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  1. Lisa Brewer

    Nannette & I were Tuttle cousins. We were in the same grade in school & rode the same school bus. We stayed all night with each other several times. There was always a lot of laughter between the two of us. She will be missed.

  2. Kris Laughlin

    Nannette’s service today reflected a life well-lived: full of love, vibrant, successful, fun. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful person. Anyone who knew her and ever got "the look" was certainly fortunate. Gone now….far too soon. Rest now, dear one.

  3. Robin Ogilvie

    I worked with Nannette at Apple and from the beginning of the hiring process was struck by her vitality, passion and keen intellect. We worked together through some tough projects. She was instrumental in helping me understand the latent discrimination that women face daily in tech and was a fierce advocate and won a lifelong ally in that struggle. Nannette was always a fiery beacon, unafraid of confrontation and never backing down from a fight. I moved organizations and missed seeing her frequently. Her valiant fight was impressive even from a distance. I miss her, she was one of a kind and the world is diminished with the loss of her light. My sincerest sympathies to Jim and her extended family. I’ll be raising a glass to her memory and the unforgettable imprint she left on me.

  4. Deborah MacKay

    When I started at Xerox in 1985, right after college, co-workers told me that Nanno and I both hailed from Indiana University, so I just had to reach out. We became friends, attended each other’s weddings, and other events. As sometimes occurs, however, through moves, job changes, and kids, we lost track of each other for a while. However, about 7 years ago we rekindled our friendship. And then we rekindled our work relationship, as Nanno took a position in my team at Apple! It was great to reconnect, but, alas, all too short. Always loved her laugh and shooting the breeze. Love to all as we cope with our loss.

  5. Keith Marzullo

    We’ve not been in close contact with Nannette and Jim since Xerox days – long ago and too brief. I have quoted Nano frequently since those days, be it about strategies for meeting men, methods for sculpting butter, the impact of people moving to Florida (to name three quotes from the top of my head). She was a true joy. My condolences to all.

  6. Susan Clark

    I met Nannette several years ago through our island book club and Jim through mutual friends Vicki and Spence. It was joyful for me to see Jim and Nannette
    together, their love for one another so visible and sweet. We will miss you Nannette. And Jim, holding you close in my prayers. Susan

  7. Fei

    Nannette was my virtual officemate at Apple for more than a year. We sat side by side in the same office. Although when I joined Apple, she was on leave, and we never actually met, she was always there as my officemate.: her desk, the computer monitor she used, her office chair, and some work related sw release chats and docs on her wall, right at my left side. I even made a copy of some of her "shortcut" tips which helped me onboarding the new team. To me, she felt like an old friend I knew for a while. Rest in peace , Nannette!

  8. Susan Onken

    Nannette was my first friend. We grew up 4 houses down from one another on Vincennes St. in Linton . So many fond memories of playing in our backyards, summers at the Linton Swimming Pool and the time our fathers moved a shed from her backyard to our backyard! Rest rest in peace, Nannette.

  9. Honie Chambers

    My life long friend, though we talked in depth only on occasion, you were always there. You will always be in my heart. I will miss you terribly as will many. May your spirit soar my feisty friend!

  10. Diane Borrison

    I am so sorry that I did not have the opportunity to know Nanette "in person" but I learned to love her and admire her courage by following Jim’s journaling on Caring Bridge. I will continue fighting the pancreatic cancer monster in Nanette’s name and all the others affected by this terrible disease. My deepest condolences to Jim, the family and friends.

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