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  1. Harry Dudley, Captain, USCG (Ret)

    Thyra Stevenson was a member of U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band (USCGPB). In 2005, she offered to host and maintain the Band’s website. USCGPB had spent a year with the original website host that offered to give a year at no cost to get us started. When it came time to renew, we were going to take up a collection to cover the costs. Thyra offered her services, because she already had website resources for her own business. She said it was a shame to pay for it when she could do it for nothing. She assisted with the transition from the original server to her server including revamping the site to eliminate potential issues with Intellectual property of the previous server. The Coast Guard offered to include a link to USCGPB on the Coast Guard Website, but it had to comply with certain accessibility standards. Thyra took care of that. Before her first year was done with the website, her job and life did not allow her ample time to be responsive to the maintenance we needed, so another member took some HTML classes and started helping her. Once she was comfortable with his ability, she turned the whole thing over to him (and he has maintained the site since thanks to Thyra’s mentorship and his diligence). Thyra ended up resigning from the Band because, given all the other activities in her life, she was not able to devote the time she believed was appropriate to being an active member of USCGPB. However, the work she had done for the Band was an incredible gift that essentially keeps on giving since the Band website is an integral part of our operations today. The USCGPB will remember Thyra for her support and assistance during her tour as a member. We wish her fair winds and following seas as she embarks on the next phase of her existence. She will be missed.

    Harry Dudley, Captain, USCG (Ret)
    U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band

  2. Matt

    I had the opportunity to work with Thyra on many fronts over the years. I always enjoyed our interactions and discussions about politics, important state and local issues and especially boating and recreating on the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. Thyra usually had an educated opinion to share, and I valued it because she had such a rich life experience from which to draw. Sharen and I will miss her.

  3. Scott Carlton

    Thyra has been my friend since she first moved back to Lewiston. We met over landscaping ideas, but bonded over politics. I will miss those calls on her way to and from Boise, I will miss the lunches, the advice and her laughter. I think of you often Thyra, I miss my friend.

  4. Dan Johnson

    Jean and I still have Thyra’s card to us celebrating our wedding in 2013. It was a simple and warm message. We were blessed to know and serve with her in the Idaho legislature. She was accomplished in all she did and we miss her

  5. Mark Heuett

    Thyra quickly became one of my best friends, joined and was welcomed by my circle of friends and family. I have the fondest of memories of her coming over for coffee and morning "briefings" tagging along with me as I went about my business. She was alway full of advice, and very caring. I miss you Thyra and cherrish the memories of all the good times we had. You left his world way to early, we had many more to make….

  6. Rod Furniss

    I served with Rep Thyra I committees and my office was next to hers at the Capital. She was a conservative voice that sought information to make a vote. I wish I would have known her to have a Spanish background. I speak Spanish. I only knew her as a pilot. She would stop by frequently and chat about upcoming bills. She will be sorely missed.
    Rep. Rod Furniss

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