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  1. Paulette lee and family

    Rest in peace. God loves you

  2. Yvonne & Vivian Smith

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Roy "Bella" Drysdale. Roy you brought such great memories to all of us who knew you well and even those who didn’t! You always had so many great stories that you shared with my brother & I when we visited that would have us rolling with laughter as we would share your many unusual surprise dishes you made, you always just made us feel like family! The gates of heaven have open up wide to receive another angel ? to the spiritual world! Even though you are no longer here on earth in the flesh we will never forget you and the great joyful moments we all shared with you. RIP my fried Roy Bella Drysdale, you are gone but won’t be forgotten.?????????

  3. Sonia Wills

    Dear Whitney!
    May the fond memories of your Dad remain forever in your heart.
    Be assured you & your family have my sincere condolences. May his soul, Rest in Peace.
    SoNia Wills.

  4. Jane

    I still can’t believe you’re gone. You will be missed by all. Rest In Peace Drew.


  5. O. Pereira

    R.I.P Mr. Drysdale! Super 8 family misses you

  6. Joan

    RIP Roy. You had my back when no one else did. Thanks you my friend.

  7. Karen Boothe

    I’m posting for my Dad: Bela was my best friend, through thick and thin he was there for me. I am grateful for the friendship and brotherhood we shared. He was Godfather and Uncle to my children. We’ve stayed friends through good years, bad years and worst years. We will be friends forever in this life and the next. I will never forget you brother…

    Love Shine (Lascelles Sr.)

  8. Jennifer Scalesi Vitulli

    My heart breaks for my dearest friend Whitney, and her family.
    I have fond memories of meeting up with Whitney and Mr. Drysdale. What I remember the most is how giving he was. I would be there when he would take Whitney shopping. And whatever he bought her, no matter it be new timberland boots, Columbia jackets, or any of the 90s fashion trends we all yearned for, he would offer to buy me the same as he did Whitney. He was generous and caring. He was handsome and always dressed to the 9s. He was warm, and had a great sense of humor. Whitney is his pride and joy. He loved her, admired her, and was so , SO proud of her.
    I am sending so much love and strength to my bestest friend and her family who are all going through this difficult time. Love to all of you ❤️❤️

  9. Karen Boothe

    My dear Bela, I was the little girl you nurtured and taught philosophy. You and I read complicated books. You taught me to expand my thoughts outside the sphere of my immediate surroundings and circumstance. My life was enriched with your presence. I will miss you deeply. I will miss your amazing (throw anything in the pot and it is marvelous) cooking, your giving heart, your jokes (man you were funny), that deep throathy laugh (that makes you laugh automatically). Rest in his loving arms til we meet again Godfather.

    Love Karen Boothe

  10. Lynn Cannady

    Dearest Roy. You bought light, laughter, great cooking, insightfulness and colorful
    life stories to many. You’ve been honored with a big giving heart. I’m going to miss you my friend. God bless you
    in your spiritual life.

  11. Janet

    Love you Uncle roy, R.I.P miss you. ?????⚘⚘???????????⚽️Janet and Abbiegail

  12. Ishmiel Drysdale

    Uncle Roy, may your soul rest in peace.
    Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord, that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them.

  13. Valdine Drysdale

    R.I.P my beloved brother, I miss you so much, we had a good time growing up you were a good big brother to me you look for me and protected me from papa many times, and these last few years you call me weekly so we could laugh talk about the good old days?I will truly miss the phone calls, now you are in the arms of Jesus walking on streets of gold, until we meet again I will keep your memories in my heart your big sister always love you!!???⚘??????????????
    Your big sister Miss Tit.

  14. Evette Jeffery

    It was such a pleasure to have met you uncle Roy, got to hear so many stories about you from my mom, ms Tit. You will be miss. Love u your niece Evette.??????❤❤❤

  15. Juliet Hardy

    Uncle Roy, Trumpets sound as you entered heaven. Rest in the arms of the Lord. You’ll forever be in my heart.
    Love you!
    Your neice Juliet

  16. Phree Nordé

    RIP sir. I cherish my memories of you. May your family find the strength to deal with the pain of your loss. Watch over us now please.

  17. Donna lindsay

    My wonderful brother. baby Roy. The name I grew up to hear. I’m going to miss you even though we didn’t spend much time together, the little time we spend while I was in the hospital I will cherish those moments.
    The reason why I’m not upset anymore because I know you are not alone.
    Sip my brother. I love you.

  18. Kaneal Scotland

    R.I.P uncle Roy ??. You were an angel on earth and now you’re an angel in heaven ?. Please give my grandmother a big hug for me.
    Love always your grandniece Kaneal ❤️? ???

  19. Maria Jeffery

    ? Uncle Roy, may you rest in peace in the arms of your creator our Lord Jesus Christ, and enjoy the beauty of his glory, as you walk through heavens potal, down the streets of gold, in your theophany body…R.I.P uncle Roy?❤

  20. Adrianna Jeffery

    Uncle Bella you will be missed! Sleep on! Love Always Nicole

  21. Andre francis

    Head held high, shoulders back, yardie boop step, fanny pack on his shoulder. Clean from head to toe. Who was it Mr. Drysdale coming to see whit of course.
    We’d talk as we always did for her. Always respectful and warm after all these yrs. You’ll be miss but ill see on the other side.

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