played and created (LOVED your original piano compositions!) has been silenced; and very very sad because all of the friends who love and adore you have a huge empty hole in their hearts that can never be filled! You touched so many people just by being YOU! Your gentle, loving spirit and your beautiful smile was magnetic. There wasn’t one person who knew you or met you that didn’t fall in love with you……how well I know this! ❤️ I am blessed to have had you in my life – you made me a better “me”. I imagine that heaven’s choir is rejoicing upon your return and I imagine you right in the middle singling with that beautiful voice!! Roderick, I miss you!! But I will see you again my beautiful friend!!!!

  23. Jack & Maureen Wasson

    Gail, we are saddened by the passing of “Mac”. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers going forward. May he rest in peace in the loving arms of our Savior Jesus Christ!

  24. Dan Smith

    Mac was an immensely talented musician and performer whose gifts were matched only by his kindness. It was a privilege of a lifetime to share a stage with him for what I wish could have been many more times.

  25. Cindy Roll

    It is obvious that Mac was a well loved man! I know his family and loved ones will miss him dearly. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  26. Scott Riley

    Mac was more than an excellent employee for almost 30 years.. he was my dear friend and brother! Mackie played my children’s weddings and always had my 95 year old Dad up to sing “Yellow Ribbon” and me to sing “Mac The Knife”. We went through a lot of life together and I miss him everyday!! ❤️

  27. Ingrid Yvonne Hayden

    Uncle Mac ..Where can I start..You are a amazing SOUL!! I wish I can call you and have one of our long talks..Until we meet again. I love you and you will truly be missed.. rest in peace ??❤? To my cousins Eugene, Sheldon and Brandon and Aunt Gail …you are in my prayers and have my deepest condolences?.

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