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  1. Bernise McClung

    My fond memories of Tom date back to the 60’s, when in between his tours to Vietnam, he would visit and uplift the family.  One time, during Christmas,  he dressed up as Santa clause.  He made valiant efforts to convince my brother and I that he truly was santa; however we weren’t buying it as this Santa was too skinny.   My greatest impression of cousin Tom though, was in how he loved us.  This love came through in his actions.  He and Elizabeth (Becky), would visit us often to see how we were doing.  And, when tragedy struck, they were here.  They had just returned home after visiting us during my mother’s illness, when they received my message on the answering machine that she was dying.  Upon hearing the message, they got back in the car and came back to Georgia.  Tom told Elizabeth not to even wash the clothes,  it could wait.  Another time, they were here for my children and I,  when we had just heard that my brother (Tyler) had died.  I was unable to comfort the boys, and so grateful that they were here to help them.  I cant say enough good things about Tom Stewart and how important he has been in my life.      My condolences to the family. I know how you are hurting right now. May God send you His peace.

  2. Jan Swaney

    What a life of love and service! I was grateful for the chance to attend the heartfelt online service today, and send peace and love to all. —Jan Swaney

  3. Raleigh Kone

    Tom Stewart was one of the greatest men to have molded me into the man I am today..

    I’ll always treasure the one on one, personal development opportunities, Tom enlightened me with as he listed my short comings on any particular subject! How in the world could you ever be upset with such a larger than life great man..

    With the greatest respect and gratitude for everyday with Tom..

    Raleigh Kone

    My boys, to this day remember Tom as a giant "Bear" of a man with a huge passionate heart.

    My very best wishes go out to Miss Elizabeth. She is truly the one person, Tom listened to and loved with out reservation..

  4. Patty Hachquet

    Well- this is my second attempt- hope this one goes thru.

    Colonel Tom- infectious smile, charmer, cares for others, loyal friend…adores his family.
    God brought the Stewart and Hachquet families together in such an unexpected way…yet truly bound our love for each other in a deep, personal, identifying way. God knew we would need each other. Thank you!
    Thank you, Tom, for being John’s first friend at Vintage Park. From the first day my husband was there- you extended your strong hand of friendship and a chair at your dining table…even though you’d have to guard your drink, as John would consider it his refill- ha!
    Thank you, Tom, for the many times you allowed John and I to interrupt your TV Baseball games, in order to talk.
    Our many talks were a walk down memory lane – often closing in prayer and a few tears shed. Our burden was always lifted and a smile returned to our faces…along with a hug and renewed peace of mind.
    And the talks about Spencer and Sawyer… a Papa couldn’t be more proud!! “Fine young men”, you’d remind me of repeatedly.
    Scott and Staci, too- You we’re so proud of their accomplishments and loving spouses…and of course, their great kids!!…and always reminding me of how smart they all were!!
    Then our talks concerning your Sweet Elizabeth. Oh, how you LOVE your darling southern belle…and she loves YOU!! Never has there been a more committed wife than your beautiful Elizabeth! A couple of times your eyes filled with tears as you shared your concerns of her health – needing to take better care of herself. I know you’re not worring anymore, Tom, since she’s in the loving hands of God and her family. You once told me that she was your “rock” and was the sole person who made your military career possible…that you were nothing without her. Such love…a beautiful thing.
    Well, I’ve talked too much- as usual.
    Tom, you now know Heaven is a VERY REAL PLACE as you run those streets of gold – Praising God and thanking Jesus! You can’t wait to share it with your loved ones and you have only one thing to say, “Just be there. Do what it takes…and just be there”!
    Here’s my song to Tom:
    “Strike up the band,
    Assemble the choir-
    Another Soldier’s coming home…
    Another warrior hears the call-
    He’s waited for so long.
    He’ll battle no more,
    Cause he’s won his wars…
    Make sure Heaven’s table,
    Has room for at least one more-
    Sing the welcome song…
    Because our Soldier’s coming home
    …He is HOME”
    All our love and prayers…always,
    The Hachquet Family and
    Lupe “Gami” Morgan

  5. Alyssa Barton

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Liz. Tom was a great man and I was so blessed to have been able to get to know him and your family. He will forever be in my thoughts.

    With Love,

  6. M

    Fondest memories of Tom when he and his family lived in Montgomery, Al. I will also always remember my trip to St Louis and Las Vegas to visit. His smile is etched in my memory. To his precious children and grandchildren, my deepest sympathy. Your family is in my prayers as you go through the grief and healing.