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  1. Jennifer Merring

    Bob and Lynn have always been two of my favorite people. I have known Bob since I was 18 and dating his brother. He has always been like a brother to me my whole life. He was always there whenever I saw him throughout the years with his wonderful smile and support of whatever I was doing. He and Lynn stayed with me for 3 or 4 days one time not too long ago after they had come back from a cruise. Mark and Alison had houses full of kids and I had a guest room so they could sleep late.. It was wonderful having them all to myself while we enjoyed lingering over breakfast with coffee or tea for Bob and later after returning for the night with a glass of wine that Bob always picked out. They had a great time on that cruise and to an outsider it appeared they were back from a honeymoon as it was so obvious they were very much in love and had such respect for one another.

    I just watched the memorial service over again. It was wonderful Lynn and Bob would have been proud of you. I just wish he could have stayed with us for awhile longer. I will miss him as I know everyone who knew and loved him will.


  2. Mark Labowe

    Hello Lynn:
    I enjoyed watching the Memorial with Lena. We are sorry not to have been there.
    I have so many happy memories of Bob, going back to our years at Stanford and the LSJUMB.
    We both lived in Lagunita–the only dorm at Stanford to have waiter-waitress service for students in the dining hall (in 1971-72). Band rehearsals, football games at home and away–even at Penn State in 1974, and many in Southern California over the years. One special memory is that we both appreciated the talent of W. C. Fields and would often call each other “Karl LaFong, captial L small a capital F small o small n small g…”
    I will always remember Bob’s intellect, sense of humor, and general curiosity.
    I am happy he met you and that you had 25+ years together. I miss him greatly.
    Mark Labowe

  3. Greg Evans

    Bob was very passionate about things he really enjoyed. His Stanford Cardinal football team, the area of law, music, and history.
    We had many discussions regarding college football and historical figures. Every Xmas we would give each other books to read about various historical figures.
    I will always remember when Bob, wanting to hang out with Shelby and Kyle and I, went glacier water rafting in Denali National park. I know he was nervous but it was soooo fun. He and I also went golfing in Denali and had a blast. He always seemed game to try anything and it made the trip fun. He also took myself and Kyle and Shelby to a Lakers game at Staples centet even though he knew the traffic would be bad and a crowded arena. He did it for us!
    He had a great laugh
    And a great singing voice and his ability to recall information was amazing. Life was better with Bob!

  4. Joseph

    I’ve never met a more boisterous, authentic, talented, smart as heck, considerate, unafraid, gentle., and proud Cardinal, than Uncle Bob. I wish you could send Ali and I just one more email breaking down this year’s FSU v Miami game… even thought it’d definitely be filled with very subtle but condescending pokes at both our alma maters. But that’s what made it fun!!!

    You are missed, Uncle Bob! Go Cardinal!!!

  5. Connie Bilz Jordan

    Bob was an extraordinary person! I always marveled at how much he knew about almost anything. He would talk fondly about his sweet Standard Poodles, he would talk Legalese way above my head, his love of Stanford was awesome, etc. , he was so much fun to be around. The few times we were together with Bob and Lynn it was obvious each had found their Soulmate. We will all miss you Bob, but you will always be in our hearts.

  6. Cindy Bilz Felts

    Bob was my first cousin on his mother’s side. His wonderful mom, Mable, my mom, Carol, and their 4 other siblings were very close. Therefore, all the eleven first cousins from the ‘Bradley 6’ grew up knowing pretty much everything about what the family was up to. Even though the family lived in many different states at different times, we were able to get together for special occasions like weddings, funerals, graduations, and a couple of wonderful whole family reunions. All the cousins married and moved to even more different corners of the country, but we still try to keep in touch, even if only with an annual Christmas card. Of course, emails and texts are now the more favorite mode of communication among the cousins.

    I was fortunate to get to live in California for many years and somewhat close to Bob & Lynn. This gave my husband & I opportunity to get to visit and share a few meals. They even came to our daughter’s college graduation. I remember Bob as my kind and very smart cousin. He was a little older than I and never let me forget it. He loved to tease me when I was young AND when I got older. I enjoyed learning from Bob and I respected his intelligence and abilities, but we also loved picking on each other when we got together. I remember when he and I were in High School. He told me that one day he was going to maybe be the president of the United States. He was serious. I never forgot that he had said that and I never doubted that he was capable of doing whatever he wanted to do. I never teased him about saying that.

    Like many family and friends who have gone on before me, I wish I could just sit down and have a long long time to talk with Bob; Remanence, share a meal, play a game and watch him win as usual, and tell jokes. I am so thankful that Bob had Lynn in his life to share each other’s joys, struggles, and pains with. They were a sweet couple together and totally complimented each other. I know Lynn is a very strong person, but I’m also sure that she is missing him very much. I love you Lynn and will continue to be ‘family’. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I will be present in the virtual funeral tomorrow.

  7. Alison Merring Blasetti

    My Uncle Bacon was the smartest person I have ever known. I always wanted to play on his team and never against his team in Trivial Pursuit. He was Siri before there was a Siri…he just always knew everything. I remember when we went to the Grand Canyon on a family trip. We briefly walked thru a guest information center and when we walked out Bob was rattling off every detail about every picture and caption he had seen and read and Mark and I were dumbstruck as we had remembered nothing. It was almost like a really great party trick. His thirst for knowledge was insatiable and his retention of information was mind blowing. Thank God he found and married Lynn…finally there was someone to give him a run for his money.

    While I most definitely did not inherit his impressive memory gene from my grandparents what I did inherit that always made me feel like a kindred spirit to Bob was a love of California, a hatred for early mornings, a vast appreciation for late nights and an adoration of Peanut M&M’s. My youngest son, Beckett, inherited my Uncle’s love of BACON (that love of applewood smoked meat is how my uncle’s nickname “Uncle Bacon” came about).

    He always enjoyed intellectual pursuits more than athletic ones but that is not to say that he wasn’t athletic. He was always up for anything and always gave it his all. My immediate family plays tennis when we are together so on a family reunion in Texas 30+ years ago we decided to hit the tennis courts for a few games and Bob didn’t want to miss out on the fun. He didn’t bring tennis shoes with him so played tennis in his black dress socks…in the Texas heat. How the bottoms of Bob’s feet didn’t suffer 3rd degree burns I’l never know but he killed it out on the court!

    Bob, I will miss you immensely and will continue to follow your beloved Stanford sports teams. Until we meet again, I love you, Ali

  8. Stephanie Christensen

    I have many fond,warm memories of my sweet cousin when we were growing up. I remember him being very smart ,reading The NY Times when he was quite young..Bob always tried to keep up with Dick and I ,as we were older he sometimes got left behind.
    I loved him very much and will miss knowing he is no longer with us. And will never again hear his voice on the too infrequent phone calls..
    I never met Lynn but feel she was lucky to spend the years with Bob and my thoughts and prayers with love are with all of Bobs family.

  9. Karen Kay

    Bob’s generous heart, quick wit, and breadth of knowledge marked our friendship, which began when we were classmates at Columbia Law School and continued through the years.

    He was patient, too, teaching me to use a stick shift when a group of friends motored through the West in his car after the bar exam.

    My deepest condolences on his passing.

  10. Geralyn Kidera

    Bob was a warm, generous spirit and a welcome voice within our online legal community. A true gentleman, he could disagree with one of us and our political positions without ever criticizing us personally or showing disdain for our ideas. He and Lynn were a great couple for whom we all held a personal fondness. My heart goes out to Lynn and know that she will cherish the time she shared with Bob….as will we all

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