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  1. Patti Bond

    Steve, you were always so happy when me and your Mom showed up to listen to your band. Loved your music, loved those swimming parties with all the family. Those were good times and sweet memories. Some of my fondest memories were when Susan was there too. You were the best when your Mom was in the hospital. You never left her side for the 35 or 40 days she was there. She knew you were there and there were times she would look over and say, “Steve” and you would always jump up and say “I’m here”. So sweet, I’ll never forget it. I’m glad you met Irene. You loved her so much and she was a perfect mate for you. I love you, Steve. Say hello to all our family for me. Your favorite Aunt Patti.

  2. Bubba Bond

    I love you cousin Steve. You always helped me back in the day with my music and recorded my first demo tape. I got a bit older and started having kids then swimming at Steve’s was always the best. You taught me so much about life and especially the important things in life. I love you brother. Until we meet again…….

  3. Nadine Smith-Reeves

    I had the pleasure of visiting Steve and Irene many times in Duncanville, TX . I always loved hearing Steve play the guitar. He would play the oldies and Irene and I would sing along. Enjoyed swimming with them in their great pool. Steve was a master griller also and fixed so much food with ease. He loved life and he loved my sister Irene. Love you Steve RIP.

  4. Pam Hamill

    I loved listening to Steve playing his guitar from the deck of my home across the street from their house in Country Club Estates. Irene and I became fast friends when they moved in and my husband Bret and I enjoyed the company of Steve and Irene often. Sending my love, prayers, and condolences to Irene and their family and friends.

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