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  1. Carolyn L. Miller

    I met Bob at an Avery International Management Conference taking place at Villa d’ Este, Lake Como, Italy. I had just married Chuck Miller and when Bob heard about this he made sure we had the most incredible suite on the corner with the most amazing view. And I have never stayed there since but it is clear in my mind still. That was May, 1982. Funny but after reading Bob’s obituary, I don’t recall knowing that he graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic. I graduated from there also but in 1964. My grandfather was the 2nd graduating class of Poly and my father followed., so 3rd generation. Anyway, it is nice to know that Bob lived such a full life and especially with his companion Ann. May all the family enjoy remembering so many special memories. All the best to all of you.

  2. Peter and Sue Kunoth

    Bob hired me out of Ford Motor Company Ford Division, Finance. I saw the opportunity to grow within the Avery Label Group and Bob totally supported my aspirations. He was one of the best bosses during my career!

    Bob was a leader with a plan and direction for the label business. Bob was a great coach of the label team. I felt very supported in a challenging environment. Bob was a great mentor of people and supported individuals in taking on new challenges — in my case it was the move from finance to general management.

    Bob and Ann became a good friends to Sue and me. We enjoyed vacations together which even included our three-year-old son, Kurt, who on our first trip to a Montana dude ranch entered Bob and Ann’s cabin every morning with the question “Why Bob?” Bob was good natured about it and we have many happy memories of times spent with Bob and Ann.

    Although it has been over a year since Bob’s passing, we give Ann, Bob(by), and Cathleen our sincerest sympathy. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Sue Miller

    Bob was my boss, my mentor and my cherished friend. We met in Hong Kong in 1995 and remained friends through time and distance. I admired so much about Bob, but especially his zest for life, his deep empathy for others and his unwavering devotion to family and friends. He always encouraged me to be my best self and to live my best life. I feel so grateful to have had him in my life and will deeply miss him.

  4. Mike Skovran

    My relationship with Bob started with him being my boss which I respected and then became a mentor which I admired and finally a friend which I cherished. If the value of someone’s life is how they impact people around them then the positive impact Bob had on my career and my life is priceless. I miss our conversations and dinners when Bob visited LA. I think about him often.

  5. T. T. Chen

    Bob was my boss and mentor in Asia Pacific. We had great fun building up China and APAC businesses together. Bob helped me mature as a business executive. We stayed in touch after Bob and I retired from Avery. Because of his mentoring and advice, I am still active in China helping business executives and businesses.

  6. Tom Isola

    As a young guy beginning his career, I was fortunate to have Bob as a mentor at Avery Label. He was a strong leader with an incisive mind and a lot of common sense. I’ve always been grateful for his support.

  7. Dick Pearson

    Bob Fletcher was my close friend for 25 years at Avery, and for the time after i retired until his untimely death. We talked on the telephone every week, and we enjoyed his frequent visits to our home in Santa Barbara. Bob’s friendship was my most treasured legacy from Avery. We travelled together with Ann and my wife, Jany, and they accompanied us on my fantastic retirement on Avery’s plane to several reunions with European cities with our collogues there, and a week in Capri and the Loure Valley in France. I played an important role in Bob,’s recovery process, and we stood up for him and Ann in their marraige in Sun Valley. I have never had a more important friendship than the one we enjoyed. Both Jany and I miss him terribly.

  8. Geoffrey T Martin

    Bob always reminded me of Jason Robards playing Ben Bradlee in All The Presidents Men advising young reporters at the Washington Post on the Watergate scandal. He made me feel in my Avery career like Bob Woodward did in that movie….. always pushed to do more, taking steps to make sure I had my facts straight and then supported unequivocally.

    Geoff Martin

  9. Phillip Rossbach

    Bob was a dear friend, mentor and AA Sponsor. Without his unselfish and steadfast support I would probably not be sober today. Through him I also have become a Stanford Cardinal fan, and have continued to stay close with his family. He was a remarkable man.

  10. James Eade

    Bob was a wonderful influence on me and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet him. I have a picture of him throwing out the first pitch at a Stanford baseball game, which I was delighted to share with him. I was able to confirm that he threw a strike!

  11. Cathleen Doran

    We grew up mostly in Southern California and spent most summers either at the Trestles or the Bay with family friends. Dad worked hard at teaching me to body surf and I have a great love of the ocean and water due to that. And because of his hunting/shooting I had the opportunity to learn to ride and a love for horses. Sometimes we went down by ourselves. My brother and I are so fortunate for the trips we took with him not just in the states but outside… e gave us a view of the world and other people that we probably would never have. And I am ever thankful for that. I am fortunate to know that he loved us regardless…. Miss you daddy

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