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    Hi, I am Robert’s God Mother. There are so many memories of Robert and all of them have his big smile in them. He was the go to guy for all my computer problems. Every time he came to visit I would make a trip to Sam’s and get huge container of cheese balls !! He is and will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. I will miss him and think about him daily.

  2. Allie Capone/Esquivel

    If someone asked me to describe ROBERT the first words that come to my mind would be: very bright, kind, friendly, respectful, and compassionate, which is pretty amazing to find in one human being. ROBERT was this way as a little boy and all the way through into his adult years. Nothing changed or altered that even with all the things happening in our world today which is also pretty amazing. Robert was always patient and kind with my son who is on the spectrum and my husband whose first language is not English. ROBERT saw no boundaries or limitations and treated everyone the same unconditionally which is what I really loved about him and appreciated very much from the bottom of my heart. I want to sincerely thank The Snakard family and the Boysia family for sharing ROBERT with us and giving us the opportunity of knowing him and creating memories with him. My 2 favorite memories were the trips to the beach house and playing cards with Graham Graham.

  3. Jim & Joan Vivacqua

    You brought such joy to so many. Be at peace friend.

  4. Drew Roy

    Robert was an intelligent, kind, and considerate human being. Although our paths only crossed for a short period of time it was always a pleasure to work with him and understand his perspective on difficult problems or just his take on what was going on in the world around us. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. He was a good soul, may he rest in peace.

  5. Max Vivacqua

    I will never forget the first time I watched Robert vault over my back fence because it was faster than walking all the way around to the front door. He had an exceptional ability to be absolutely one of the funniest people in a room and I will always cherish the memories of us sitting in the band room during lunch and debating yugioh cards we had printed off the internet. My condolences to Mike, Maria, Greg, and Angela.

  6. Joe and Rebecca Mertz

    Robert was a brilliant, funny, and thoughtful young man. We’re so sorry for everything he suffered and for all the friends and family left to mourn him.

  7. Rebecca Ainey

    I still think fondly of Robert when I reminisce about the best parts of high school band. It hurts to know that he’s gone and we’ll never be able to catch up. He was always sweet and funny and one of the group I would hang out with. He will be dearly missed. My heart goes out to his family members who even more keenly feel the loss of a great person.

  8. Audray Lee Clement

    Although I was only with Robert three different times, he was always absolutely delightful. So happy and full of life that it is impossible to hear that he was having difficulties coping. He was a very thoughtful young man and had the most charming smile. Each time I open my Chaeau Ste. Michelle, I smile and think of him because he gave me my first as a gift. God bless you Robert. We will meet again.

  9. Ben Sullivan

    Robert was a brilliant and kind person that I shared many memories with. Many of those memories involve goofing-off, laughing, and being playful, oftentimes at times when we knew we shouldn’t be. Robert’s intellect was only bested by his compassion and kindness, I never heard him have something negative to say about another person.

    I hadn’t stayed in touch with Robert past high school, learning of his struggles is tough to take in. My deepest condolences go to Mike, Maria, Greg, and Angela.

  10. Tom Browning

    Robert was always a kind and cheery person; whether it was during a rainy marching band rehearsal or Parade of Champions, a biology lesson or Dungeons and Dragons session, a tough exam study period or a fun ad lib in the band room, he showcased his unmistakable creativity and enthusiasm. I’m sorry that he has left us all so suddenly, but happy to think back on the great times he provided to those around him and honored to have known such a caring and thoughtful young man.

    Rest in peace, Rob.

  11. Colin McComas

    Robert was a good man and it was always a pleasure to play music and DnD back in highschool. We shared a few friend circles so we shared many good memories and laughs. I will always remember his ironblooded fierceness in his eyes when faced with whatever interested him, but would always have the same smile. He will always be missed.

  12. Bethany (Showers) Van Scooter

    Robert was an amazing friend and so much fun to be around. All of my memories of him are filled with joy and laughter. He was apart of such a happy time in my life, and I miss him so much. Rest well, my friend.

  13. Amber Saunders

    My heart breaks. So many wonderful memories of Robert and The Broad Run Band family. My condolences to the family…. Words cannot express the loss of someone so young.

  14. Jack Luft

    Robert was one of the most talented people I’ve known. He was such a pleasure to be around and he will be missed.

  15. Ally (Moser) Scott

    This loss is heartbreaking. Robert was so sincere, kind, concerned for others — a safe and trustworthy person. He had a quiet and observant demeanor but wasn’t afraid to be silly and laugh out loud. His smiles were big and brightened a room. He seemed comfortable in his own skin and made others feel comfortable around him. He was a big part of my memories of high school and being surrounded by reliable and faithful friends.

    Maybe that’s one part of why this loss feels so painful — the thought that someone who played such a big role in making me feel surrounded by a tight-knit community may have felt so alone. Sometimes being here just hurts. I’m sorry that it hurt too much for you to stay. I’m sorry that you had so much to carry. I hope that you have peace now, and that we can find it too in part by remembering the ways you’ve touched our lives and made us better people. We are here for you, and though you left, there are ways you’re still here for us too. Thanks for the time you shared with us. Thanks for the gift of the memories we can hold.

  16. Melissa Moser

    Robert was a kind, sweet, funny young man. It was always a pleasure to be around him.

  17. The Burkett Family

    The Burkett family sends our deepest condolences. Robert was such a sweet kid. We loved all the Broad Run Band kids, we were all a family. We are so sorry for your loss.

  18. Valerie Mahaffey

    I’m sorry I can’t speak at Rob’s memorial, just thinking about it makes me cry.
    I do want to share that I keep flashing back to Robert saying “C’MON, LETS SKIP!!!” so many times when we were walking thru parking lots. He enriched our lives.

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